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UniHealth Hospital Logistics Mayuli Fonseca

Avenida Aruanã, 280/352 – Galpão 3 e 4, 06460-010 Tamboré

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Software for Drug Logistics

Software for Drug Logistics

Used for the material and drug management in more than 100 institutions, the UnilogWF system encompasses all Unihealth experience in material and drug logistics and is the perfect solution for all health institutions. The software, fully complying with the standards of the Brazilian Health Informatics Society (SBIS) [Sociedade Brasileira de Informática em Saúde], generates a knowledge base for the optimization of the stock and purchase management, allowing control from the exit from the distribution center/warehouse to the consumption by the patient, and is operated by internal employees at the institution.

Aware that consumables are responsible for about 30% of the health organizations´ costs, UniHealth included the demand and consumption feature in the system to be used by the stock management function, which included a graphic control panel for purchase analysis and schedule, eliminating the loss of products or the lack of priority consumables. With this broad range of resources, the financial gain can be perceived as of the third month of the tool use.

Among the modules, there are:
● material receiving
● stock control
● product requisition
● production sheet
● inventory
● fractioning
● serialization
● purchasing
● electronic prescription
● dashboard

Security – The software is provided with a layer for access control, which allows knowing who performs each transaction. In addition to password control, it is possible to authenticate the users with digital certificates, such as, for example, e-CPF, according to the requirements of the Brazilian Health Informatics Society (SBIS).

Services included – The software acquisition comprehends the consulting services, implementation, basic training, support, warranty and technological update.

The solution can also be complemented with the following services and applications:

Unilog Mobile – From a pocket PC, it allows access to transaction for entering products, initial load, requisition attending, remittance receiving, write-off due to loss, inquiries, returns, inventory, transfer and bed-side, crossing patient´s data, doses and time, record of consumption and responsible health professional.

Unilog BI – Business intelligence solutions in three layers: datawarehouse fed by the UnilogWF database; stock, traceability and consolidated hubs; and front end, served by Microsoft Excel, which allows the final user to access the whole tool, for the managers to be able to produce their own reports.

Cloud Computing – In order to save the customers´ resources, space and time with data storage, Unihealth offers the cloud computing service in own datacenter, with 99% availability guaranteed. Among the cloud advantages, there are: no need to invest in servers, operational system licenses and database management system (SGBD), storages and infrastructure of networks, energizing, access control and fire prevention. The customer also avoids recurring expensing to maintain its own team for administration, backups, monitoring and adherence to the growth of the demand and the performance of the servers necessary for the software functioning.

Master Register – An electronic catalogue with more than 15 thousand items, registered according to the Anvisa standards and the manufacturers´ specifications, which includes data, such as description, measuring unit, presentation, dispensing and photos. The register is also constantly updated by Unihealth according to the changes on the market or upon the customer´s request.

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About us

Company details

Since the beginning of its operations, UniHealth was already focused on operating in the health sector. Learn more about its trajectory.

UniHealth is the evolution and consolidation of a history, which started in 1974, when the businessman Domingos Gonçalves de Oliveira Fonseca founded Unitown Transportes, a company specialized in high aggregate value load transport.

Bayer Healthcare, the first company´s customer, which was under creation, set the tone of what was to come. Soon, Unitown would transform in the main transport service provider in the pharmaceutical industry, supplying for 70% of the laboratories in Brazil.

The business evolved and in 1994, it was transformed from transport to logistics with the creation of a Unidock’s Assessoria e Logistics de Materiais. In 2000, with eight years of existence, Unidock’s was already consolidated as a leader in the service provision and the development of logistics strategies for the pharmaceutical industry, aggregating 30% market share. Among its customers, there were big laboratories, such as Aventis, Merck, Rambaxy, Pfizer, Schering, Lilly and Altana.

Success was so great that it called the attention of international investors. In 2003, the English group Exel, specialized in supply chain management with operation in 120 countries and revenues of US$ 7 billion, acquired Unidocks Assessoria e Logistics de Materiais.

With entrepreneur spirit and always seeking innovation, in less than an year, Domingos Fonseca aimed the market again, founding UniHealth Logística Hospitalar e de Sistemas de Saúde in 2004. Based on the specialization and quality concepts, which guided his previous enterprises, the new company was though to focus on logistics operation in the health sector, guaranteeing the necessary knowledge to offer quality services to public and private hospitals and other institutions from the segment.

The accumulation of 30-year experience in logistics, especially on this market, culminated in 2006 with the conquest of Honorable Mention in the Mario Covas Award for Innovation in Public Administration in the State of São Paulo, in the Category Efficiency in Using Public Resources and Debureaucratization. The Hospital Best 2010 and 2011 and Top Entrepreneur 2011 awards were added to this conquest.

Today, UniHealth is consolidated as the main company to offer a complete solution for hospital and health systems material flow management, with traceability of the products since receiving at the warehouses and the distribution centers to the use by the patients.

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