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Optinova AB

Torggatan 6, Fl. 3, 22100 Mariehamn
Telephone +358 18 32900
Fax +358 18 329200

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Jutta Recio

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.02  Plastics processing
  • 01.02.02  Extrusion
  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.02  Plastics processing
  • 01.02.03  Polyurethane processing (PUR)

Polyurethane processing (PUR)

  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.09  IV components

IV components

  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.12  Tubings and tubing equipment

Tubings and tubing equipment

  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.13  Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Other components, modules, OEM equipment

Our products

Product category: Extrusion

Medical Tubing Solutions

PTFE Heat Shrink 2:1 & 4:1
FEP HS – FEP QuickShrink 2.0
Etched OD PTFE liner
ePTFE tubing & profiles
Beadings & monofilaments
Single- & multilumen extrusions
Balloon tubing
Balloon & stent protectors
Braided/reinforced shafts
CRM lead components
Secondary operations, tip-forming, flaring, printing, etching, fabricated tubing etc.
IV catheter tubing

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Product category: Extrusion

Braided Tubing Solutions

- Braiding
- Jackets
- Liners
- Multilumen

Examples of applications
-Angiography catheter
- Connecting tube
- Diagnostic catheter
- Electrophysiology catheter
- PTA and PTCA guiding catheter

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Product category: Polyurethane processing (PUR)

PUR IV-catheter tubing

High quality
• Tight tolerances
• High concentricity
• Batch-to-batch consistency
• Clean room production

Excellent service
• Handling Guideline and Technical
• Technical support from experienced
• Education in material properties
• On-time delivery
• Test Report and Certificate of Compliance for traceability to customer specification
• Biocompatibility documentation

Additional features
• Available in dimensions according
• Various configurations such as transparent, BaSO4 filled or striped
• Supplied in cut length or on spools
• Double, sealed plastic bags

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Product category: Tubings and tubing equipment

FEP Heatshrink Solutions

FEP heat shrink tubing is used in various medical applications. FEP’s beneficial
properties, such as lubricity, clarity, chemical resistance as well
as favorable anti-stick surface makes it an excellent choice for reflow
processing of catheter shafts, coating surgical instruments, encapsulation,
dielectric, insulation etc.
Optinova offer two versions of heat shrink tubing,
1.6: 1 FEP HS & FEP QuickShrink 2.0.
Both versions are available in customized sizes and
from our stock of specially selected dimensions.

1.6: 1 FEP Heat Shrink Tubing
The 1.6:1 FEP HS from Optinova is a cost effective heat shrink solution,
utilizing Optinova’s trademark of a high quality, consistent extrusion
for medical devices. Recommended shrink temperatures from 200˚C
Features & benefits
• Outstanding chemical resistance
• Low gas permeability
• Excellent transmission of UV rays
• Excellent electrical insulation values
• Sterilization compatibility: Gamma, ETO, e-beam and autoclave

FEP QuickShrink™ 2.0 Heat Shrink Tubing
Unique features of the FEP QuickShrink™ 2.0 are the
fast shrinking process that gives shorter production cycle
and lower production costs. Also, FEP QuickShrink™
2.0 has a low and adjustable shrink temperature between
80°C–170°C (176°F–338°F). The low shrink temperature
makes FEP QuickShrink™ 2.0 an ideal solution for
processing of materials with low melt temperature as
overheating can be avoided.
Features & benefits
• Rapid shrinking process
• Cost-saving product design
• Lower shrinking temperature
• Outstanding chemical resistance
• Low gas permeability
• Excellent transmission of UV rays
• Excellent electrical insulation values
• Sterilization compatibility: Gamma, ETO, e-beam and autoclave

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Product category: Tubings and tubing equipment

Etched OD Liner

Etched OD PTFE liner
Optinova is now offering Etched OD PTFE liners in a range of sizes.
Many of these sizes are in stock and available for immediate shipment.
Optinova’s proprietary OD etching system enables a fully controlled
etch process with contact angle measurements verified with every lot.
Etched PTFE liners are typically used as low friction inner layers in
various types of minimally invasive delivery devices.

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Product category: Polyurethane processing (PUR)

Material Guide

Optinova is a world leader in precision extrusion of tubing
for medical applications. Established in 1971, Optinova has
developed a world-wide reputation of fulfilling customer
expectations; not only with fluoropolymer extrusions,
but also with a wide variety of thermoplastics.

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Company news




Sep 7, 2018

Partner for Medical Tubing

In this published cover story in Supply Chain World Mag, Boston Scientific explains how their strategic work with the supply chain is connected to saving peoples lives. Optinova is proud to be a partner for almost two decades.

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About us

Company details

The Optinova Group is one of the leading global suppliers of advanced tubing solutions for the global medical device industry, as well as fluoropolymer tubing for challenging industrial applications. Optinova (incl. ScanTube since 2015) is a Finnish company group with manufacturing bases on the Åland Islands in Finland, Minnesota in the USA, and close to Bangkok in Thailand. 
Optinova has for the whole period been a specialty manufacturer for extruded plastic tubing and profiles. The high-tech quality tubing components are made of various resins such as fluoroplastics, polyurethanes and other thermoplastics. The main components are used in various fields such as medical and industrial applications globally. 
Close interaction between Optinova and the customers, has laid the foundation for successful customer relationships. Optinova is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 14644, and ISO 13485 certified through DNV and Bureau Veritas. The company has over 400 employees globally , at present the business has 5 production plants and 9 sales offices. 

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Area of business

Tubings and tubing equipment