Chensin Packing Industry Co., Ltd of New Taipei City at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

Chensin Packing Industry Co., Ltd

No. 7, Lane 33, Dapu Road, Sanxia Dist., 23742 New Taipei City
Telephone +886 2 86715371
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Medical Services and Publications
  • 07.05  In-patient and out-patient care
  • 07  Medical Services and Publications
  • 07.05  In-patient and out-patient care
  • 07.05.02  Hospitals

Our products

Product category: In-patient and out-patient care, Hospitals

Silicone Foam Wound Dressing

  1. Soft and low adherent silicone is suitable for moist wound and it maintains a moist wound environment.
  2. It provides long wear time and is painless on removal
  3. The transparent polyurethane film is designed for moisture and bacteria proof. And it is allowing optimal moisture vapour transmission

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Product category: In-patient and out-patient care, Hospitals

Hydrocolloid Dressing

Airpore™ hydrocolloid foam dressing can use on necrotic, sloughy, granulating and epithelial wounds as well as any wide range of wounds, such as leg ulcers, pressure sores, burns and abrasions. Airpore™ hydrocolloid foam dressing absorbs fluids, and when this happens the physical state of the dressing changes to form a gel. They are capable of absorbing low-to-moderate amounts of exudates depends on presentation. The thickness of the Airpore™ hydrocolloid foam dressing can enlarge to 10 times. The breathable outer film layer provides a consistently high rate of moisture vapor transmission.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Fast healing of the wound area.
  • Painless during change of the dressing.
  • They may be worn in the bath or shower.
  • Hydrocolloids are suitable to use in various areas and, because the whole dressing is adhesive, they can be cut and shaped to fit in awkward places.
  • Airpore™ hydrocolloid foam dressing presentation, competitive absorbent, semitransparent and very flexible.
  • The dressings may be left in place for three to seven days.
  • CS hydrocolloid used on minimally to moderately exuding superficial or partial thickness wounds to encourage autolysis and absorb excess fluid forming a gel at the wound surface.
  • CS hydrocolloid dressing used prophylactically in the protection of new epithelial tissue or over bony prominences. It held in suspension in water and may also contain polysaccharides, proteins and adhesives.
  1. Clean the wound area with water.
  2. Dry the pat area.
  3. Remove the PE release paper then apply the hydrocolloid foam on the wound area.

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Product category: In-patient and out-patient care, Hospitals

Surgical Tape (Non-Woven Tape)

Product Feature
  • Soft and Comfortable: It's comfortable when sticking, but easy to rip and won't hurt the sufferer.
  • High Ventilation: Coated by super-thin non-woven cloth and super-thin adhesive. The tape is distributed by spiracles to ventilate.
  • Low Irritable: Made by low-irritable Acrylic Based. Comfortable and won't irritate patient's skin.
  • High Adhesion: Designed for medical treatment. Available for wrapping and fixing. Low irritability, good suitability,no residual glue, no harmful to skin and good air permeability. It makes skin breathe freely.
  • Repeatable: Perfectly good fit. It won't fall off easily even if be used repeatable.
  • Economical: Reasonable price.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Guaranteed by TUV, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CE Mark and GMP.

  • To Wrap on Dressing: Available for wrapping normal dressing and fixing.
  • To Fix the Cotton Spacer and the Dressing: Available for wrapping or fixing normal cotton spacer and the dressing.Easy to fix gauze.
  • To Fix the Syringe Needle of the Intravenous Drip: Available for fixing normal syringe needle and infusion tube.
  • To Wrap and Stick: The most common tape for medical treatment.

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About us

Company details

CHENSIN was founded in 1990, was professionally manufactured non-woven double sided tape, foam tape and all kinds of industrial tapes. CHENSIN observed the trends of bio-technology in 1995, then started to develop all kinds of surgical tapes in 1997. In Taiwan CHENSIN marketed by its private brand label named CS AirporeTM Surgical tape for hospitals and dispensaries and set up the equipments specially for producing 30 million surgical tapes per year. The capacity is enlarging annually. Now CHENSIN is also OEM for many chain stores around the world. Now it launches quality CS AirporeTM tape, which has gradually been promoted to different chain stores, pharmacies, and hospitals in Taiwan and also world wide. To fully supply the market and expand the export market, CHENSIN expanded its factory by purchasing one five-story building and adding gluing and rolling machines to specially engage in the local sale and export of CS AirporeTM tape.CHENSIN also professionally manufactures Silicone Foam Dressing, Silicone Net Wound Dressing, Silicone Gel Sheeting for scar care and also Silicone tape for sensitive skin users. We manufacture high quality and durable SILICONE TAPE with perforated.

CHENSIN SURGICAL TAPE as named as medical tape. It is a tape of pressure-sensitive tape. It is used in medicine and first aid to hold a bandage or other dressing onto a wound. CHENSIN Tape is coated with hypoallergenic adhesive. They are also allowing air to reach the skin.

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