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Centurion Scientific Ltd.

The Old Stables Church Farm, Stoughton, PO18 9JL Chichester
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Telephone +44 2392 631225
Fax +44 2392 631315

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  • 02.22  Centrifuges

Our products

Product category: Centrifuges

palmPro-CW Cell Washing Centrifuges

Complete with 12 place rotor and accessories

The Centurion Cell Washing System can simplify work & save time in the washing of blood cells for anti-globulin reagent tests and Coombs testing.

The instruments' 12 place rotor accepts both 10 x 75mm & 12 x 75mm tubes.

Being a manual cell washing system means our users can be precise and sure of exact saline amounts administered by themselves.

These machines are perfect for performing blood groupings, blood typing, cross matching, ABO compatibility, RH testing and the Coombs test procedure.

A manual cell washing cycle includes the following steps:

· Filling with saline solution
· Centrifuging at (usually) 3,500rpm for 1 minute
· Decanting the supernatant adaptors
· Re-suspending the sediment between cycles

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Product category: Centrifuges

Pro-PRP Centrifuges

PRP is produced from a persons own blood. It is a concentration of one type of cell, known as platelets, which circulate through the blood and are critical for blood clotting. Platelets and the liquid plasma portion of the blood contain many factors that are essential for the cell recruitment, multiplication and specialization that are required for healing.

Our PRP centrifuge ranges are currently used by leading specialists in all the above fields including facials/plastic surgery, sports injury specialist and leading hospitals. The unique function of the PRP system is the tube that is used. We have three machines in our range but we are not restrained by tube size or design and can easily manufacture and adaptor to fit any specific tube shape or size you require - we simply need a sample tube from you.

We understand the need for the slow speed, accurate and well separated samples and we have perfected the PRP separation to a fine art, producing fabulous samples in all our clients varying tubes with no clouding or sample mixing.

Due to the ever changing size of tubes and shape of tubes we are very versatile on what machine, rotor or adaptor we recommend. Please contact us to discuss your requirements as we can offer another centrifuge from our vast range to suit your needs.

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Product category: Centrifuges

Pro-Cyt Centrifuges

Our PrO-Cyt range are compact and practical centrifuges for small, medium and large sample volumes. Unlike others we offer you a choice of two centrifuges and each can use one of three rotors, from 4, 8 and 12 places, thus meeting your needs exactly.

These are both cost effective, yet still benefiting from the superb build quality and engineering of our ranges.

Centurion centrifuges, with their applications-oriented accessories, are proven favourites in clinical, cytology, histology and small medical laboratories. Our compact, ergonomic design; smaller dimensions, ergonomic height and curved features ensure a comfortable and efficient work space. Our centrifuges deliver optimum performance in compact units, designed for ease of use.

Quiet (below 50Db, rotor dependent ) with low heat operation noise levels have been reduced while maintaining sample integrity with good airflow.

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About us

Company details

Made in the UK & sold all over the world
Established in 1989, we are now celebrating over 27 years of success. Centurion has grown rapidly from humble beginnings, and flourished into one of the leading UK Centrifuge manufacturers. We have not forgotten our roots, with the support and success of our business partners (worldwide distributors) we have become a force to be reckoned with competing against larger multi nationals. We have done this by simply continuing our ethos of offering competitive, good quality products and offering superb customer care.

Pioneering forward in advancement of science, technology and development, C J Priestley, our CEO has designed the new Centurion range offering utter perfection, with traditional functionality and safety features – this range is truly in a league of its own. Bringing together technological and design excellence Centurion has paved the way for a new generation of Centrifuges.

Centurion's international presence is immense with distributors across the world. Our carefully selected business partners are available to give sales and technical advice and guide you in the right direction when choosing the correct Centrifuge for your needs. If you would like the contact details for your local distributor please contact our sales team on +44 (0) 2392 631225, or by emailing info@centurionscientific.co.uk

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