TOKUSEN KOGYO CO., LTD. of Ono City, Hyogo at COMPAMED 2018 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine


1081 Minamiyama, Sumiyoshi-cho, 675-1361 Ono City, Hyogo
Telephone +81 794 631050
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COMPAMED 2018 hall map (Hall 8b): stand C10

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COMPAMED 2018 fairground map: Hall 8b

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  • 08  Raw materials, materials, adhesives
  • 08.02  Metals

Our products

Product category: Metals

Medical Wires

Ultrafine wire used for medical applications. Tough, ultrafine stainless steel wire.

Tokusen’s processing technology is helping enable less invasive medical procedures.
1. Ultrafine stainless steel wire and ultrafine shaped wire for medical applications Tokusen’s wealth of experience in wire drawing, heat treatment, and rolling technologies has enabled the creation a tough, super-ultrafine stainless steel wire that can be used to improve the kink resistance and torque transmittability of catheter tubes.

2. Straight wire for medical applications
This high-rigidity wire has the outstanding torque transmittability and kink resistance needed for guide wire, and can support tip tapering.

3. Special shaped wire
Features complex shaped cross-sections enabled by combining several different rolling technologies.

4. Materials for perfusion imaging applications
Various pipe shapes and highly flexible coil shapes support a wide range of needs.

5. Ultrafine stranded wire
Tokusen has accumulated a wealth of stranded wire technology as a manufacturer of steel cords for tires. Applying this technology to ultrafine stranded wire has enabled us to create various strand configurations in different materials for different applications. The outstanding operability of our ultrafine stranded wire makes it ideal for controlling medical devices such as endoscopes.

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Product category: Metals

Steel Cord

Wire for reinforcing the radial tire from inside. It is an important reinforcement for the tire.

 Steel cords are twisted a few to dozens of φ0.15~φ0.4mm wires and these are applied brass plating for adhering rubber.
And our steel cords use high cleanliness high carbon steel wire rod only for steel cords. They have enabled high strength, high flexibility and high fatigue resistance products.
Steel cords are the important reinforcement used for belt section that responsible for steering stability and durability in steel radial tires and also used for carcass section in large tires for trucks and busses. And they are used for reinforcement for belt shaped rubber products and hoses, too.
Tokusen’s products have been used in most of the tire manufacturers in the world. We will continue to manufacture good products with new proposals and promoting the joint development with tire manufacturers for responding needs of the market and quality demand of tire manufacturers.

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About us

Company details

"To build a prosperous society." This is our philosophy here at Tokusen Kogyo.
To guarantee flawless quality in a safe, legal work environment. It seems trivial, but we understand the importance of maintaining this position every day while we meet the ever increasingly sophisticated needs of our customers. Using our unique technology, we offer solutions that are both cutting-edge and ideal to make people's lives more fruitful. This is where Tokusen Kogyo's purpose and objective lie.
Ever since our founding in 1934, utilizing the skills and technology gained over 80 years and our infinite potential as a material manufacturer, we have earned high praise from our customers over a wide range of areas, from wires used in tires and engine parts, to medical, semiconductor, home electronics, solar power and more.
We hope to continue to develop broad innovation, diversity, and globalization to use our company's core technology to create new trust, reliance, and revolutions. We would like to thank you for you continued support into the future.

Hiroaki Kanai
President & COO

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