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MedNet GmbH

Borkstr. 10, 48163 Münster
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Matthias Heinz

Sales Management Technical Components & Connectors

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Ole Stein

Sales Management Medical Components & Sets

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Manufacturing of finished products
  • 02.01  Therapeutic products, medical technical aids

Therapeutic products, medical technical aids

  • 02  Manufacturing of finished products
  • 02.03  Cannula


  • 02  Manufacturing of finished products
  • 02.05  Needles


  • 02  Manufacturing of finished products
  • 02.06  Surgical intruments
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.09  IV components
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.11  Wire guide

Wire guide

  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.12  Tubings and tubing equipment
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.13  Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Our products

Product category: IV components


Our MedNet high quality manifolds are suitable for high pressure applications. Choose between ON and OFF handles and rotating adapters located on the left or right. The body is made of clear polycarbonate for high visibility to ensure safety in use.

For applications with infusion and fluid systems in the standard pressure range, we offer a wide range of manifolds in a variety of configurations: Choose from 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-gang versions with a wide range of handle color options according to your needs.

All manifolds in the standard pressure range are equipped with male or female Luer Lock, Luer Slip or Tube Pocket. The standard body is made of clear polycarbonate but other marterials available offer high lipid resistance and chemical compatability. Additionally these materials are suitable for ETO, gamma or e-beam sterilization procedures also.

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Product category: IV components


Our MedNet line covers  1-, 3- and 4-way High pressure stopcocks with 500 psi or 1200 psi pressure rating,  optionally available with rotary adapter or Luer lock and with ON or OFF handles.

We also offer standard stopcocks for use with infusion and fluid management systems as well as for specific applications. A wide range of handle shapes and colors ensures optimum ease of use and easy identification in complex applications. For a germ- free and needle-free administration and removal of liquids we offer stopcock versions with swabbable luer activated valve. The range is complemented by the Marvelous™ stopcock featuring a minimal residual volume – result of a unique flow path design.

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Product category: IV components


Our ergonomically shaped syringes enable a smooth leak-free plunger action. They are made of clear polycarbonate and are available in all the common sizes, configurations and designs. 

Medication syringes are available in seven different plunger colors and in sizes from 1ml to 30ml, optionally with medication names printed directly on the syringe.

Angiography syringes are available in sizes 8, 10 and 12 ml with Luer Lock or Rotating Adapter and various configurations for thumb / finger ring, palm pads and finger grip - optionally with dosage control. In addition, we carry a vacuum syringe with a volume of 30ml to ensusre all your syringe needs. 

Our Indeflation syringes are available with either a T-handle or a round handle, with a volume of 20 ml and a pressure resistance of 30 bar or 40 bar.

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Product category: IV components


The new MedNet product line offers high-quality arterial and venous introducers. Due to the unique smooth transition from the sheath to the dilator, the introducer provides non-traumatic vascular access. The respective Luer locking dilator ensures a secure connection to the sheath. An optimized valve design ensures immediate leak tightness of the hub and at the same time allows an easy entry of the catheter. The flexible collar with suture tab prevents bending of the sheath. The shaft of the sheath is furnished with an X-ray-contrasting material. The MedNet introducers are available in radial and femoral versions, the radial versions in sizes 5 and 6 French are additionally available with a hydrophilic coating. 

 We also offer venous and arterial introducer sets from Argon. The Argon introducers are also characterized by their high quality and offer a smooth transition from the dilator to the sheath, a flexible collar with a suture tab as well as a siliconized valve and dilator with Luer lock. 

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Product category: IV components

Guide Wires

Our guidewires are either stainless steel or PTFE coated with straight, J-style or double ended tips available in all the common lengths. All versions are with solid or flexible core and can be ordered with or without dispenser. Guidewires in a dispenser include a straightener and a Luer lock attachment for flushing. Other types of tips are available to order.

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Product category: Needles


Our Seldinger needle range offers one or two part needles with highly transparent and colour coded hubs that have a tip indicator. In configurations with wings, without wings or detachable wings, the needles vary in lengths from 2.5 cm to 7.3 cm and sizes of 18 G to 21 G. Three-part Cournand needles complement the wide range available.

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Product category: Surgical intruments, IV components

Haemostasis Components & Sets

We offer Y-PTCA connectors for interventional angiography in the "Tuohy Borst" "Push Pull" or "Push-Click" versions. These can also be supplied with a bonded extension line terminating with a standard stopcock (45 psi).:

  • Traditional Tuohy, Push Pull or Push Click Y-Connector
  • Y-Connectors with or without extension line & stopcock
  • Wide range of torquers
  • Guide Wire Insertion Tool
  • High quality, clear bodied ergonomic Indeflation Syringe with clear, easy to read fluid and pressure scales
  • All components available separately or as a custom set
  • Corporate labeling available on custom sets

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Product category: IV components

Fluid Management

All 1200 psi High-Pressure Lines are available in DEHP-free PVC as well as highly flexible braided PUR in lengths of 25cm (10”) to 250cm (98”)cm. The lines are assembled with caps and a female luer plus male luer lock or optionally with a rotating adapter. Sterile versions are available on request.

Our Pressure Monitoring Lines guarantee uniform, reliable hemodynamic signals and can be used with pressures up to 500 psi, in lengths from 15cm (6”) to 300cm (118”). Available with two male Luer Lock connectors or with one female luer and one male lock they are made of DEHP-free transparent PVC, pre-assembled with caps.

Colour coding indicator stripes and sterile versions are available on request.

Our portfolio includes a high quality selection of fluid management check valves such as Luer-activated, needle-free and pressure-activated valves with various opening pressures. 

Our Microvex Filters are used for the filtration of fluids in intravenous applications and are ideal for chemotherapy or antibiotic infusion. The filters are having one of the lowest priming volumes available.

Further more we offer custimzed Fluid Management Sets upon your request, including Fluid Administration Systems, Contrast Media Management Systems and Waste Management Systems.

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Product category: Surgical intruments

Scalpels & Accessories

Our disposable scalpels are equipped with ultrasharp stainless steel blades and are suitable for all surgical procedures. In addition to a wide selection of common blade shapes, a stitch cutter is also available. Long green handles or short blue handles are available as standard, other colours are available on request to meet your corporate colour matching desires.

The catheter sleeves allow the repositioning of catheters while mantaining the sterile field. As an expandable sleeve over a catheter, the sterile sleeves reach a maximum length of 80 cm.

Our Silicone Silclamps act as a cushion for scissor clamps and other surgical instruments to help protect the vessels from injury. The longitudinal corrugation on the clamping surface ensures a non-slip grip. Silclamps are available in different colors and sizes.

Our silicone loops for identifying vessels and nerves amongst others during surgical procedures are available in the standard colors yellow, blue, red and white as well as in various lengths, cut or on a roll. The vessel loops have an oval shape which enables an even pressure distribution.

We provide tubing with a wide range of inner and outer diameters also available with radiopaque stripes and/or colour coding and in various materials: Silicone, flexible Polyethylene (Acrolene), LLDPE, PVC, TPE, PUR.

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Product category: Tubings and tubing equipment

Tube Fittings & Bioprocess Components

Our Media Bags are used for a variety of applications that require a flexible but reliable packaging solution. These bags are used for handling medical fluids and gases, but also for ink and other critical chemicals. The integrated shut off fitment allows easy and secure (dis-)connection to barbed and threaded quick connect fittings. The internal shut-off valve automatically closes when the coupling is disconnected. The flexible packaging allows the media bag to collapse around the escaping liquid, preventing air displacement or contamination. Our Media bags are available in a variety of materials, e.g. polypropylene, and sizes from 0,25l (8,5 oz) to 6l (1,5 gal). Furthermore we offer a range of Spikes, valved or non-valved. 

Our ABS Tube clamps cut off fluid flow in fluid management systems when you need to connect or disconnecta line for instance.
With just a single hand movement, the tube is compressed in the clamp and the line is sealed.

Our clamps for assembling Sanitary fittings (TC) are available in many different flange sizes and made of white, glass reinforced nylon. For individual flange sizes colored versions are also available.

Furthermore we provide a selection of high quality Tube Fittings for tube IDs from 1,6mm (1/16“) to 25,4mm (1“). Beside the standard performance couplings like Luers we offer Connectors for special operations like sanitary fittings for biopharmaceutical applications, connectors for noninvasive blood pressure measurement and for the new ISO 80369 standard.

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Product category: Tubings and tubing equipment

Quick Connect Fittings

Our Quick Connect Couplings from several US-manufacturers are available in various configurations and for tube sizes from 1,6mm (1/16“) to 19mm (3/4“). Choose for diverse sealing technologies like thumb latch or quarter turn, valved or non-valved and miscellaneous materials, suitable for medical applications amongst others.

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Company news




Aug 14, 2018

MedNet and Utitec announce cooperation for precision deep drawn and stamped metal components

MedNet GmbH, a Germany-based supplier of medical device components for the European medtech industry, broadens its portfolio by partnering with Utitec, an industry leader in precision deep drawn, stamped and machined as well as wire processed components for medical and industrial applications.  

Headquartered in Watertown, Connecticut United States, Utitec manufactures miniature, ultra high precision deep drawn tubular and flat stamped components from a wide selection of metals and alloys. Its facilities in Connecticut, USA and El Coyol de Alajuela, Utitec Medical Costa Rica, are certified to ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and FDA. More than a manufacturing resource, Utitec offers complete engineering and product design support to maximize the full potential of the design concept. Furthermore, Utitec can help to select the optimum material for each application–also refractory metals that typically are considered impossible to draw.

Combining the technical repertoire of Utitec with MedNet’s almost 30 years of industry know-how, this partnership is well placed to provide the European market with medical and other industrial metal components.

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Jul 11, 2018

Unrestricted Flow! – The nSyte Connector for Needle-free Access by NP Medical

The nSyte family of needle-free swabable connectors is designed for high flow rate applications in infusion therapy.
Its straight fluid path allows an unrestricted high flow path within the system and easy flushing. The flat swabbable split septum promotes easy disinfection and provides an excellent microbial barrier. This valve is convenient to use even in critical care applications demanding strict hygienic regulations. Providing a back pressure resistance up to 30 psi and leakage free handling, the connector is currently available as a stand-alone needle-free connector valve as well as a Y-site port. 

The N100 needle-free connector has an ISO 80369-7 compliant female luer lock inlet and a male luer lock outlet. It features a minimum dead volume due to its short body. The N400 Y-site valve is available in various tube sizes for your applications. The female luer lock inlet can be accessed with an ISO 80369-7 compliant male luer lock and a male luer slip connector. Medical grade polycarbonates and silicones are used in the construction of these valves.

With the nSyte connector, NP Medical offers a secure and cost effective needle-free solution for the most common fluid management and IV clinical use cases. As NP Medical’s 5th generation needle-free platform, nSyte delivers the quality and reliability you have come to expect and know.

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About us

Company details

For more than 25 years MedNet GmbH is a competent service provider and supplier for the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. As a European company with headquarters in Germany we offer a wide portfolio in standard components from well known manufacturers as well as our own product lines for interventional radiology, infusion technology and others. Furthermore you can benefit from our worldwide well established network offering comprehensive material and manufacturing  technologies customized to your individual requirements. With its extensive expertise on medical applications, MedNet ensures the best solution for your development or application. MedNet is ISO 13485 certified.

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  • Pumps
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  • Catheters
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