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LifePlus, Inc.

4607 Cosmo Pl, 95118 San Jose, CA
Telephone +1 408 4774858
Fax +1 408 6897508

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Wearable Technologies AG

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  • 06  Information and Communication Technology
  • 06.03  Wearable technologies, smart textiles

Wearable technologies, smart textiles

Our products

Product category: Wearable technologies, smart textiles



The LifeLeaf solution is both client (the user) and
server (the cloud) based and consists of four major components:

  •   our patent pending multi-sensor smartwatch hosting
  • novel physiological parameter extraction algorithms
  • mobile application
  • cloud-based data hosting and AI-drivenpredictive analytics
  • desktop portal 
These technologies seamlessly operate in our integrated

end-to-end solution, and perform individualized deep-learning with artificial intelligence. LifeLeaf provides optimal user-specific information, alerts, warnings and preventative action recommendations.

Our patent-pending Smartwatch continuously and non-invasively
extract physiological parameters in clinically accepted standards as

defined by the medical community:
  • Heart rate
  • Respiration rate
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Blood glucose levels
  • Blood pressure
It is the combination of these various clinically accepted health parameters that allows us to determine your level of risk for certain diseases. We use optical sensor technology to continuously measure a signal, called Photo-PlethysmoGraph (PPG) non-invasively, with minimal power consumption. This results in a mainstream Smartwatch, same as you may use today, that is comfortable for continuous use – only now you get the added benefit of continuous tracking of your chronic health risks as well.

Our novel Parameter Extraction Algorithms are embedded in the Smartwatch. They leverage the latest advances of digital signal processing and machine learning to continuously adapt to each individual’s health based on a holistic approach and generate individualized actionable insights in real-time. 
Once the vital parameters are fully processed in the Smartwatch, the information is transmitted to the mobile application on the user’s mobile device using a low power Bluetooth interface. In certain situations, the watch generates real-time alerts based on which emergency response could be initiated.

Our mobile application serves as the primary user interface. It performs two critical functions:

Sends information from the Smartwatch to the cloud for permanent storage and further statistical analysis, and
Receives actionable alerts and push notifications resulting from analyzed information.

Users can view the data with a friendly user interface in real-time.

Our Cloud AI Platform stores information for a longer term, performs deep statistical analysis, employs advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and provides actionable insights and alerts, all at an individualized level.  

In the cloud, physiological vital parameters are fed into a deep learning engine to derive various sets of scores and indices commonly used in clinical setting to track the state and trend of different chronic diseases, such as chronic heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea etc. LifeLeaf is the world’s first ever healthcare solution that employs a continuous and completely non-invasive method to derive these clinical indices in everyday life settings. Moreover, our deep learning engine and data analytics platform continuously adapt to the individual using individual health event data. In addition, individualized information is aggregated to compile valuable population health statistics and deliver significant intelligence to our deep learning engine in a closed-loop system.
The LifeLeaf Desktop Portal provides vital health information, alerts, notifications and corrective actions to users at their fingertips. The data can also be shared with family members and medical community. With the real-time insights into the users daily vital health statistics, better health care could be provided. Find out how LifePlus’ can uniquely help you manage your chronic illnesses. 

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About us

Company details

LifePlus is all about helping people live a better life, whether in great health and staying ahead of future health risks or currently managing a chronic disease. We provide a non-invasive consumer wearable solution (wearapeutics) that revolutionizes care for billions of people at risk of living with chronic diseases.

Our patent-pending solution enables individuals at risk of one or more chronic diseases to have real-time monitoring of their health conditions so they can actively manage their lifestyle by tracking their vital health parameters, take preventative actions to avoid emergency situations, disseminate their information to care providers and family members, and have the comfort knowing their chronic illness is always under surveillance.

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