Medikokim Tibbi ve Kimyevi Malzeme San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. of Istanbul at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

Medikokim Tibbi ve Kimyevi Malzeme San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Ikitelli O.S.B. Demirciler Sanayi Sitesi, B7/Blok No: 157, 34306 Istanbul
Telephone +90 212 5495778-115
Fax +90 212 5475779

This company is co-exhibitor of
Istanbul Chemicals & Chemical Products Exporters Association

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MEDICA 2017 hall map (Hall 6): stand D20

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MEDICA 2017 fairground map: Hall 6

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Medical Services and Publications
  • 07.05  In-patient and out-patient care

In-patient and out-patient care

Our products

Product category: In-patient and out-patient care


  • Class III certificated, for the use of central nervous system operations
  • Produced from viscose polyester polyamid raw material by nonwoven technology
  • Absorbation capacity  8 times of its weight
  • Very thin, silky structure
  • Unfuzzy,unfeathered,unloofahed
  • Can be detectable by its x-ray strap
  • Product has  looped trace  rope
  • Gamma sterilized
  • Single use

  •  Can be used  for micro surgical brain surgery by its  very thin and pressed silky structure
  • Elastic and smooth, covers the tissue  easily
  • Trace rope also x-ray detectable
  • Trace rope  looped to the one side of the pad with a special method.With this special loop its nondetachable,no trauma risk such as machine stich or completely adhesive rope.
  • Pouch made of Tyvek to prevent from  uncontrolled tear of the  sterile pouch
  • It has  special anticontamination bag in each sterile pouch

  • 10 Pad in each sterile pouch
  • Offered to the market 24 pouch per box

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Product category: In-patient and out-patient care


  • Covers the endotracheal tube safely and holds it stable at the patient's mouth
  • Band made of a master material,consists of 3 different material laminated to each other 3mm(+-0.5mm)
  • Skin touch surface of the master material made of cotton fabric, upper part to cover the fixation velcro easily made of feathered jersey, middle part made of  foam to provide elasticity and smoothness
  • In single piece model, band fixes and locks the endotracheal tube by the plastic clamp in the middle narrow part of the band
  • Can be used with every brand and tube(cannula) model
  • Surrounds the neck softly in comfort
  • Skin touch surface absorbs the sweat with its cotton fabric
  • In case of long term use does not cause any allergy and irritation
  • Gamma sterilized
  • Single use
  • One piece of  fixation band in each pouch

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Product category: In-patient and out-patient care


Produced from the Polymer material compatible to the medical devices material terms and standards*

*Not used cancerogenic and  PVC/DOP featured materials harmful to human health

 Antiallergic,antibacterial and antifungus hygienic structure that doesn't  irritate the skin,not composed bacteria and fungal on it **

**Antiallergic, antibacterial and antifungal feature approved by the university report accredited by the Notify Body

 Easy and rapid application

 Safety lock with its poppered system

   It has various sizes, length and width for different kind of purposes

 Proper colour scale due to the international standards and T.C.Ministry Health Regulations

 Due to the request logo and the name of the user party can be written on the band

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About us

Company details

Medikokim established 1988 in Istanbul and started production process concerning its first product in 1990. In this period developed its product range and specifications.

Today, with its modern technology and experienced staff Medikokim is manufacturing disposable products of its own according to the international standards, all of them are first manufactured in Turkey, becomes a contributor to the economy and the health sector of the country.

Products of the Medikokim are used with success in the region of Europe,Asia, Africa and Middle America in 23 countries , in addition to Turkey.


Our main aims are to keep our production quality on a standart level for all our product range, to reflect the advantages of new technologies to our products and production, to broaden our product range, promote our products effectively, to supply our products to our customers with a maximum customer satisfaction policy and to be able to reach and supply for more customers.

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