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Russian Export Center JSC

12, Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, entrance 9, 123610 Moscow
Russian Federation

Telephone +7 495 9374747

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Medical Services and Publications
  • 07.04  Professional institutions
  • 07  Medical Services and Publications
  • 07.04  Professional institutions
  • 07.04.01  Associations and organisations

Our products

Product category: Professional institutions, Associations and organisations


Russian Export Center provides the full range of export project support services, including:

  • advice on export-related issues;
  • export activity arrangement assistance;
  • assistance in export-related procedures;
  • contract follow-up (post-contract servicing).

The activities of the Center include, without limitation, the follow-up on the exporter’s queries arising in the course of their interaction with the relevant ministries, authorities, and public bodies.


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Product category: Professional institutions, Associations and organisations


EXIAR, JSC is the first export agency ever founded in Russia. It insures export credits against commercial and political risks, along with insuring Russian investments abroad against political risks.

As for the projects of national scale, strategic importance, or those having a priority for the economy of the Russian Federation, it provides the security for the foreign contractors’ obligations by issuing independent guarantees as well as with the help of other instruments.

EXIAR works with the companies different in size and profile. Most clients/partners of the Agency fall into one of the following categories:

  • Russian exporters (major industrial enterprises and corporations, small- and medium-sized enterprises);
  • Russian and foreign financial organizations (credit institution, factor companies, lease finance providers, etc.);
  • Foreign export credit agencies and private commercial credit insurers.

  • EXIAR does not provide insurance coverage for crude oil, natural gas, and coal exports.
  • As for the projects of national scale, strategic importance, or those having a priority for the economy of the Russian Federation, the insurance coverage may reach 100%
  • EXIAR’s insurance liability is secured with a state guarantee of the Russian Federation amounting to $10 billion valid until December 31, 2032.
  • As for the export projects, EXIAR can cover up to 95% of losses associated with political risks and up to 90% of losses associated with commercial risks.


  • export credits against business (commercial) and political risks;
  • Russian investments abroad against political risks.

Business (commercial) risks:
  • debtor’s or guarantor’s default of payment (insolvency, arrears);
  • foreign contractor’s failure to perform its obligations for an insured export transaction.

Political risks:

  • changes in legislation or governmental actions preventing a foreign debtor or guarantor from fulfilling its export transaction obligations;
  • public debtor’s refusal to perform its export transaction obligations;
  • public debtor’s (guarantor’s) inability or refusal to execute a judgement at law;
  • ban on money conversion or transfer;
  • force majeure circumstances (war, public unrest, natural disasters, etc.)


  • providing insurance support for the export of Russian goods and services;
  • development of modern export funding system secured with the Agency insurance;
  • insuring Russian investments abroad;
  • providing support to the export-oriented SMEs;
  • supporting the establishment of export-oriented production in the Russian Federation


For exporters:
  • Supplier credit insurance;
  • Short-term receivable insurance;
  • Lease finance insurance.

For investors:
  • I nsurance for Russian investments abroad

For banks:
  • Buyer credit insurance;
  • Confirmed letter of credit insurance;
  • Export factoring insurance;
  • Insuring the credit for the exporter’s working capital financing;
  • Insuring credits for the establishment of export-oriented production.

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Product category: Professional institutions, Associations and organisations

Credit and Guarantee Support

State Specialized Russian Export-Import Bank (joint-stock company) is an institution providing targeted support for non-resource exports.

The activity of the bank centers around special financial offers for the parties of export transactions which allow bringing Russian products to the international market with competitive price and quality.

EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA, JSC has Ba2 Moody’s Investors Service long-term credit rating, as well as A++ RAEX (Expert Ra) individual credit rating with a stable outlook.


  • Exporters of Russian goods and services;
  • Russian producers exporting their products via trade houses and agents;
  • Foreign buyers of Russian products and goods;
  • Foreign financial institutions to boost the volume of the Russian export.


The product range offered by EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA, JSC covers all stages of the exported goods/services production and supply cycle:

  • Funding export contract expenses;
  • Funding operating costs associated with export supplies.
  • Funding the exporter’s commercial credit;
  • Funding dealings with foreign customers.
  • Direct credit for a foreign customer;
  • Funding via a confirmed letter of credit;
  • Credit for the foreign customer’s bank.


  • Borrower - importer / importer’s bank / exporter / Russian producer;
  • The Russian share in the export contract – 30% and more;
  • Amount of credit - 85 - 100% of the export contract total;
  • Currency of credit - Russian ruble or the export contract currency;
  • Credit period - up to 10 years;
  • Basic security:
EXIAR, JSC insurance coverage;
pledge of receivables for the export earnings under the export contract (commission agreement between the producer and exporter);
business owners’ guarantee.


As a part of the state high-tech export support program, EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA, JSC offers the credits at the interest rates allowing considerable extension of a company’s export potential. Credits are available in RUB, USD, and EUR.

To take advantage of the program:

1. Make sure the goods and services your company produces and exports fall in the high-tech export category (the list of high-tech products approved by Order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation No. 1809 dd. 02.07.2015);

2. Fill in the Exporter’s Profile at the web-site and attach it to the standard credit product paper package:

  • Direct credit for a foreign customer;
  • Credit for the foreign customer’s bank;
  • Funding the exporter’s commercial credit;
  • Funding dealings with foreign customers.

3. Send the package to the bank.


The Bank provides all sorts of guarantees required by the exporter to execute an export contract and fulfil its obligations under it:

  • Tender guarantees.
  • Advance chargeback guarantee.
  • Export contact performance guarantee.
  • Payment guarantee.

Major guarantee granting terms:

  • A valid export contract or valid tender documentation;
  • An account at EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA, JSC opened by the exporter;
  • Opening of the export contract transaction report form at or transferring it to EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA, JSC;
  • The limit provided should be secured in full and for the full term of validity of the guarantee.

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Product category: Professional institutions, Associations and organisations

Education & Training

Russian Expert Center Education & Training Project features the retraining courses for the regional SMEs interested in developing the export potential.


The program is divided into courses covering all spheres of export activity, which allows building systematic knowledge.

  • Introduction to export: export project lifecycle. Public support for export-oriented enterprises.
  • Business communication in export
  • Legal basics of export
  • Financial resource management for exporters
  • Export-related document management
  • Customs clearance of export operations
  • Logistics at an export company

Each REC Education & Training Project participant can study either several courses, or master the complete educational program.

Each SME representative can get additional training on export activity in a convenient form: online or full-time courses.

By 2016, full-time courses will have been available for students from thirteen regions of the Russian Federation. Full-time courses are led by the regional providers approved by the regional executive bodies to be the members of the export-supporting infrastructure and to implement the REC training programs in the region.

The training features the leading experts in the foreign economic activity as speakers, as well as analysis of real export cases, the clarifications on the existing legislation and the existing public support instruments.

Based on the course results, all students are granted a certificate on the successful completion of a REC Education & Training course.


  • Establishing universal export training standards - course program development;
  • Training the staff of the regional export-supporting entities to form a team of coaches;
  • REC certified coaches train the employees of the regional export-oriented enterprises following the REC methodology.


  • Focused on every practical aspect of export;
  • Practice oriented;
  • Different levels of knowledge, from starters to experienced students;
  • Maximum in-service training;
  • Available in all regions of Russia.

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About us

Company details

The Russian Export Center is a joint-stock company established as part of Vnesheconombank . It offers a specialised one-stop-shop for exporters, providing financial and non-financial support, and interacting with relevant ministries and agencies.

The establishment of the center was mandated by the Russian government, with the decision to institute the company taken by Vnesheconombank’s Supervisory Board on 13 April 2015.

The center was officially registered as a fully owned subsidiary of Vnesheconombank 21 April 2015.

With due consideration given to the strategic significance of the center, the Russian government designated the legal status of the center as a state export support institution in Federal Law No. 82-FZ dated 17 May 2007, “On the Bank for Development”.

On 29 June 2015, President Vladimir Putin signed a bill into law implementing the corresponding amendments to the legislation.

Following the confirmation of the center’s federal status, further work has been launched to formalise the center’s procedure for collaborating with the relevant federal executive bodies. This procedure is to be enshrined by a corresponding act of the Russian government.

As part of establishing the one-stop-shop service, the Russian Export Center will integrate the corporate aspect of Vnesheconombank Group organisations, with EXIAR and Eximbank of Russia to fall under the Center’s ownership.     


The center has been established to provide a specialised service for exporters. Its areas of expertise include export transactions, providing consultations on issues related to exports, assistance in organising exports, and providing support related to export procedures.


Among other things, the center focuses on supporting requests made by exporters working with relevant ministries, agencies and government services.


In providing non-financial assistance, the center aims to coordinate the activities of Russian trade representative offices abroad in supporting export projects.

At this initial state of the center’s development, services are provided to exporters free of charge.

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