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Product category: Surgery room equipment


Surgical Philosophy

Micro-rhinoplasty is an advanced technique based on the application of endo-micro-instrumentation facilities, both in rhinoplasty and septo-rhinoplasty.

There are three principal facilities in this technique: 
1- magnification power of video-endoscopy
2- micro-osteotomy facility of RhinoSculpture set for bone surgery from AVSAR surgical
3- micro-surgical instruments for soft tissue surgery

Micro-rhinoplasty was established by Yakup Avsar M.D. in 2006 and it is now more than 10 years old.
Magnification power of video-endoscopy is predominantly used for reshaping the bony nasal vault. Its use for glabella surgery and the treatment of high-oriented septal deviations is inevitable. Besides this, it is also used for the treatment of septal spurs, repair of mucosal tears and bleeding control during rhinoplasty and septo-rhinoplasty.

Micro-osteotomy facility for bony vault reshaping under video-endoscopy is a technological break-through developed by AVSAR surgical, aimed at effective application of micro-cutting and micro-rasping tools to reform the bony structure of the nose.
These tools designed by Dr. Avsar are used under video-endoscopy. Hump reduction-rasping, medial osteotomy, Aufricht triangle modification, transverse and lateral osteotomies are performed with the aid of RhinoSculpture osteotomy set. 
Split-thickness osteotomy is a surgical method in which an incomplete cut is made on the lateral nasal walls keeping the stability of the bony nasal vault. This method was first introduced by Dr. Avsar and is a subsequent advantage of this technology.
Eventually, controlled operation on the nasal structure increases the rate of successful results. Technologies, techniques and tactics used in micro-rhinoplasty enables the surgeon to have high quality control during the aesthetic surgery of the nose.

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Product category: Surgery room equipment

Avsar Tapering Cannula

Fat Makeup is carried out with patented Avsar tapering cannula developed by Yakup Avşar. This cannulas is tapered to the tip and the hole in the tip is so small that make it a micro-cannula. The fatty tissue is tapered when advancing in the cannula and is gently injected from the tip of the cannula. The injection pattern is so smooth with this cannula and undesirable protrusions do not form in the area where the fat is given. The fat tissue can easily be dispersed in the layers of the recipient area, so the engagement and supply of the injected fat tissue is excellent. Multiple surgery sessions can be reduced by this cannula.

Easy Fat Transfer
Fat makeup can be applied to every region of the body including face, neck, breast, buttocks, hips, legs, knees, hands and décolletage.
The fat can be taken out from any excess fat area in the body like belly, belt, legs and knees using fine cannulas without any scar.
Derived fat tissue is then processed to the stem-cell-enriched injectable fat tissue and it is now ready to be injected to the recipient area with Avsar tapering cannula.
The procedure takes about 30 minutes on average and can be performed under local or general anesthesia.

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About us

Company details

Avsar Surgical

AVSAR Surgical was established in Istanbul (Turkey), by Dr Yakup Avsar (MD), in 2005. Dr Avsar is reknowned for his work in the field of aesthetic surgery, being a plastic surgeon for over 14 years. His experience has enabled him to bring to the world, the design and manufacturing of high performance micro-surgical tools and aesthetic surgery equipment.

AVSAR Surgical has also been celebrated for being one of the very few organizations in the world to use 3D printing for designing and mass production.

One of the distinctive features of AVSAR Surgical, is that of innovation in the field of video-endoscopic aesthetic surgery. As 10 years ago, Dr Avsar invented micro-rhinoplasty by designing a rhinosculpture set and video-endoscopic facilities. These designs allowed for effective application of micro-cutting and micro-rasping tools, in order to reform the bony structure of the nose and septum during septo-rhinoplasty procedure. This helped eliminate the uncontrollable hammer power in daily practice.

The rhino-sculpture set, single-use micro-motor handpieces, micro-cannulas, 3D printed simulation masks (for use before and after the procedure), as well as the robotic aesthetic surgery equipment, are among the products that are designed, manufactured and even assembled in our company.

All of our products are unique pieces of design, that are patented to our trademark.

To become a much preferred and favorably demanded brand , by dint of breaking new grounds which establishes competion in the global area.

To gratify all lives we touch by making no concession from our distinguished service quality, as an innovative, dynamic and reliable brand.

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