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OPTA-TECH Sp. z.o.o.

Al. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 36, U211, 02797 Warszawa
Telephone +48 22 8536477
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Our products

Product category: Laboratory equipment


Slide scanner for FISH analysis.

D-Sight for Fish is a slide scanner for FISH analysis allowing fast, flexible and reliable navigation, acquisition, analysis, archiving and transfer of high quality digital images. This scanner can acquire images with low-emission fluorochromes thanks to the integrated highly sensitive monochrome camera.

D-Sight for Fish performs each process in a single working environment, guaranteeing optimized workflows tailored to suit the pathologist’s needs. Its automatic revolving system offers a choice of 7 different objectives for a wide range of selectable magnifications.

The digital microscope allows real-time slide browsing and workflow control from remote workstations. D-Sight for Fish is a valuable support for target therapy as well thanks to its dedicated analysis modules: Her-2 FISH, ALK FISH and translocations, FISH spot counting, etc.

The highly sensitive monochrome camera can quickly acquire a composition of several focal planes per channel for each field, allowing reconstruction of the highest quality color FISH image. Each channel can be managed independently, turning channels on and off, using a pseudocolor representation and viewing the focus change for each field in z-stack through the virtual microscope.

A sophisticated algorithm and image processing system provides very accurate detection of nuclei and spots for the classification and scoring of digital slides. All detected nuclei can be reviewed in a classification gallery.

With its dedicated Web application, D-Sight for Fish assures remote unlimited access to acquired images and password-protected access to individual files and working environments.

D-Sight for Fish is also equipped with a dedicated joystick – ENJOY– designed for both right and left hand use and allowing to navigate and manage images in the same way as a traditional microscope.

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Product category: Laboratory equipment


X2000 series microscopes are designed for observation of small, 3D objects in transmitted and reflected light. Depending on the kind of base used and illumination installed, an X2000 series microscope can be adopted for examining a wide range of objects, from small insets and plants to electronic components. Plan-achromatic optic, parallel optical path and wide-angle eyepieces are the most important characteristics of X2000 series microscope.

X2000 series microscopes can be outfitted with digital image acquisition system. The technologically advanced application provided with the camera lets the user adjust the image parameters to best visualize the analyzed specimen on the computer screen. Apart from archiving the captured images, the software has an additional function of applying a wide range of measurements on them. Optional image acquisition, archiving and analysis software can have additional functions added based on the user’s individual research needs.

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About us

Company details


OPTA-TECH is one of the leading brands and one of the most innovative Polish companies that operates on optical market. We operate as an integrator and supplier of the most innovative solutions for research and diagnostic laboratories. Our solution portfolio includes: laboratory and research microscopes, microscope cameras, histology slide scanners, image analysis platforms; molecular PCR systems, confocal modules, 3D surface measurement systems (SEM, Profilometer ), LIMS software platform for histology laboratories and IHC Multiplex stain kits. We specialize in providing our clients with solutions tailored for their needs. Cooperation with world’s leading manufacturers of the most innovative systems enables us to provide not only devices but also a know-how to our customers. We are grateful for the trust put in us by those that had the opportunity to use solutions provided by our company and sincerely invite all others to cooperate with us.

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