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Italray S.r.l.

Via del Parlamento Europeo, 9/D, 50018 Scandicci (FI)
Telephone +39 055 7228511
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Our products

Product category: X-ray devices and accessories

CLINODIGIT OMEGA SYSTEM: Multifunctional DR + DRF System with Dynamic Flat Panel Detector

CLINODIGIT OMEGA is a revolutionary system that allows performing ALL TYPES of DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY and DIGITAL RADIO-FLUOROSCOPY EXAMS in just one single compact unit.
CLINODIGIT OMEGA is equipped with a latest-generation 43x43 cm (17” x 17”) DYNAMIC FLAT PANEL DETECTOR, thus ensuring exceptional image quality, unsurpassed productivity, and minimal patient dose.
CLINODIGIT OMEGA, thanks to its patented innovations, dramatically enhances departmental productivity and efficiency, while providing maximum comfort and safety for both patients and operators.

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories

XFM: Ultra-light Solution for mobile Digital Radiology

XFM is ultra-light Digital X-Ray mobile unit (40 kW) designed to perform radiologic examinations and diagnostic investigations both in the department and in the ward.
XFM extended operation is supported by internal battery (*) to perform expositions also without connection to the mains and to increase portability since no cable will encumber system positioning.
XFM imaging is demanded to portable digital wireless detectors, with a-Si technology, for a significant dose reduction for the patient and high values of contrast, sensitivity and resolution for optimum image quality.
Fully motorized movement (*) with a touch-less anti-collision system gives XFM outstanding manoeuvrability and one-handed driving.
Extremely lightweight (< 300 kg) with limited overall dimensions assure good visibility during transportation and easy passage through doors, corridors and elevators.

(*) Optional

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories

X-FRAME DR SYSTEMS: A complete range for all needs in: Digital Radiography (DR)

The X-FRAME DR SYSTEMS line is ITALRAY’s family of Digital Radiography Systems that can be tailor-made to perfectly match the most important clinical and technical requirements: YOURS!

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories

SOLAR X-RAY: Solar Rechargeable UPS with Li-Ion batteries

Today, there are several areas in the world where the continuity of electrical service, even in healthcare sector, is not guaranteed. This causes:
  • To interrupt the electrical service even in the hospital context
  • To forcely stop department's activity for a certain period.
  • To do not fulfil normal radiographic results in diagnostic imaging because of electrical discontinuity and low-quality power
  • To force the use of expensive and polluting emergency diesel generators
ITALRAY’s solution to this problem is to equip its main radiographic systems, with a solar-rechargeable UPS, which can supply them completely with BEST-IN-CLASS PERFORMANCES (up to 50 kW x-ray generator).
This feature, defined as “SOLAR option” increases the potentiality of ITALRAY’s main digital systems, as XFM DR mobile and X-FRAME DR2S DR room.
“SOLAR option” for ITALRAY DR SYSTEMS means:
  • 24x7 diagnostic operativity (continuity)
  • Steadiness over time to voltage fluctuations (stability)
  • No more polluting diesel generators (environmental awareness)
  • Low installation and maintenance costs (sustainability)

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About us

Company details

ITALRAY Srl was founded in 1974 with the goal of manufacturing high-quality x-ray systems, 100% made in Italy.

ITALRAY headquarters and main production facilities are located in Italy, in the great Florence metro area.

ITALRAY’s core business is Medical Imaging with a special focus on Digital X-ray Imaging. ITALRAY activities range from
Product development
We take care of our products throughout their entire lifecycle!

ITALRAY’s R&D department is always working on the cutting edge of technology to make sure that ITALRAY products are always technologically advanced, highly reliable, and with a very competitive total cost of ownership.

ITALRAY offers to its customers worldwide a complete answer to their radiological needs: from small mobile units to X-ray generators, tilting tables, digital fluoroscopy systems, and up to complete digital radiography rooms.

At ITALRAY we understand that customers don’t need just products, they want SOLUTIONS.

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