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Callegari S.r.l.

Via Eugenio Ugolotti, 1, 43122 Parma
Telephone +39 0521 273274
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Rapid tests in clinical chemistry

Our products

Product category: Rapid tests in clinical chemistry

cr3000 SERIES

The CR3000 devices provide near patient testing healthcare professionals and lay users a unique panel of profiles, including glycemia, cardiovascular risk, hematology, oxidative stress and antioxidant defense assays.
A product covers all primary screening needs and more.
The CR3000 provides laboratory based technology and accuracy of results (wet chemistry).

The CR3000 concept has been devised to help professionals personalise screening testing services and improve perceived patient care, reduce TATS and lead times for patients to receive the right healthcare advice. It is completely stand alone, with an inbuilt printer.

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Product category: Rapid tests in clinical chemistry


The Form Plus is the original system for oxidative stress screening and monitoring.
User friendly operation, tiny whole blood samples, results in minutes and room temperature consumables, makes the system ideal for measuring oxidative stress in a practical capacity.
It assesses oxidative stress by testing both the ROS
(Reactive Oxygen Status) damage index (FORT test) and the antioxidant capacity (FORD test) of samples. In addition, via the results of both tests the Redox Index of samples is calculated.

Oxidative stress is not a disease but a negative condition that can lead to or accelerate diseases and disorders, ageing, inflammation and injury.

Powerful scientific literature demonstrates that a proper balance between oxidants and antioxidants is involved in maintaining health, wellness and longevity and an
alteration can result in disorders and disease including: inflammation, cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory disease, diabetes and ageing.

Consequently, oxidative stress is a vital warning signal and essential for preventive medicine and health care as well as the control of relevant therapies during disease management.

It is a valuable prognostic tool for all healthcare operators.

The oxidative stress panel (FORT and FORD test) provides users with a powerful and early indication of free radicals attack and the total antioxidants defense on capillary blood samples.
Both assays are commonly employed as marker of inflammation.

Over 280 Pubmed papers have been published on the CR3000
FORM plus FORT and FORD assays.

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About us

Company details

Based in Northern Italy, Callegari has been developing, manufacturing innovative and professional devices for the medical, pharmaceutical, beauty and wellness sectors since 1930.
New ownership by the Catellani Group Company, marking a turning point in the company’s history.
In five years, Callegari is established as a leading supplier of point of care devices for the pharmacy healthcare sites.
In 2009 Callegari established it’s Branch Office in Belgium to serve the Benelux region directly.
Today, Callegari offers a wide range of unique revolutionary assessment devices for professionals around the globe via distributor networks and branch offices.

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