Tecan of Crailsheim at COMPAMED 2019 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment


Automation to meet extraordinary laboratory needs

The speed of change is fast in life science research, frequently outpacing product development in the laboratory industry. Tecan Labwerx creates customized solutions to address the ever-changing needs of this market.

Since 1996, we have delivered over 1,000 projects – from simple modified workstations to large-scale robotic integrations. Today, Tecan Labwerx is a complete business unit with all the expertise necessary to drive a project from design and implementation to road testing our solutions with the same applications that you will use in your lab.

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Fluent® Automation Workstation

Tecan has reshaped liquid handling and process automation with Fluent, an exceptional instrumentation concept providing a choice of workstation capacities, and robotics, liquid handling and application options to suit the process-specific needs of your laboratory.

Fluent offers new opportunities to laboratories looking for state-of-the-art automation to:

- Increase productivity
- Streamline workflows
- Optimize assay precision and consistency
- Relieve operators from repetitive tasks

The system’s fully modular, open architecture allows each instrument to be individually configured with robotic arms for pipetting and labware movement, helping laboratories to meet throughput, cost saving and productivity targets.

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Spark® Cyto

Plate reader with live cell imaging and real-time cytometry

Spark Cyto is a multi-mode plate reader with fluorescence imaging and cytometry capabilities, unlocking new possibilities for your cell-based research. By combining live cell imaging with industry-leading detection technologies, you now have the ability to unite qualitative and quantitative information into unique multi-parameter data sets.

Your cells don’t stay static when you leave the lab, so your research requires a dynamic instrument that ensures you never miss a key event. Spark Cyto works in real -time, using parallel data acquisition and analysis- to deliver meaningful insights faster than before.

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

HydroSpeed™ plate washer

HydroSpeed™ plate washer for cells, beads and ELISAs in 96- and 384-well microplate formats

The HydroSpeed is Tecan’s advanced plate washer, designed for quick, parallel washing of entire 96- and 384-well plates. This avoids time differences between the wells for uniform results. In addition, the HydroSpeed provides full control of wash power for optimized washing of cells, beads and ELISAs.

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Liquid Handling (LiHa) disposable tips

All-round performance you can rely on

We fully automate our liquid handling tip manufacturing within a controlled environment, using state of the art production processes and integrated quality control procedures. For instance, during production each and every LiHa disposable tip undergoes inspection, checking all functional parts, so you can rely on consistent pipetting accuracy and precision.

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

MultiChannel Arm™ (MCA) 384 disposable tips

Reliable and Flexible

Tecan’s high quality MCA 384 Disposable Tips, with certified purity levels and filtered options, have been specifically designed to support the flexibility and optimize the performance of the MultiChannel Arm 384.

MCA 384 Disposable Tips have a patented design which ensures accurate, reproducible low volume pipetting results and a broad volume range, offering a reliable solution to maximize productivity.

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

NAP packages for genomic DNA extraction with Promega’s Maxwell® HT blood kits

NAP configuration including quantification/normalization

  • Process 1-96 samples per batch
  • Compact footprint with cabinet-based Fluent® 480 Automation Workstation
  • Quantification and normalization with Infinite® 200 reader in M Nano+ configuration below the worktable (UV- and Fluorescence-based methods)

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Freedom EVO® HSM Workstation

Promega and Tecan are partnering to provide a uniquely efficient and reliable system for isolating genomic DNA from large volumes (1-10 ml) of blood, typically in 10 ml Vacutainer® tubes. The Freedom EVO HSM and Reliaprep Large Volume HT gDNA Kit allows automated recovery of pure gDNA from up to 32 samples.

1 - Compact Instrument:
      - Freedom EVO 100 on support table
      - 120 cm (w) x 110 cm (d) x 190 cm (h)
2 - Promega HSM 2.0 (heater, shaker, magnet) integration
3 - Liquid system for fast bulk reagent dispensing
4 - Aspiration system for fast removal of supernatant

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Product category: Other components, modules, OEM equipment

NGS DreamPrep™

Walkaway automation solution for NGS library prep

NGS DreamPrep is a fully optimized solution for walkaway NGS library prep and QC. It minimizes manual intervention, saving time and delivering consistent, sequencing-ready libraries for a wide range of research applications.

NGS DreamPrep combines the Fluent® Automation Workstation, Infinite® F Nano+ plate reader and Tecan Genomics’ library preparation kits to provide sequencing-ready libraries with unprecedented speed and accuracy. This groundbreaking approach offers preparation, quantification, normalization and pooling of NGS libraries in one automated workflow.

Tecan’s innovative NuQuant® library quantification method uses the integrated Infinite reader to enable fully automated QC without sample loss in under six minutes, eliminating the need for slow and costly qPCR- or capillary electrophoresis-based QC.

Each NGS DreamPrep workstation is supplied with example methods* for Tecan Genomics reagent kits, including AnyDeplete™ mediated transcript depletion of unwanted reads from sequencing data.
System highlights

  • DNA-Seq libraries, normalized and ready to sequence, in less than 4 hours
  • mRNA-Seq libraries, quantified and ready to sequence in 9 instead of 14 hours
  • Integrated, full library QC in less than 6 minutes without sample loss
  • Addition only workflows for DNA-Seq, plus minimal intervention for RNA-Seq
  • Single point of contact for automation, reagents, consumables, application support, etc.
  • Intuitive, touchscreen-based user interface that can be customized to your needs

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About us

Company details

Empowering life sciences and diagnostics

Tecan is a leading global provider of automated laboratory instruments and solutions. Our systems and components help people working in clinical diagnostics, basic and translational research and drug discovery bring their science to life.

In particular, we develop, produce, market and support automated workflow solutions that empower laboratories to achieve more. Our Cavro branded instrument components are chosen by leading instrumentation suppliers across multiple disciplines.

Always there for our clients
We work side by side with a range of clients, including diagnostic laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and university research centers. Our expertise extends to developing and manufacturing OEM instruments and components, marketed by our partner companies. Whatever the project – large or small, simple or complex – helping our clients to achieve their goals comes first.

Changing the way labs work, worldwide
We hold a leading position in all the sectors we work in and have changed the way things are done in research and development labs around the world. In diagnostics, for instance, we have raised the bar when it comes to the reproducibility and throughput of testing.

In under four decades Tecan has grown from a Swiss family business to a brand that is well established on the global stage of life sciences. From pioneering days on a farm to the leading role our business assumes today – empowering research, diagnostics and many applied markets around the world.

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