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Intelesens Ltd.

17 Heron Road, BT3 9LE Belfast
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Telephone +44 28 9073-6821

This company is co-exhibitor of
ABHI Association of British Healthcare Industries Ltd.

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Stephen Henderson

Commercial Manager



Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.01  Diagnostics
  • 01.01.02  Heart circulation diagnostics

Heart circulation diagnostics

Our products

Product category: Heart circulation diagnostics


Zensor, a revolutionary product which not only combines the best of both traditional Holter ECG devices and Event Monitors, but provides an unparalleled level of data quality for the remote monitoring of Cardiac conditions outside the acute setting. A discrete body worn device, Zensor is CE Marked, FDA and FCC cleared.
The system is Wi-Fi enabled.
Zensor is the only device on the market with the following vital signs in the same home monitoring device:
·         3-Lead ECG
·         Respiration
·         Motion monitoring via 3-axis accelerometer
On-Board proprietary arrhythmia algorithms for;
Atrial Fibrillation
Ventricular Fibrillation
High -and Low respiration rate alerts

The device is capable of monitoring for in excess of 32 days providing both Event and Full disclosure data.
Electrode patches
Intelesens’s patented patch based electrodes are completely unique on the market: 
Intelesens’s patented electrode design optimises signal collection and minimises artefact impact. The effect of motion artefact is one of the most commonly cited downfalls of traditional ECG and vital signs monitors. In standard Holter or Event Monitors, basic movement can significantly hamper the signal causing motion artefact, which in turn can cause false positives and false negatives. Intelesens’s electrode arrays are made from bio-compatible materials and provide significantly superior outcomes when compared with off the shelf electrodes. The end result is improved and data, for a faster more efficient diagnosis and a higher quality monitoring period.
The adhesive foam provides a strong, flexible and safe connection between the patient and the sensors. It keeps the hydrogel in place, so when the patient is ambulatory, there is a strong electrode – skin interface with minimal motion artefact. The electrodes can be worn for between 3 - 7 days, depending on the patient activity, climatic conditions and skin type.

Event Reporting and Full Disclosure
Zensor has combined the best features of both Event monitors and Holter monitors.   The event data, captured either by the embedded algorithms (for asymptomatic patients) or by patient activation, is sent to our dedicated cloud based platform via Wi-Fi (zensor online platform) and can be viewed from any internet enabled device with the secure login information, typically within 1 minute of the event, while every heartbeat, breath and step is captured throughout the full duration of the monitoring period. This full disclosure data is downloadable via USB for later download (zensor+ platform). 

Zensor has replaceable rechargeable batteries that the patient can easily replace unlike other more complicated systems. A fully charged battery will last for approximately 27 hours with full functionality enabled.

zensor displays motion next to the ECG for context around patient activity and events.  The 3-axis accelerometer displays data on the X, Y, and Z planes.  It is on a +/-2g scale which is standard for body worn devices. 

Data can be exported into CSV from Zensor online, for external use of the data (outside Zensor online and Zensor+)
The device has been integrated into a variety of end user platforms for use with clients technologies.
In addition, bespoke PDF reports can be produced from the full disclosure software; Zensor+, to print, save or email and both daily and weekly reports can be produced of the events detected and viewed remotely through Zensoronline.
The system is easily applied to the body by a nurse or indeed the patient themselves with a very limited amount of training.

Here is a video that demonstrates the easy application of this technology;

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