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Luntmakargatan 69, 11351 Stockholm
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Stefan Axelsson

Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Universal medical commodities

TracCollar the leading necktraction device made by ortopedic engineers in Sweden.

TracCollar for a quality life.

TracCollar is a Swedish/Norwegian international patented necktraction devise.
TracCollar is specially designed to relieve the neck from pain in a careful and controlled way. By pumping air in to the collar you can raise and lower the collar. Customize the traction on the left and right side. A perfect necktraction.

The collar is currently used by doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, patients worldwide and has been sold in over 30 000 pcs.

Its reliable, portable, affordable and easy to use.  Develped and designed by physiotherapist and ortopedic engineers.  

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Product category: Universal medical commodities

OMPU Titanium wear and accessories. Infused liquid Titanium reflects Far Infrared rays.

Ompu Titanium is our new range of athlete and outdoor wear that take technical and functional training clothes to a completely new and unique level. We call them Therapeutic Functional wear and accessories.

The new fabric contains LIQUID TITANIUM.

The titanium creates and reflects the far infrared heat FIR back to the body, making the garment very functional and therapeutic (therapeutic  & functional wear).

OMPU and Fir-Skin Scandinavia have an exclusive and close cooperation for the production of liquid Titanium products. The absolute latest and unique among technical wear in rehabilitation, training and outdoor.

OMPU is world uniqe with our therapeutic functional wear, accessories and supports for sports and high performance.
The liquid titanium fabrics are tested and certified by SBS.
We have 20 years of professional experience in rehabilitation, physical therapy, developing  and manufacture sportswear used by athletes at world level.

We now combine our knowledge and make uniqe garments and accessories that are optimal for performance, recovery and handling in one and the same garment. OMPU titanium.


Titanium reflects the infrared heat and radiates even infrared heat upon contact with a heat source. In this case the skin's heat. The effect is very similar to the therapeutic effect of the sauna with infrared heat.
Infrared heat penetrates about 3 times as deep body than normal heat.

- Relieves pain in joints and muscles.
- Effective to soften stiff and tense muscles.
- Increases H2O hydration that improves blood circulation and increased oxygen in the blood gives more energy.
- Improve metabolism
- Increases the production of nitrogen oxide which is a key component of a healthy immune system.
- Can reduce pain associated with arthritis.
- Can reduce stress.

Titan is not toxic and the human body does not reject it. Today, we can use titanium in the production of sports clothes and therapeutic clothes. OMPU will combine rehabilitative health with performance and function in a new, unique, health-efficient way. The use areas for these clothes and accessories are almost infinite. and should be very attractive in high performance activities and sports where quality function is very important and injuries and injuries often occur. Ex Running in all its forms, hiking, high intensity training, winter sports, etc. OMPU shall be the market leader in the segment where the main focus is initially on the Scandinavian market. Initially, we focus on hands and feet. That is, gloves and socks. It is usually the body parts where people experience poorer blood circulation according to their own clinical experience. At the same time, we upgrade our already existing range of compression pants that have a laboratory state graduated compression. Compression in combination with the FIR effect is unique and takes compression and performance to a new level. We gradually develop products that should be relevant to our target group.

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Product category: Universal medical commodities

OCR & Outdoor Gloves

The Warm Weather glove takes the experience gained from the Cold Weather glove and improves upon it!  It's perfect for the spring, summer and autumn.  Not only does the glove have reinforcements throughout (including finger protection & grip protection), but it also uses a base layer grip material for grip throughout.  

As the premier European OCR (obstacle course racing) brand, our developers are continuously improving the innovative products.  During the development, we spoke with the elite OCR racers to make sure that we designed the glove to meet all of their needs, while maintaining good grip and protection in various types of harsh environments and weather.  

Here's how you can use this:  

Even if you're not an OCR athlete, this glove may be your new favorite glove.  We've received praise from kayakers, trail runners, and even gun enthusiasts.  

Unique Grip:

Deep rubber grooves provide grip despite harsh conditions and is cut based on the anatomy of the hand.
The hexagonal patterngives a little "edge" in any direction, giving the best possible grip in all directions and most obstructions.  
Base layer: Grip material provides additional grip for areas without the rubber grip.

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About us

Company details

From rehabilitation to prevention, OMPU's founders draw upon their physical therapy expertise to engineer functional, supportive and protective products helping athletes take their performance to the next level.  

A vision of higher functionality and higher quality continually drives OMPU to develop, test, and source innovative solutions; the best of which are incorporated into it's products.  The founders and developers of OMPU have 30 years of experience in physiotherapy, training and the development of unique rehabilitation products, which includes the creator of the TracCollar.  

OMPU's founders drive the development to revolutionize the apparel industry.  As the proud developers of Scandinavia's first laboratory-measured compression pants with integrated IT band and knee support, we are proud and excited to announce our next big line, OMPU Titanium. 

This line revolutionizes the way we think of wear for physical exertion, through rehabilitative functions. Together with our new partner FIR skin, we are developing and manufacturing products with liquid titanium. The titanium in the fabric reflects back the harmless infrared heat. Infrared heat has a rehabilitative function that increases blood circulation, regulates heat, and counteracts inflammation, stiffness, overexertion, and more. Therapeutic, functional wear, accessories and supports.

Proud of our roots, OMPU is an embodiment of Scandinavian style and principles, exemplified across their divisions (apparel, gear, and equipment) and within their company culture.

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