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Our products

Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

Polypropylene MESH

Primary choice for hernia treatment is surgical operation. Also prothesis materials are considered among surgical options. When sufficient amounts of healthy tissue cannot be found or the defect is larger; it is the primary option to apply prothesis materials. Our product, propylene mesh is the tissue prothesis, which is used instead of tissue supplement exactly at this point. Duzey mesh is manufactured from polymer monofilament fiber, compliant to production principles of medical sutures. Duzey Mesh has a high tension and displosion resistance between thickness values of 0, 30 mm and 0, 60 mm. Duzey mesh enables cutting the mesh without the necessity of removal; as well as provides inner connection between each monofilament fiber and dual flexibility.

Accelerates tissue healing thanks to its braided texture.
Sterilized with EO.
Biologically compliant.
Flexible, robust and lucid.
Provides ideal pore interval for tissue healing.
High power and displosion resistance for sustainable support.
Does not cluster and stays strong for long periods of time.

Areas of Use
For the purpose of strengthening abdominal wall; DUZEYMESH has been used in the following indications;
Umblical hernia
Inguinal hernia
incisional hernia
Eventration operations

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

Duzey SVT Vaginal Tape

Stress urinary incontinence can be defined as a condition of urinary incontinence which is resulted due to increased detrusor pressure during physical exercise, coughing or sneezing. Duzey SVT is a disposable strap type sterile product which is manufactured for treatment of urinary incontinence. Duzey SVT, has been manufactured from non-colored monofilament polypropylene mesh. It is biologically suitable.


Provides an excellent urethral closure.
Provides minimal tensioning.
Minimally invasive, rapid healing process.
Thanks to its large pores treatment process of the tissue is enhanced.

Duzey SVT Application Apparatus Range
The products in Duzey SVT range are provided individually or together with other products. Two units of hand apparatus can be found in each package. Vaginal band is placed with ease thanks to these tools. Ergonomically design of the grips ensures optimal control for insertion of needle. Hand tools are manufactured from a non-corrosive chrome material of 4 mm, suitable for medical use. These tools are disposable.

Duzey SVT Cystocele
Cystocele mesh has 4 fixation arms. Two of these arms are prepubic anchorage arms while the other two are transopturator arms. Thanks to braided texture of cystocele mesh the healing process is rapid. Two front arms are used for treating midurethra while rear arms are used for treating lateral defects.

Duzey SVT Rectocele
Rectocele mesh has 2 fixation arms. Due to texture of middle-fixation region of Mesh, tissue healing process is enhanced. 

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

Duzey Neuro Surgical Patties

Highly Absorbent Surgical Brain Pads
Brain pads are essential aids in brain and spine surgeries. Based on their application, brain pads have two main functions. First of these is to help hemostat by acting as a tampon at the bleeding region. And the second one is to enable blood absorption at regions that can’t be cauterized. Duzey Brain Pad is produced from non-woven cotton containing viscose and polypropylene developed in world standards. It has the capacity to absorb liquid 10 times more than its own weight.

Duzey surgical brain pads are made of highly absorbent non-woven cotton, they can absorb liquid 10 times more than their own weight, and they offer ideal softness, flexibility and applicability. 
Duzey surgical brain pads are completely stable. They can adapt to all surfaces and stay stable in their positions, and thus provide excellent protection. 
Duzey surgical pads are biocompatible. They are made of biocompatibility proven viscose and polypropylene suitable for medical use. 
Duzey surgical pads can be detected with X-Rays thanks to their X-Ray lines. 
Duzey surgical pads are offered in sterile bags of 10 and a box contains 20 bags.

Duzey Brain Pads is not recommended to be left inside the body for more than 1 hour. 
Duzey Brain Pads are recommended to be moisturized before application.

Duzey Surgical Brain Pads Presentation
Duzey Surgical Brain Pads are supplied in sterile position. Thanks to the counting card inside these sterile bags, the number of pads used during the operation can be tracked. The standard sizes of Duzey surgical brain pads are as follows. However they can also be produced in different sizes upon request.

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries


Duzey PGA Mesh
DUZEY PGA Mesh has been manufactured by using equal amounts of absorbable Polyglycolic acid multifilament fabric and non-absorbable Polypropylene multifilament fabric. Polypropylene polymer fabrics and Poliglycolic acid polymer fabrics are manufactured from the same materials used for surgical suture. 

Following the absorption of polyglycolic acid compounds; only polypropylene mesh remains. Structure and size of the remaining mesh is designed optimally for physiological tensions. Polyglycolic acid section of the mesh is absorbed in 90 days following the placement of the mesh. Thanks to large pore structure of DUZEY PGA Mesh, strong, three dimensional calogen fabric network is developed in the healing period. The remaining polypropylene mesh does not constitute an objection for this procedure. Therefore, development of excessive ligament or harmful scar structure is prevented.

DUZEY PGA Mesh is used to attain desired surgical result in treatment of hernia or ligament defects which require support, additional strengthening or bridging. DUZEY PGA Mesh is compliant for laparoscopic use.

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries


Duzey dual mesh is made via integration of non woven polypropylene mesh and medical silicon. Silicon surface prevents sticking on internal organs. Duzey dual mesh has a well shaping memory and provides integration thanks to its flexibility. Perforations support colonization and prosthesis is marked in the middle for easy and complete placement process. 

* Dual Side Mesh is double sided, enabling contact with silicon surface organs. 
* A fixing mark is available in the middle of the mesh for facilitating the fixing. 
* It has macro-pore structure. 
* It does not stick on hand. 
* Suitable for laparoscopic method. 
* Sterilized with EO

Duzey Dual sided mesh silicon covered artificial wall support prosthesis is designed to be used as abdominal wall support prosthesis in a coelioscopic way for inguinal leg and incisional hernias.

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About us

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Our Company manufactures medical materials for use in fields of Urology, Eurogynecology and Herniaition; and conducts worldwide distribution of these products.
Our Company has ISO 9001:2008 ISO 13485:2003 and CE certification. Our products are manufactured according to Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC and GMP regulations.

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