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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.02  Plastics processing
  • 01.02.01  Injection molding

Injection molding

  • 01  Manufacturing of components
  • 01.02  Plastics processing
  • 01.02.02  Extrusion
  • 02  Manufacturing of finished products
  • 02.02  Catheters


  • 03  Services
  • 03.05  Assembly
  • 05  Components, modules, OEM equipment
  • 05.11  Wire guide

Our products

Product category: Injection molding

Silicone sealing membranes

RAUMEDIC is the partner of choice for everyone looking for precise, reproducible silicone solutions. Our state-of-the-art silicone injection molding equipment features tool technology from our own patent pending, proprietary development. That is why medical silicone solutions by RAUMEDIC meet the narrowest tolerances and provide for consistent product properties. All molded parts are manufactured in ISO class 7 clean room facilities.

The control and sealing membrane was developed for use in medical pumps. Sealing lips and control pins were both integrated in one silicone component.

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Product category: Extrusion

Printed silicone pump tubing

RAUMEDIC is the partner of choice for everyone looking for precise, reproducible silicone solutions. Our state-of-the-art silicone extruders feature tool technology from our own patent pending, proprietary development. That is why medical silicone solutions by RAUMEDIC meet the narrowest tolerances and provide consistent product properties. All tubing are manufactured in ISO class 7 clean room facilities.

(Printed) silicone pump tubing are an essential component of roller pumps which are integrated in heart-lung machines, for example.

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Product category: Wire guide

VariCoat® - The single-step process to coat wires, braids and fibers

Plastic-coated wires, braids and fibers fulfill a wide range of medical purposes. They can be used as guides in minimally invasive surgery or as signal-transmitting electrodes for neuro-stimulation, for example.

With VariCoat®, the medical technology manufacturer RAUMEDIC has developed a single-step process that makes it possible to uniformly coat wires, braids and fibers with a large number of high-temperature polymers, technical polymers and standard polymers. Instead of being applied layer by layer, polyamides (PA) and materials like PTFE, FEP, amorphous PEEK and PUR are directly extruded onto the substrate in a single processing step. The possible wall thicknesses range from 0.01 mm to 1.0 mm (0.039" to 0.0004").  

The selection of substrates is virtually unlimited. With the help of the VariCoat® process, wires and braids from conducting materials like stainless steel, copper and platinum alloys as well as glass fibers and synthetic Kevlar can be wrapped in a layer of polymer. The core to be covered can have a diameter of 0.025 mm to 1.5 mm (0.001" to 0.059").

RAUMEDIC produces the coated wires, braids and fibers exclusively under controlled clean room conditions of ISO Class 7. As a result, contamination by germs and particles is kept extremely low from the very beginning. In addition, the products can be further processed immediately afterward because no subsequent cleaning procedure is required.

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Product category: Assembly

Complex tubing set aids liver transplants

RAUMEDIC produces a complex tubing set that simulates vital bodily functions for Metra, a new device for liver transplants from the British firm OrganOx. Within the overall system, the disposable set helps to keep donor livers perfused outside of the body for up to 24 hours.

Shortly after the liver is connected to the transplant device, very quickly, the RAUMEDIC tubing set is filled with the packed red blood cells. The pump head works like an artificial heart to circulate the blood through the tubing from the filter bag to the oxygenator. The latter functions as the lung would to enrich to blood with oxygen and maintain body temperature. Syringes supply the donor organ with the necessary nutrient solutions.

More than 200 components are produced and assembled for the tubing set. Various silicone and PVC tubes, ECC connectors and product-specific molded parts are used. All of the individual parts are manually assembled in the clean room of the RAUMEDIC headquarters in Helmbrechts, Germany. Then the tubing sets are packaged, EtO sterilized and shipped to the customer.

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Product category: Extrusion

Medical high-pressure tubing for angiography

An informative image is essential in angiography. For optimal imaging, it is vital that medical high-pressure tubing withstands the forceful injection of the contrast medium, yet also stays very flexible and kink-resistant at the same time.

Thanks to decades of experience with polymer extrusion, the high-pressure tubing manufactured by RAUMEDIC combines the following requirements:

  • Extreme pressure-resistance: minimum 1,200 psi/83 bar (DIN EN ISO 1402, ASTM D1599)
  • Excellent kink-resistance
  • Highly flexible material properties
  • Opaque to transparent
  • Easy bonding and welding
  • Available as cut lengths or on spools
  • High-quality raw materials
Customers can choose between braided (PUR/PET) and coextruded (PUR/PA) product versions.

More pure for sure! 
We know that when it comes to the patient’s well-being, cleanliness is key. Knowledge is one thing, letting the facts speak for themselves is another: For our high-pressure tubing, we use raw materials meeting the LAL standard only. The coreless extrusion process in class 7 cleanroom facilities results in an absence of particles according to the standard USP 788. That is why high-pressure tubing by RAUMEDIC is more pure – for sure!

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Company news




Oct 4, 2018

Raumedic supports project against pediatric brain tumors

Munich/Helmbrechts – The Munich-based Care-for-Rare Foundation received a donation of 5,000 euros from medical technology company Raumedic. On September 25, the polymer specialist presented the donation check to the charitable organization, which has set itself the task of helping children with rare diseases. “The money assists us with a very specific project,” explains Dr. Albrecht Matthaei, Managing Director of the foundation. “It helps to support our research activities to fight against pediatric brain tumors,” Matthaei adds. This disease is one of the leading causes of death among children in Germany.

Money from in-house auctions 
In recent months, many Raumedic employees participated in various internal auctions. Thus, in the run-up to the modernization work at the company's headquarters in Helmbrechts, a number of furnishings had been auctioned off among the workforce. “We have been in contact with Care-for-Rare for quite a while and clearly stand behind the foundation’s mission to develop therapies for the treatment of rare diseases in children. So, it was obvious to donate the sum collected to this institution,” explains Dr. Thomas Ruhland, who is responsible for external networking at the Helmbrechts-based company.

Everyone can help: Campaign "Yes, we care!"
Since the fight against rare diseases often lacks public awareness in addition to financial resources, the foundation has launched the campaign “Yes, we care!”. Participation is easy. Anyone who uploads a photo of themselves with the campaign sticker at www.yes-we-care.online/en/mitmachen can easily make a contribution and help the affected children and their relatives get more attention.

About the Care-for-Rare Foundation
The Care-for-Rare Foundation is a charitable foundation founded in 2009 by Professor Dr. Christoph Klein and Professor Dr. jur. Andreas Staudacher in Ulm/Germany. According to the principle “from discovery to cure” the foundation is dedicated to the research and treatment of rare diseases in children. The current diagnostic and therapeutic options are still very limited in many rare diseases. Intensive research efforts are urgently needed to give small patients a chance to live. The Care-for-Rare Foundation builds bridges between people, cultures and sciences to help children with rare diseases. 

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Sep 26, 2018

New strategy board member at Raumedic

Helmbrechts – Stefan Seuferling joined the Executive Board of Raumedic AG mid-September to strengthen the company’s management team. Together with his Executive Board colleagues Martin Schenkel, Thomas Knechtel and Bernhard Kernen, the 45-year-old is helping lead the business operations of the Helmbrechts-based medical technology manufacturer.  The new Executive Board member oversees the strategic and operative positioning of the sales activities of Raumedic in Europe and Asia. He is also responsible for the departments of Marketing Communication, Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs as well as the area of Projects and Services. 

Sales and management experience in medical technology
Stefan Seuferling, who holds a degree in business administration, has 20 years of sales and management experience. In the position he held before joining Raumedic, he oversaw the global development organization of a listed medical technology company in northern Germany. He worked closely here on organizational development and change management. Before assuming this position, Seuferling was a member of the management team at a company that specializes in medical implants. He was in charge of the entire sales operation for Europe, among other responsibilities.

Chairman Bayer welcomes Seuferling
All members of the Executive Board at Raumedic AG report directly to Martin Bayer, the Chairman of the Raumedic Group. In March 2018, Bayer moved his office to North Carolina in the United States in order to assume his additional responsibilities as CEO and Head of Sales of the American company Raumedic Inc. 
In commenting on the expansion of the management team in Helmbrechts, Bayer said: “We would like to extend a warm welcome to Mr. Seuferling as a new member on the Executive Board of Raumedic AG. By hiring him, we have added a strong executive to the board in order to better position our company in European and Asian markets. Mr. Seuferling will naturally receive support from the entire Executive Board in his work to achieve this goal.”

Expansion of market presence
The strategy member of the Executive Board is looking forward to tackling the challenges that lie ahead: “Raumedic is a rapidly growing company with tremendous potential. I want to help fuel the company’s continued growth and further expand our market presence.” Stefan Seuferling added with a smile: “It’s also nice that my commute to work is much shorter.” The new head of Raumedic strategy has lived for many years with his wife and two children in Roth in Middle Franconia, Germany. 

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Jul 30, 2018

Raumedic hires its 800th employee

Helmbrechts – Raumedic has its sights set on growth. In July, the company’s 800th employee signed an employment contract at the medical technology company. Thomas Schlesier will start working at the company’s headquarters in Helmbrechts, Germany, as an application engineer in the Systems Business Unit in August. 

The new employee will contribute both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in polymer processing. The 24-year-old said he made a conscious decision to join Raumedic: “My main reasons for joining the company were its high-name recognition and its proximity to my home.” Schlesier comes from Weißdorf, a town about 11 kilometers from the Raumedic headquarters. He is really excited about landing a job in his home region so soon after completing his training in plastic engineering: “I’m sliding smoothly from college to the work world, something I think is just great.”
Christina Hechtfischer, Head of HR at Raumedic, is just as thrilled: “Of course, I’m very proud about breaking the 800 barrier. We have certainly grown rapidly.” 
Raumedic had about 240 employees when it went into operations in 2004 after being spun off from Rehau AG. Today, around 550 employees work in Helmbrechts alone. The other employees are located in Feuchtwangen, Zwönitz (Saxony), Dietzenbach (Hesse) and seven locations outside Germany. The workforce will continue to grow, Christina Hechtfischer predicts. The company is constantly searching for skilled engineers as well as for employees in commercial and industrial areas.

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About us

Company details

Human health is at the core of RAUMEDIC Group's business. The company specializes in processing medical-grade thermoplastic polymers and silicones at five production sites in Germany and the United States.

As a partner of the international medical technology and pharmaceutical industry, the polymer specialist develops and produces customized components for customers, including tubing, catheters and molded parts as well as complex groups of components and systems for diagnostic and therapeutic uses. For the clinical areas of neuro-monitoring and traumatology, RAUMEDIC produces high-precision pressure-measuring systems with microchip technology. In doing so, it plays a key role in safe patient care around the world.

With 70 years of experience in the areas of extrusion, injection molding and assembly, the company with a global workforce of 800 people turns customer ideas into mature products. The foundation of this work is formed by a quality management system based on ISO 13485 and clean room manufacturing on an area of 107,000 square feet (10,000 square meters) based on ISO 14644 (class 7).

Its global sales network and its own distribution companies in core markets ensure that medical and pharmaceutical customers as well as end users in hospitals and doctors’ offices have a high level of product availability at all times.

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  • Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Tubings and tubing equipment
  • Catheters

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