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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.01  Diagnostics
  • 01.01.03  Ear, nose and throat diagnostics (ENT)

Ear, nose and throat diagnostics (ENT)

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.01  Diagnostics
  • 01.01.05  Microscopes, varioscopes
  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.03  Surgery devices, endoscopy devices
  • 01.03.04  Instruments and apparatus for dermatology and cosmetic surgery

Instruments and apparatus for dermatology and cosmetic surgery

  • 02  Laboratory Technology
  • 02.14  Microscopes
  • 06  Information and Communication Technology
  • 06.04  eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry

eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry

Our products

Product category: Instruments and apparatus for dermatology and cosmetic surgery

Dino-Lite DermaScope®

With the Dino-Lite DermaScope® a new generation of compact and affordable dermatoscopes has seen the light. These handy, easy-to-use USB digital microscopes can be quickly deployed and used to create sharp and clear photos and videos of a wide variety of skin problems without pain or long waiting times for the patient.

All Dino-Lite DermaScopes have a built-in adjustable polarizer that reduces the gloss effects of the skin. This allows better imaging of the skin layers, lesions and nevi. The DermaScope supports the use of water or oil, but this is not always necessary.

The Dino-Lite DermaScopes are available with different levels of magnification, the best-selling models have two different levels of magnification (about 20x to about 45x) without the need to change the distance to the skin. If the extra cap is used, it is also possible to take an image with a larger surface area with a magnification of approximately 10x.

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Product category: eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry


DermEngine is an intelligent dermatology software for the imaging, documentation and diagnosis of skin conditions including skin cancer. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), this smart dermatology system helps you manage your busy workflows with secure cross-platform access.

Why DermEngine?
DermEngine is designed to simplify. Our hassle-free intelligent dermatology platform is easy to use and allows you to focus on your patients - not the process.
The system’s powerful features run award-winning algorithms designed for dermatology. Take your practice to the next level with the platform’s cutting-edge technology.
DermEngine is easy to use, and has no complicated setup or maintenance. Simply log in to access the intuitive analytics features, and communicate with your network online.
The cross-platform system is available anytime, anywhere. DermEngine syncs seamlessly across iOS, Android, the web, Mac and Apple TV. Keep your practice at your fingertips even when you are on the go.
DermEngine’s leading image analytics features come at an unbeatable price, fit for any size clinic or budget. Flexible pricing plans and customizable bundles will save your practice both time and money.

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Product category: Instruments and apparatus for dermatology and cosmetic surgery


MoleScope™ by MetaOptima is designed to help you track and monitor your moles over time to ensure they are receiving the attention they need.

How Does MoleScope Work?
Use the MoleScope device and app to scan your moles and track changes over time. Share high-quality pictures with your dermatologist.
The MoleScope device attaches to your smartphone, allowing you to perform fast and reliable mole checks from home.
Use the MoleScope device to take high-quality images of your moles.
MoleScope’s app will guide you through a self-check and image analysis of your mole.
Securely send your mole images to your dermatologist for an online mole checkup.
Have peace of mind. You will receive feedback from your doctor through the app about whether your mole is suspicious.

Your MoleScope app connects seamlessly with the DermEngine web platform. Log in to DermEngine with your MoleScope email and password to access additional mole imaging tools and view all of your images on your desktop.

MoleScope is the basic smartphone add-one with replaceable batteries. The MoleScope II is the advanced version with polarisation and a rechargeable battery.

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Product category: Microscopes, varioscopes

Dino-Lite Capillaryscope

Capillaroscopy is the examination of the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) of the skin at the nailrim. The Dino-Lite CapillaryScope can show the capillaries in high magnification, as well as the decrease in capillaries, knot formation in capillaries and bleeding. With this information doctors can diagnose the condition of the blood vessels in the rest of the body. Capillaroscopy of the cuticle can demonstrate, for example, scleroderma or dermatomyositis.

The Dino-Lite CapillaryScope has been specially developed for capillaroscopy of the cuticle. The images can be captured as still photos or video. The resolution of 1,3 megapixel and magnifications around 200 or 500x assure the acquisition of clear pictures. The digital images can be stored on any digital medium.

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Product category: Ear, nose and throat diagnostics (ENT)

Dino-Lite Earscope

The Dino-Lite EarScope is a digital Otoscope that is easy to use and will be very helpful in general practice, in Audiology and for ear, nose and throat specialists. With the EarScope you can easily inspect and photograph the ear canal, the ear drum and the outer ear. Ear problems such as inflammation, clogging by accumulated ear wax or the presence of fluid behind the ear drum can be recognized quickly. The practitioner is always assured of a bright and clear image thanks to the built-in LED lights and adjustable magnification between 55 and 90 x (1,3 megapixel models).

All Dino-Lite EarScopes have a USB connection and function independent of batteries. Therefore the EarScope is always ready for use. The image can be viewed on a computer screen to simplify diagnosis simplifies and also allows the patient to watch the images as well. The images, either still photo or video, can be stored digitally and easily added to a patient file or forwarded to a colleague. All EarScopes are compatible with Windows and MacOS.

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Product category: Microscopes, varioscopes

Dino-Lite IriScope

The Dino-Lite IriScope is handy, easy to use and a valuable tool for every medical practice. You can make razor-sharp images of the Iris with the magnification of 10-20 times that allows you to see details that can hardly be seen by the naked eye. Cases of irritation, dirt, insect or unknown object in the eye can be detected with the aid of the IriScope and allow the right diagnosis for further treatment.

IriScope pictures can have a resolution of up to 1,3 megapixel and the specially designed front cap can be placed on the eye socket to get the right distance for a perfect picture. The IriScope has its own built-in LED's met two different colours, white and yellow. The yellow LED's serve to allow images of darker irises. The LED's are powered by the direct USB connection which makes batteries superfluous and the IriScope always ready for action.

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Product category: Instruments and apparatus for dermatology and cosmetic surgery

Dino-Lite PodoScope

A podiatrist is a medical professional that can diagnose and treat diseases of the foot and ankle. Also, people with foot problems caused by, for example rheumatism or diabetes mellitus, visit the podiatrist. Problems with knee and back that originate in the misuse or malfunction of the foot are also within the scope of the podiatrist. Podiatrists have several tools at their disposal such as a foot mirror and a foot scanner, but they can also use the Dino-Lite PodoScope. With the Podoscope they can detect microangiopathy at an early stage, which means that diabetic neuropathy can be prevented.

With the PodoScope changes in the skin of the foot and the foot itself can be documented by taking photographs and making movies as well. These images can be stored in the file of the patient. The podiatrist and his patient can view the images in real time on a laptop, Windows tablet or computer. An external light source is not required in the investigation, since the PodoScope features built-in LED lights with eight bright white LEDs. The lighting and PodoScope themselves are powered via the USB port, so that the PodoScope is always ready and does not depend on batteries.

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Product category: Instruments and apparatus for dermatology and cosmetic surgery

Dino-Lite TrichoScope

Trichoscopy is the relatively young science studying the health of the hair and the scalp. Trichoscopy is often practiced by dermatologists, but more and more medical professionals become proficient in this science. The Dino-Lite TrichoScope is a perfect tool for trichoscopy, as the digital microscope is a great tool to study the scalp, hair shaft and the hair itself in detail.

In the case of hair loss trichoscopy can mean a lot for patients since there are more than 50 known causes for hair loss and only detailed study can bring the cause to light. The images made with the TrichoScope can help the specialists to recognize the skin or hair problems and diseases and decide on the treatment method and resources or to prescribe the right medication.

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Product category: Microscopes

Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes

The Dino-Lite Universal series provides a broad range of products with the highest image quality, as well as very user-friendly software with comprehensive measurement functions, and several unique hard and software features to satisfy the most demanding user.

This range consists of Dino-Lite models with a USB connection with a magnification of up to 200 times and an image resolution of 1.3 megapixel or 5 megapixel. For working with reflective objects you can choose the models with the built-in polarization filter with adaptable polarization. For the best look and feel and enhanced durability we offer models in robust aluminum alloy housing.

The Dino-Lite Edge series is a special category within the Universal range, the Edge series provide an even better image quality and greater flexibility. The high-quality optics provide a very sharp, bright and natural color image with very low aberration and vignetting. The exchangeable caps provide for even more flexibility for use in all kinds of professional applications.

If you are looking for Dino-Lite products with long working distance, special lighting such as UV or IR or models with a high magnification until 900 times please check one of the other categories.

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IDCP stands for Digital Innovation. It is the core business of IDCP to develop the European market through all channels with innovative products from young and innovative companies outside of Europe.

IDCP Medtech is the company bringing medical technology to market. We are the official manufacturer for the Dino-Lite Medical products: DermaScope, EarScope, IriScope, CapillaryScope, PodoScope and TrichoScope and also supply these products to the Middle East and Africa. IDCP Medtech is also the distributor for DermEngine and Molescope for the whole of Europe.

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