Lobeck Medical AG of Frick at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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Lobeck Medical AG

Schulstr. 19, 5070 Frick
Telephone +41 62 8651150
Fax +41 62 8651155

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 3): stand B27

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 3

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.01  Clinical chemistry
  • 03.01.02  Haemoglobin testing, electrophoresis testing

Haemoglobin testing, electrophoresis testing

  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.01  Clinical chemistry
  • 03.01.04  Rapid tests in clinical chemistry

Our products

Product category: Glucose testing

Me­di­S­mart® Ruby blood glu­co­se mo­ni­to­ring sys­tem

Curved shape, easy to hold
works with simple 2 AAA batteries (easy accessible everywhere)
Larger LCD display with backlit digits, larger buttons
High precision according to latest standard ISO 15197:2013 (EN ISO 15197:2015)
HCT Range 20 – 60%
Ketone-warning, pre-and post-meal marker
Blood volume detection under-filling
480 Test Memory with medium
Attractive Design and mini-USB port
Compatible with the MediSmart® GlucomanagerPRO software and Diabass

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Product category: Glucose testing

MediSmart® Ruby teststrips

1 Set includes:

25' teststrips 1 cartonbox with 250 pcs
(Cartonbox 48 x 38 x 27 cm)

50' teststrips 1 cartonbox with 198 pcs
(Cartonbox 48 x 38 x 27 cm)

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Product category: Glucose testing

Me­di­S­mart® SAPPHIRE blood glu­co­se monitoring system

480 test memory (date and time)
accurate results in only 5 seconds
Auto-calculation of 7, 14 and 28 day averageISO15197
Only small tiny 0.6μl blood sample
1 small 3V CR 2032 battery
Alternative site testing (AST)
Easy to use
Easy to read big LCD display
Slim and portable device
Ergonomic design
User friendly handy teststrips with automatically blood-suck in
Automatic calibration
No coding necessary
Datamanagement: download to PC via USB cable (optional)
compatible Software: MediSmart® Glucomanager or Diabass

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Product category: Glucose testing

MediSmart® Sapphire teststrips

25' test­strips in a box
1 cartonbox with 400pcs (dimensions 47x34x34cm)
EAN 7640120410162

50' test­strips in a box
1 cartonbox with 240pcs (dimensions 47x34x34cm)
EAN 7640120410179

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Product category: Glucose testing

MediSmart® Lancing device

Soft blood collection. Ergonomic shape.
Variable insertion depths. Alternative test sites AST cap
Easy to eject lances. Ease of use
Universal, compatible with most blood lancets

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Product category: Glucose testing

MediSmart® Lancets

Universal design fits almost all lancing devices.
Fine stainless steel, high-quality tri-level needle tip for painless blood collection
Sterile, Various sizes
Easy to use dispenserboxes of 25, 50 and 200pcs
box with various languages

25' Lan­cets in a box
1 cartonbox with 462pcs (dimensions 46x30x28cm)
EAN 7640120410094

50' Lan­cets in a box
1 cartonbox with 245pcs (dimensions 46x30x28cm)
EAN 7640120410100

200' Lan­cets in a box
1 cartonbox with 100pcs (dimensions 44x38x27cm)
EAN 7640120410124

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Product category: Rapid tests in clinical chemistry

Ovu­la­ti­on Test

One step test to determine the fertility status and the best day to conceive a baby!
The MediSmart Ovulation test accurately detects levels of LH (Luteinise Hormone) to ascertain the exact ovulation period via an immunochemical path. This makes it possible for the user to check the regularity of her ovulation period or plan the best time for conception. The sensitivity is 20mIU/mL – more than 99% accuracy.
One testkit contains 5 tests.

1 Cartonbox à 192 pcs (Cartonbox 59 x 40 x 38 cm)
EAN 7640120410056 Midstream & Cassette

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Product category: Rapid tests in clinical chemistry

Pregnan­cy Test

The Medismart Early Pregnancy Test has been designed to determine pregnancy as early as only 7 days after sexual intercourse.

How can this be possible?

The MediSmart Early Pregnancy Test uses the highest quality components and measuring processes (membrane, antibody, etc.) to lower the 50 IU HCG (Humanes Choriongonadotropin) cut-off level of most pregnancy testing products down to 20 IU HCG. This major increase in sensitivity makes it possible for the Medismart Early Pregnancy Test to make such early and accurate predictions.

1 Cartonbox à 318 pcs (Cartonbox 59 x 40 x 38 cm)
EAN 7640120410049 midstream & cassette

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Product category: Rapid tests in clinical chemistry


One step test to predict menopause!
By accurately (over 99%) detecting the levels of FSH (Human Follicular Stimulating Hormone) the MediSmart Menopause Test is able to provide a reliable indication of whether the state of Menopause has been reached or not. The sensitivity is 25mIU/mL.

1 Cartonbox à 318 pcs (Cartonbox 59 x 40 x 38 cm)
EAN 7640120410063 midstream & cassette

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Product category: Rapid tests in clinical chemistry

Co­lo­rec­tal Oc­cult Blood Test

This testkit helps to save lives all over the world!
The MediSmart colorectal occult blood test is an immunochemical test which also makes it possible for users to test for FOB (Fecal Occult Blood) in the comfort of their own home. The test is extremely accurate (more than 99,5%) and has been designed to detect extremely low levels of human fecal occult blood.
Test results help to determine GI (gastrointestinal) bleedings which are typical for a number of gastrointestinal disorders such as diverticulitis colitis, polyps, and colorectal cancer.
The American Cancer Society and the Centre For Disease Control both recommend an annual FOB test from the age of 50 onwards in order to detect colorectal cancer.
The OMED’s (World Organization for Digestive Endoscopy) Colorectal Cancer Screening Committee recommends immunochemical FOB testing in preference to Guaiac based testing because of the often misleading results of Guaiac tests caused by dietary peroxidases, including haemoglobin and myoglobin from meat and uncooked fruits or vegetables.
For additional information see “what is colorectal cancer?”:/en/ivd-products/colorectal-occult-blood-test/what-is-colorectal-cancer/what-is-colorectal-cancer.html

1 Cartonbox à 318 pcs (Cartonbox 59 x 40 x 38 cm)
EAN 764012041007

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Product category: Glucose testing

Me­di­S­mart® Skin­S­pa

Natural carbonated Spa-treatment against diabetic feet, for home use
Fragrance-fee, without colorants, pH neutral

• Diabetic feet and legs
• Loss of feeling (numbness or prickling)
• Slow skin regeneration
• blisters or other wounds

Easy to use, e.g. as footbath or in bathtub

Bag with 10 Tabs, 170g
Packing-unit: 100pcs per exportbox
EAN: 7640120410803

Bag with 30 Tabs, 470g
Packing-unit: 33pcs per exportbox
EAN: 7640120410810

Bag with 100 Tabs, 1'100g
Packing-unit: 10pcs per exportbox
EAN: 7640120410827

How it works
This technology was developed based on the centuries­old tradition of bathing in carbonated natural springs in Japan and Europe. A balanced combination of carbonate and bicar­bonate create physiologically optimized conditions that enable you to easily reproduce the beneficial and vitalizing effects of natural springs in the com­fort of your home. The natural carbonic acid stimu­lates the release of oxygen via the red blood cells, thereby significantly improves the blood circulation and the revitalization process of the body as well as the skin in particular. This improved circulatory pro­cess results in better skin elasticity and stimulates collagen repair, e.g. in diabetic feet. With its neutral pH­-value, MediSmart® SkinSpa ensures a natural acid­alkaline balance.

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About us

Company details

Since it’s foundation in 1979, Lobeck Medical AG has concentrated on manufacturing products to the highest possible standard. The current product strategy is focused on providing practical and easy to use solutions for the diabetic and In-Vitro-Diagnostika markets.
All Lobeck Medical products are sold worldwide under the protected brand name of "Medismart®of Switzerland".
Lobeck Medical’s operations are also fully certified in accordance with latest ISO 13485:2016 by EUROFINS.
The headquarter of Lobeck Medical is located in 5070 Frick/Switzerland, between Basel and Zurich. From there the international airports of Zurich and Basel are only a short 30 minute car or train journey away.

Com­pa­ny his­to­ry
The today's Lobeck Medical was founded 1979 under the premise, to qualify and develop productionlocations for high-quality textiles. The choice fell on Italy due to the then existing exzellent preconditions. From the beginning Lobeck was successful in the eastern countries, within four years Lobeck made a name for themself as a considerable supplier within this industry for high-quality textiles.

In the late eighties big customers from almost all European states were added to the customer portfolio. The changed structure of the map by the collaps of the former Soviet Union opened new markets, a clear expansion was essential.

In 1995 Lobeck began the first production of textiles for the medical sector. The very first customer was found in the country of the manufacturing plants: An Italian wholesale distributor for medical textile products. After initial big success a genuine threat for the core business arose Lobeck from the competitive situation to Asiatic competitors.

Under this pressure the management decided, to diversify the business fields of Lobeck. Thus the business unit Medical developed, in close co-operation with other Biotech- and Diagnostica companies, diabetes and IVD-hometest products. The 2003 formed and patented brandname "MediSmart of Switzerland®" meanwhile became an internationally recognized synonym for diabetes and IVD-home test products.

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