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Sterylab S.r.l.

Via Magenta 77/6, 20017 Rho (MI)
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  • 05.10  Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories

Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories

Our products

Product category: Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories


Gelman type biopsy needle (Menghini-modified)
ATA-CUT® is a Gelman or Menghini-modified type biopsy needle.

The trocar bevel of the stylet facilitates penetration and there is no need for using a saline solution.

The procedure of use is much easier with consequent advantages for the operator.

The stylet is provided with an inner echo-marker in order that the needle is clearly visible on the monitor during the US guided procedure, with no risk of seeding of malignant cells, often caused by external echo-markers.

Easy-to-read centimetre marks and sliding stopper facilitate accurate depth placement.

The syringe is provided with a self-blocking device to improve safety and ease of use.

ATA-CUT® is available in a wide range of sizes to fulfil the needs of the operator.

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Product category: Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories


Repositionable Non-Displacing Breast Localization Loop-Wire Needle-Set
MAMMOREP LOOP® is the latest breast localization system by STERYLAB.

The ergonomic handle of MAMMOREP LOOP® allows the operator one-handed use.

A single motion is required to place and retract the loop-wire.
The LOOP shape of wire makes it possible for precision placement and prevents forward/backward migration during patient’s transport.

A marking bead on wire, coming before the stiffening close to the loop, serves as a 1st “landmark” for the surgeon during the surgical excision of the suspected lesion.

The localization wire is repositionable.

The needle is made from ECHONOX®, the echogenic stainless steel by STERYLAB, covered by international patent, and provided with centimeter marks and sliding depth stop, colour coded.

Product is available either in release for use under US guidance (MLE) and mamographic guidance (MLX)

Sterile, single-patient use.

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Product category: Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories


The percutaneous injection of ethanol (PEI) in liver tumours leads to necrosis of the neoplasia .

The homogeneous diffusion of ethanol inside the tumour is fundamental in achieving a complete necrosis: the wide side ports follow a spiral path on the cannula for an even improved diffusion of the ethanol.

The size range allows the choice of gauge (20-21-22G), centimetre length (9-15-20 cm)
and length of perforated tract (4-12-20 mm).

PIA® is available both with closed (PIA®-B) and open (PIA®-A) point for capsulated tumours.

PIA® is provided with an inner obturator to render the needle stiffer during penetration and allow emptying of alcohol before withdrawing the needle.

Sliding stopper facilitates accurate depth placement.

Comfort plate and needle to syringe connecting line included.

Colour coded, for easier needle size (gauge) determination.

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About us

Company details

STERYLAB has devoted its efforts to the production of medical needles and devices for over 45 years, keeping its development in step with the constant progress in medicine and the latest advances in technology.

Due to the precision workmanship of specialized workers and the great care taken in the choice of raw materials, the firm enjoys the confidence of the medical profession throughout the world.

One of the main strenghts of Sterylab is its ability to rapidly adapt to customer requirements relating to the quality and the variety of the products offered.

Assembling takes place in our internal clean room, class ISO 5  (10,000  FED.STD.209E ), one of the biggest in Europe for our category of products.

All processes are performed in our 3000 sq.mts. modern facility at RHO (Milan) in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 international standards and all products and components pass through rigorous quality control at each step of the path inside Sterylab, from materials acceptance upto customer delivery.

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