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Sono-Tek Corporation

2012 Route 9 W, 12547 Milton, NY
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Mark Snowberger

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Our products

Product category: Surface coating, Stents, Nanotechnology

MediCoat DES3000/4000

Sono-Tek stent coating machines are considered the industry standard and are used by most of the largest DES manufacturers in the world. Our ultrasonic coating systems have been used to spray anti-restenosis drug eluting polymer solutions onto implantable stents for decades, with hundreds of systems in operation. We have expertise in spraying hundreds of different medical grade polymer chemistries. Ultrasonic spray nozzles are advantageous in penetrating complex stent geometries, ensuring full coverage of all strut surfaces without webbing. The soft atomized spray adheres well to surfaces and coating morphology characteristics can be adjusted by modifying process parameters. Pressure spray nozzles and air atomizers are not able to apply coatings as uniformly as Sono-Tek ultrasonic coating systems. Coatings applied using ultrasonics are much thinner than can be achieved with dip coating, saving spray material while avoiding webbing. Since ultrasonic nozzles are non-clogging devices, spray quality is not compromised over time due to gradual clogging as seen in pressure nozzle processes.

In addition, our full in-house coating laboratory enables customers to simulate process testing using their stents to help improve and establish process criteria. Our laboratory technicians and engineers have extensive experience coating different types of stents.

Types of Stents Coated Using Ultrasonic Spray (Metal or Bioabsorbable Materials):

·         Arterial
·         Peripheral
·         Sinus
·         Bifurcated
·         Bare Metal
·         Biodegradable
·         Stent Grafts

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Product category: Surface coating, Catheters, Nanotechnology

MediCoat BCC

MediCoat BCC is a standalone coating system for applying ultra-thin layers of anti-restenosis drug polymer+plasticizer coatings onto implantable balloon catheters.

The MediCoat BCC300 is a balloon catheter coating system designed to coat balloons up to 300 mm in length. A rotating cassette fixture holds one catheter up to 2 meters in length. The balloon catheter cassette assembly can be removed for coating other medical devices, making the MediCoat BCC a flexible R&D development system for a variety of medical device coatings.

Balloons are inflated prior to coating using an auto inflation device. A rotational motor rotates the catheter and balloon 360 degrees while a precision clamping device securely holds the catheter tail in place. The balloon can also be indexed to a user specified degree.

Designed for spraying anti-restenosis solutions containing Paclitaxel, Rapamycin (sirolimus), Zotarolimus, Docetaxel, Heparin, or other cell anti-proliferative drug + plasticizer excipient solutions onto catheters mounted with cardiac angioplasty or other drug coated medical balloons. Sono-Tek is the world leader in ultrasonic spraying systems for depositing uniform thin films of anti-restenosis drugs onto implantable devices such as cardiac and peripheral stents. The MediCoat BCC was developed specifically for coating implantable medical balloon catheters.

Ultrasonic Coating Benefits for Balloon Catheters:

·         Highly uniform thin film coatings onto cardiac or other balloon catheters for homogenous drug
          transfer at lesion.
·         Dramatic material savings compared to dip coating.
·         Reliable, repeatable, controllable balloon catheter coatings.
·         Durable coatings with no cracking or peeling ensure proper delivery of the drug at blockage site.
·         Ability to spray targeted areas (stripes) on balloon surfaces if preferred rather than coating the
          entire balloon surface.

Medical grade gasketing on the catheter holder ensures no damage to the catheter assembly or coiled catheter.

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Product category: Surface coating, Nanotechnology


Sono-Tek’s new MedXT series of Blood Collection Tube coating nozzles surpasses the performance of older designs, allowing tube equipment manufacturers to integrate the benefits of next generation precision ultrasonic coating into their manufacturing lines.

Ultrasonic nozzle systems uniformly apply clot activators and anticoagulants including Heparin, EDTA, Silica, and Acid Citrate Dextrose. Specially designed for easy integration into high volume OEM manufacturing lines, the unique slim design allows nozzle placement at standard BCT rack distances, with 10-up configurations processing up to 12,000 tubes per hour. Integration of the MedXT Series with the ECHO generator technology offers superior uniformity and repeatability of coatings. The precise fine tuning capabilities of the ECHO produces tighter drop distribution with smaller droplets for consistent and fast drying dispersions.

MedXT nozzles are available with different tip configurations and in different lengths, dependent upon the diameter and length of your tubes.

One example of a common blood collection tube ultrasonic coating application is spraying a silica coating to accelerate clotting. Silica slurries are sprayed onto tube side walls, forming uniform thin films of silica particles. Ultrasonic spray is beneficial in this particular application since the ultrasonic vibration of the nozzle breaks apart any silica agglomerates, ensuring a homogeneous coating onto tube walls.

Sono-Tek ultrasonic nozzles also offer the ability to isolate the atomized spray to the walls of a desired bottom coating area of a BCT or Syringe Barrel, instead of coating the complete tube.

MedXT nozzles are available in 3 different configurations:

MedXT Standalone is a fully integrated machine ready to operate as a complete solution and drop into your manufacturing line.  Available in configurations for 10 or 20 nozzles.

MedXT Retrofit is designed for manufacturers that already have a BCT / Syringe Barrel coating machine and would like to replace existing air spray nozzles with an easy to integrate ultrasonic nozzle package, including liquid delivery and controls.

MedXT OEM is designed for BCT and Syringe Barrel machine builders who would like to use Sono-Tek ultrasonic nozzles on the equipment they are building.

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Product category: Surface coating, Nanotechnology


VersiCoat is a conveyorized system configured with 1-4 stationary ultrasonic nozzles or one reciprocating nozzle for low to mid-volume production.

Sono-Tek’s ultrasonic medical coating systems have been used to apply a wide variety of antimicrobial or other medical bandage coatings to topical wound care and dressings as well as implantable wound dressings, hemostatic patches, and soft tissue repair devices, from small, selective spray areas and fine lines to wide webs of fabric. Coatings such as blood clotting agents, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antibiotic, and other pharmaceuticals are commonly applied to topical and implantable dressings and devices.

Other Medical Coating Materials Applied Using Ultrasonic Systems Include:

·         Colloidal silver
·         Thrombin
·         Steroids
·         Titanium Dioxide
·         Acetaminophen
·         Anesthetics
·         Omega-3 fatty acids
·         Antibacterial Peptides and Enzymes (Lysostaphin)
·         NSAIDS (Ibuprofen, Naproxen)
·         Silver silane
·         Silver nitrate

Bandages, surgical masks, wound dressing, hospital textiles, surgical gauze, and other medical patches, are just a few of the surfaces that can be sprayed with uniform solutions and suspensions using ultrasonic spray technology.

A wide range of flow rates can be achieved, and very thin coatings that are highly uniform offer significant savings in spray material and improve the quality of medical coatings while enhancing patient safety through more uniform antimicrobial coatings.

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Product category: Surface coating, Nanotechnology

Vortex Nozzle

Sono-Tek Vortex ultrasonic nozzles are proven successful in gas phase, or mist bioreactor systems, such as production of biomass hairy root cultures.

Cell Culture / Bioaerosol Nozzle Applications

Vortex systems are used in bioengineering research applications such as aiding the growth of hairy roots for extraction of antibodies used in cancer treatment and pharma. The ability to fine tune mist properties such as flow rate, droplet size and duty cycle timing results in significantly higher biomass yield than shake flask or airlift cultures (as much as 50% higher yield). Ultrasonic atomization has shown to be a low-cost scalable solution for production of small molecule compounds and proteins from tobacco or other hairy roots. Sono-Tek ultrasonic mist systems have been shown to produce more favorable root density with improved gas exchange than liquid-phase reactors.

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Product category: Surface coating, Nanotechnology

ExactaCoat for Clearweld Applications

Automated, programmable benchtop coating system with coordinated XYZ motion control using Windows-based software and user-friendly teach pendant with trackball. Versatile R&D to mid-volume production thin film coatings.

Sono-Tek ultrasonic nozzles are used to spray Clearweld 100, 200, and 900 Series coating materials in plastic laser welding applications requiring precision thin deposition. Sono-Tek’s PicoMist nozzle is perfectly suited for spraying fine lines of Clearweld material in repeatable, controllable spray processes. AccuMist air shaping is also used for creating wider lines of thin, uniform Clearweld coatings. Ultrasonic nozzles are incorporated into the ExactaCoat MD programmable XYZ motion system for a fully integrated coating solution.

Clearweld + Branson + Sono-Tek offers full Clearweld application solutions, featuring:

·         Clean, clear welds
·         Low viscosity infrared absorbing solutions
·         Repeatable, controllable, highly precise ultrasonic coatings
·         Accuracy and control with soft, non-clogging, atomized spray
·         Fine line absorber deposition
·         Laser technology
·         Precise plastic joining
·         High speed and quality

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Product category: Surface coating, Nanotechnology

FlexiCoat for Diagnostic Device Coatings

FlexiCoat is a full coating solution for the application of medical diagnostic device coatings. A fully automated, programmable standalone system with coordinated XYZ motion control, it is a versatile system for mid to high-volume or pilot scale production thin film coatings.

Point-of-care, in-vitro, and laboratory diagnostic device coating advances have led to increased need for precision coatings of active and non-active layers in manufacturing these devices. Ultrasonic nozzles can spray in any direction, coating targeted areas, complex 3 dimensional-shaped devices, and small components uniformly with very little overspray. Ultrasonic spray coatings are highly controllable, offering very high transfer efficiency for precise thin films of solutions or suspensions such as biopolymers, proteins, EDTA, Heparin, amino acids, enzymes, blood plasma and preservatives.

Some examples of devices and applications that can benefit from ultrasonic spray technology:

·         Reagent coatings onto microfluidic and microarray devices (lab-on-a-chip).
·         Point-of-care diagnostic and testing kits.
·         Cell culture vessels.
·         Blood glucose monitors.
·         Blood collection and analysis devices.
·         Molecular and protein diagnostic kits.
·         Immunoassay kits.
·         Process benefits using ultrasonic coating technology:
·         Reduced wasteful overspray.
·         Non-clogging design results in minimal servicing and downtime.
·         Highly controllable spray produces reliable, repeatable, consistent results.
·         Ability to spray ultra-thin, defined lines, often without masking.
·         Soft velocity spray has little kinetic energy and will not damage or alter most delicate
          cellular structures.

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Sono-Tek has provided precision ultrasonic coating systems to medical device manufacturers worldwide for decades. A world leader in ultrasonic drug-eluting stent-coating systems, it also offers coating systems for balloon catheters, blood collection tubes, diagnostic devices, precision laser welding applications, and antimicrobial coatings. Systems range from R&D to high-volume production, providing micron thin, uniform, repeatable coatings.

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