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SUEZ Water Purification Systems Ltd

Heartlands Business Park, 4, Lamport Drive, NN11 8YH Daventry
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Telephone +44 844 3727344
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Our range of products

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  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.03  Therapie and physical medicine
  • 01.03.01  Dialysis equipment

Our products

Product category: Dialysis equipment

Recessed renal media panel

A simple, safe and easy to use media panel for use with all dialysis machines.

Single point recessed media enclosure providing access to purified water and drain connection for dialysis machines.

Designed for installation in partition walls, box work or medical services trunking systems. Can be supplied with or without isolation valve.
  • Available with or without isolation valve
  • Removable cover plate for ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Quick-release self-sealing couplings for the feed to the dialysis machine and drain. Double drain option available
  • Can incorporate acid concentrate
  • Precision formed ABS enclosure providing an easy to clean surface
  • Safety air gap to isolate dialysis machines from the drainage system, as required by current standards

Precision formed ABS enclosure providing easy clean surface complete with stainless steel connections. Complete with matching ABS cover plate.

Connections to dialysis machines are made via self-sealing quick-release couplings. These allow hoses to be removed quickly and safely without the need to isolate the supplies.

The following items may require occasional maintenance:

  • Stainless steel self sealing couplings
  • The diaphragm valve.

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Product category: Dialysis equipment

Purified water for renal dialysis

For renal dialysis, purified water plays a major role, since more than 99% of the composition of dialysate solution is water. The quality of the purified water is directly related to the health of the patients; their blood being cleaned with up to 25,000 litres of water per year. On average, each patient on haemodialysis (HD) can be infused with as much as 3,000 to 8,000 litres of substitute per year.

To achieve the desired water quality specified for renal dialysis, several stages of treatment will be required and, depending on the location, the scope of the pre-treatment may vary considerably due to the variation in feedwater quality that can be found around the UK.

The core purification process required for producing purified water for renal dialysis is reverse osmosis (RO). Typically, single pass RO plant will meet the microbiological and mineral standards for HD. For haemodiafiltration (HDF), single pass RO systems cannot always be guaranteed to meet the more stringent microbiological standards; as a result, either double pass RO with additional ultrafiltration or sub-micron filtration should be considered when designing water treatment systems for HDF.

Double pass RO involves reprocessing the permeate from the first stage membrane through a second membrane stage. As with any RO system, maintaining the performance of the membranes is paramount and so provision of the correctly specified pre-treatment is key and is dictated by the quality of the feedwater.

In general, renal RO systems will require the incorporation of water softening to prevent membrane scaling and activated Carbon to remove free Chlorine, which at concentrations >0.1 ppm would degrade the membranes, and Chloramines, which can in trace amounts lead to a condition in renal dialysis patients referred to as haemolytic anaemia. To remove Chloramines, contact times in excess of 10 minutes are required.

It is now common practice that dialysis centres operate 24 hours per day almost 7 days per week; therefore, it is one of the key requirements that the water treatment system has 100% full redundancy with each stage of treatment being duplicated in order to maintain continuous uninterrupted flow even in the event of mechanical failure or during regeneration of the pre-treatment plant.

Another important factor to consider in the design of any renal system is disinfection. Disinfection can be achieved through the use of chemical sanitisers, such as Hydrogen Peroxide, or a Hydrogen Peroxide/Peracetic Acid mixture, or by thermal sanitisation with hot water at a temperature of between 80-90ºC. Heating of the water in the distribution system can be achieved either in-situ via the use of inline heaters or externally from a separate skid mounted heater package connected to the distribution ringmain.
SUEZ Water Purification Systems Ltd reappointed by Sunderland Royal Hospital We are delighted to be selected once again to service and maintain the specialist water treatment equipment that we have supplied to Sunderland Royal Hospital. This renews a working relationship with the renal and estates departments to provide an advanced water treatment experience in both the day centre and the admissions wards of the renal care units.

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Product category: Dialysis equipment

Water purification systems

We design, manufacture, install, service and support high performance water purification systems that add real value to industrial, healthcare and laboratory operations.
SUEZ Water Purification Systems Ltd was previously known as Purite Ltd. Although our name has changed we remain a major European manufacturer of standard and custom built water purification systems for use in laboratory, healthcare and industrial applications. Founded over 30 years ago we offer unrivalled design and engineering resources, knowledge and experience in a wide range of water purification technologies.

  • Deliver a reliable and consistent supply of water purified to required quality
  • Install ring-main or turn-key systems with range of purification technologies
  • Operate and maintain easy to use systems, engineered from decades of experience.

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Product category: Dialysis equipment

Water purification technologies

The chemical composition of potable or raw water drawn from boreholes or direct from mains supplies can vary considerably in terms of the quantity and the variety of dissolved minerals and particulate matter. Because of its variability, utilising the correct water purification techniques is essential to ensure a consistent supply of high purity or ultra-pure water.

The chemical composition of potable or raw water drawn from boreholes or direct from mains supplies can vary considerably in terms of the quantity and the variety of dissolved minerals and particulate matter. Because of its variability, utilising the correct water purification techniques is essential to ensure a consistent supply of high purity or ultra-pure water.

The impurities in water come from several different sources, and the importance of eliminating the different types of contaminant will vary depending on the specific equipment and processes. For most applications, contaminants can be divided into five main groups: ions; organic materials; bacteria; endotoxin by-products; and dissolved gases.

The required level of purity is based on the measurement approach used to determine the level of these different types of contaminants. Ions increase the ability of the water to conduct electricity, so are measured by determining the conductivity of the water. In purer water, due to the lack of ions, resistivity is used. Organic compounds are measured in terms of total oxidisable carbon (TOC). Particulates are measured by size, and quantity per millilitre (ml).

We use a wide range of proven, advanced water purification technologies in our water purification systems. Some of these are listed below – for more information or to find the best water purification system for your business and application contact us for no obligation technical advice.

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About us

Company details

SUEZ Water UK is an industrial services and solutions company specialising in securing and recovering critical water, waste and wastewater resources. In the UK we operate from multiple locations, partnering with customers in industry, utilities, facilities management, commerce, healthcare and laboratories.

In each case, we provide a unique combination of technologies, services and chemistry for the purification & disinfection, treatment and management of water and wastewater. Our goal is to help your business thrive, by providing the innovations and insight, knowledge, skills and resources that enable you to meet the challenges of today and the demands of tomorrow.

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