Beijing AK Medical Co., Ltd. of Beijing at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Beijing AK Medical Co., Ltd.

2nd Floor, Xingye Mansion, No. 10 Baifuquan Road, Changping Dist., 102200 Beijing
China, People’s Republic

Telephone +86 10 80109581
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This company is co-exhibitor of
Messe Duesseldorf China Ltd.

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MEDICA 2017 hall map (Hall 7, level 1): stand B11

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MEDICA 2017 fairground map: Hall 7, level 1

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.05  Walking and mobility aids
  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.05  Walking and mobility aids
  • 04.05.03  Aids for walking and standing, and other aids

Our products

Product category: Walking and mobility aids, Aids for walking and standing, and other aids

A3 Primary Total Knee System

  • A3 fix bearing knee system is to provide sufficient articular surface and proper patella tracking as well as rotational freedom to accommodate deep knee flexion up to 145 degree;
  • 12 Femoral sizes and 13 tibial sizes provide the best fitting combination;
  • Ingenuity curvature design makes sure that any sizes of femoral condyle and tibial insert matches with each other;
  • Deep and extended patella groove improves the patella trackability;
  • Bolt-locking mechanism gives loosening zero chance;

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Product category: Walking and mobility aids, Aids for walking and standing, and other aids

Revision Total Knee Replacement

  • ACCK is intended for patients who, in the surgeon's judgment, require additional prosthetic stabilization due to inadequate mediolateral, anteroposterior, and varus/valgus ligament function, and require augmentation and/or stem extensions due to inadequate bone stock; 
  • For use when both cruciate ligaments are excised and when greater varus/valgus constraint is required;
  • ACCK can be used with augments and stem extensions, provides for personalized patient care by allowing a custom-fit of the femoral, tibial and patellar components independently, thus addressing the largest possible percentage of the population;
  • High flexion up to 145 degree;
  • Intraoperative flexibility with cylinder and offset extension stem;
  • Ingenuity curvaturedesign make sure any size of femoral implant fits with any size of tibial insert;
  • Individual femoral and tibial augments with two different thicknesses;
  • Bolt-Locking mechanism gives losening zero Chances.

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Product category: Walking and mobility aids, Aids for walking and standing, and other aids

Femoral Components

  • Double-taper design philosophy provides natural compressive forces to help ensure that the implant is firmly seated and wedged within the cement mantle;
  • Polished surface designed to work in conjunction with taper geometry to enhance stem stability;
  • Polished, tapered design intended to stabilize through controlled subsidence in the first 12 to 24 months.

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Product category: Walking and mobility aids, Aids for walking and standing, and other aids



  • CoCrMo Alloy Cup and UHMWPE Liner;
  • Patent locking mechanism ensures easy femoral; head installation and prevents dislocation.

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Product category: Walking and mobility aids, Aids for walking and standing, and other aids

AK-SR Femoral Stem

  • AK-SR is modular and therefore very versatile, it provides a single systems approach to Primary THR, Complex primary (DDH), Revision, Tumours;
  • Coronal slot design reduces distal stiffness of stem and reduces effect of modulus mismatch, the design also reduces incidence of thigh pain /fracture;
  • Calcar replacement allows treatment of bone loss to below the level of the lesser trochantery;
  • AK-SR Stem length along with the secure fit of the taper design and the torsionally resistant ribs provide firm fixation to the healthy bone distal to the original prosthetic bed.

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About us

Company details

Beijing AKEC Medical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AK Medical) was established in 2003. AK Medical is focusing on orthopaedic industry and specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and sale of artificial joint prosthesis and its complete set of surgical instruments. In the past 10 years we had insisted on deferring to the company values - “RISK” and carrying out our promise of providing superior services which beyond the expectation of all customers. Hitherto more than 180,000 AK Medical’s prostheses have been implanted domestically and overseas. Every 15mins one of our prosthesis would be implanted into patient. So far, AK Medical has become one of the largest joint prosthesis manufacturer among domestic companies.

AK Medical regards the product innovation as the core. Every year 1 to 2 new products would be launched on the market. Rely on this innovation speed we had already built series of product lines which are specifically tread various diseases from primary Arthroplasty, serious deformity and complex lesions to revision Arthroplasty.

In the aspect of product innovation 3D printing technology is creating the new orthopaedic world. AK Medical as the pioneer of 3D printing technology in China has already made the new breakthrough. The worldwide very first atlas tumor resection surgery was successfully done by using our 3D printing products. This milestone event was interviewed and reported one of another by mainstream media including CCTV and Reuters.

While the realizing of economic effects AK Medical would like to carry more social responsibilities on our own shoulder. Donations during catastrophic WenChuan and YuShu earthquakes, Products Free-offering to patients who come from impoverished mountainous area in XinJiang, ShanXi, GanSu etc. Remove patient’s pain and keep them walking are our sincere wishes.

AK Medical keeps “strive for improving hundred millions of patients’ life quality” as our mission and takes “overturn the poor image of Chinese products, to become a respected world-class medical enterprise” as our vision. Based on the artificial joint business we will rapidly expand into other orthopaedic areas, as rolling wheels keep moving forward.

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