AMBRA Sistemi s.r.l. of Grugliasco (TO) at MEDICA 2018 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

AMBRA Sistemi s.r.l.

Strada del Portone, 125, 10095 Grugliasco (TO)
Telephone +39 011 9677775
Fax +39 011 9677725

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MEDICA 2018 hall map (Hall 11): stand E70

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MEDICA 2018 fairground map: Hall 11

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.06  Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
  • 01.06.02  Respiration equipment, oxygen equipment

Respiration equipment, oxygen equipment

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.09  Hospital equipment, care equipment
  • 01.09.14  Installation and equipment of supply conduits (gas, compressed air, oxygen, water, electricity, …)

Installation and equipment of supply conduits (gas, compressed air, oxygen, water, electricity, …)

  • 02  Laboratory Technology
  • 02.11  Laboratory refrigerators and freezing systems

Laboratory refrigerators and freezing systems

  • 06  Information and Communication Technology
  • 06.04  eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry

eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry

Our products

Product category: Installation and equipment of supply conduits (gas, compressed air, oxygen, water, electricity, …)


GASTEL is a complete and efficient solution for local and remote control of compressed gas storages that assures high level of safety and an essential support to logistic services, through advanced functions of GPRS remote monitoring. GASTEL completely replaces human supervision activities, supplying precise and real time information, allowing to the compressed gas distribution manager to organize as well as possible the production, the delivery optimization and handle in time anomalous situations, caused by unusual consumptions or plant malfunctions.

Frequently, indeed, managers choose to provide oversized storages to avoid unexpected consumption consequences, making significant investments without a cost-effective clients satisfaction, since are subordinated to space troubles.
Remote control, therefore, is an essential instrument for gas suppliers, supporting the logistic services and optimizing the delivery system. 
Missed or delayed supplies can cause significant economic damages, whose obligation is usually difficult to ascribe, since can hinge on a human mistake in manometers reading, delayed reading or on verbal agreement misunderstanding 

Thanks to CrioSystem Supervisor platform, installed on a central server, and CSS WebAPP, is possible to remain always and everywhere updated on provisions and alarms status, as long as an internet connection and credentials are available.

The platform is operative 24h/7 and notifies possible alarm conditions stated by the GASTEL unit, warning the plant responsible operator. Those functions can be a clientele advantage, as an optional service to the gas supply.

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Product category: Installation and equipment of supply conduits (gas, compressed air, oxygen, water, electricity, …)


MINICRIO is the remote monitoring unit for cryogenic tanks low cost

Typical application:
-Remote monitoring of tank for level and pressure through GSM network 
-Integrating differential and relative pressure transducers type DRT
-Optional 4…20mA inputs for pressure transducer in alternative of DRT cell
-Optional solar panel power supply
-Li-ion backup integrated battery to supply the unit in power absence 
-Sleeping mode with small periodic activation to reduce the power consumption: measure reading , alarm condition verify with relative message sending. Update frequency programmable from 1 to 24 hours
-Pushbutton on front panel for manual wakeup unit
-Programming and status upgrade messages receiving through software CRIOSYSTEM and/or mobile phone
-Easy, fast and inexpensive installation for setup and startup.

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About us

Company details

AMBRA Sistemi is an Italian company located in Grugliasco nearby Turin that for over 25 years has been designing and providing electronical solutions to improve the productivity, the efficiency and the safety of the industrial and medical gas world.

Ambra Sistemi strength is its interdisciplinary know-how, daily energized and constantly evolving.

In fact, the company has knowledge and design skills in hardware, software, firmware fields as well as mechanical, physical and chemical competences and so the possibility of interfacing every kind of necessity and need.

Our success has begun in 1990 with the first monitoring system for medical gas in hospital setting, still nowadays a reference point for our products.

Since that moment our mission have been the improvement of the reliability of our devices, since the criticality of industrial and medical gas applications and the research of the best solutions for the gas world. Furthermore, special attention has always been given to the facilitation of the installation process and the integration of equipments so as to significantly reduce the inevitable complications introduced by the use of complex technologies.

Today AMBRA Sistemi produces a wide range of products for the control and monitoring of:

Liquid and compressed gas storage systems in medical and industrial fields;
Cryoconservation rooms;
Synthetic medical air mixing systems;
Process, environmental and iperbaric chamber gases.

The company is available to support the client in every aspect of the design phase and to follow step by step the perfect integration of its products with third-party systems management, tailored to its customers. We have also some patents, as confirmation of our foresight and our ability to produce specific and innovative projects solutions.

The production phase is mainly entrusted to external and carefully selected partners; all the remaining steps of the production process, including the design, the final quality control, the customer care as well as the intellectual property of the developed devices, are kept by the company. Also the functional tests are carried out internally and are not statistical but rather extended to the each device.

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