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Product category: Individual and specified hormones

High-sensitivity rat mAbs against Aflatoxin

Aflatoxins are a worldwide health problem as many as 5 billion persons may be exposed. Children are particularly affected by aflatoxin exposure, which leads to stunted growth, delayed development, liver damage and liver cancer. Adults have a higher tolerance but are also at risk. Aflatoxins have a negative economic impact on agriculture through reduced marketing options for crops and adverse health effects on livestock. Losses due to aflatoxins annually cost $ 900 million in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand alone.

Rat mAb displays a better affinity than the mouse one. Actually, 50% of ELISA signal is lost at a 60 ng/ml dilution for MA-afla, whereas for the LOU-afla mAb the signal loss occurs at 15 ng/ml.

Competitive assay shows that rat mAb has a better sensitivity than the mouse mAb for free aflatoxin.

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Product category: Individual and specified hormones

First anti-PTM DNA mAb on the market!

The histone H3 of certain tumors is methylated at the level of a lysine in an area which is highly conserved and identical in humans and mice.

Volition company initially worked with a polyclonal but with the specificity problems that this entails. After several unsuccessful attempts to obtain a monoclonal antibody directed against this methylated lysine in mice and rabbits, Volition then entrusted this work to Synabs to try to obtain a monoclonal in rat species.

Final obtained rat mAbs make the difference between methylated and non-methylated lysine on histone DNA.

An immuno-assay has been consequently developed under NuQ brand and is now marketed.

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Product category: Individual and specified hormones

Anti-IL34 mAb: from Preclinical to Clinical

Interleukin-34 is a cytokine of 213 amino-acid activating macrophages. Our partner wished to develop an anti human IL-34 and evaluate its therapeutic effect in inflammatory processes.

In this context, we've been able to develop a specific mouse monoclonal antibody to human IL- 34. Tested in vitro, some of these antibodies have shown interesting inhibitory effects, but before starting the in vivo human trials, our partner wanted to develop in vivo tests in mice.

SynAbs & RD-Biotech have used their unique know-how to develop rat monoclonal antibodies anti mouse IL-34. This approach was really tricky as the sequence homology between IL-34 mouse and the one of the rat is more than 96 % !

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Product category: Individual and specified hormones

Unique innovative anti-peptides mAbs

Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage that cushions the ends of bones in your joints gradually deteriorates. In osteoarthritis, the slick surface of the cartilage becomes rough. The disease is a degenerative one that worsens over time. Joint pain and stiffness may become severe enough to make daily tasks difficult.

Artialis has been able to identify innovative biomarkers involved into osteoarthritis and wishes to generate high-affinity mAbs against specific section: 9 amino acid sequence which comes from the type II collagen.

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Product category: Individual and specified hormones

Anti-Staph aureus & Strepto. B mAbs

taphylococcus aureus is a type of bacteria that about 30% of people carry in their noses. Most of the time, staph does not cause any harm, however staph can cause infections. Approaches to detect MRSA include culture methods and molecular techniques.

S. agalactiae is a gram-positive coccus with a tendency to form chains, beta-haemolytic, catalase negative, and facultative anaerobe.
Methods to detect GBS are based on nucleic acid amplification test and hybridation probes.

Coris Bioconcept is active into rapid diagnostic tests based on immunochromatography technology and wanted to develop sandwich ELISA immuno-assay.

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About us

Company details

SynAbs was set up in September 2015 out of Professor Pierre Gianello’s experimental surgery laboratory (CHEX) in order to develop greater expertise in the production of monoclonal antibodies, essentially of rats but also of mice. The UCL spin-off was set up as a result of coordinated action by the laboratory, the Louvain Technology Transfer Office (LTTO), Wallonia Biotech Coaching and a French group, Biotech Investissement (which owns RD Biotech and Diaclone).

 The equity investment by Biotech Investissement (based in Besançon, France) was decisive in validating the business plan. This group provides services to biopharmaceutical companies and produces custom monoclonal antibodies. The complementary nature of the two entities, SynAbs and Biotech Investissement, will make it possible to consolidate SynAbs’s activity in Belgium and to expand its sales network in France and the Netherlands. This partnership, the key element in setting up the spin-off, was also possible thanks to the partnership between the LTTO and Wallonia Biotech Coaching (WBC), the incubator for life sciences in Wallonia. Thanks to WBC, the SynAbs project has benefited from the CxO measure for «orphan» projects which meant that a business mentor could be recruited for the final phases of setting up the company. The work by Didier Argentin, the business mentor assigned by WBC to SynAbs and now the CEO of the spin-off, was decisive in establishing the collaboration with Biotech Investissement.

SynAbs SA is currently involved in the production of rat monoclonal antibodies, serving CROs (mAb and custom immunoassays) and with a product catalogue (more than a hundred secondary anti-immunoglobulins) has gained strong international recognition which its founders (Pierre Gianello, Yannick Nizet and Didier Argentin) wish to increase further.

Thanks to its 6 scientists led by their CSO Yannick Nizet, PhD, as well as the broad biotechnology support offered by its sister companies Rd-Biotech and Diaclone, France, SynAbs can indeed present a one-stop-shop portfolio of services, covering the antigen synthesis and the hapten-carriers chemistry, through the parallel immunisation of mice, rats and guinea pigs, up to the custom generation and manufacturing of gram levels of these mouse, rat and guinea pigs monoclonal antibodies.

 This unique triple immunisation platform enables SynAbs to increase the probability getting the unique monoclonal you’re looking for, and therefore maximizes the success rate of our clients !

SynAbs currently has 130 m2 of production laboratories and expects to generate earnings of 1 million euro in the short term. 
Discover the brand new company presentation of SynAbs entitled « Driving the monoclonal antibody innovation for the In-Vitro Diagnostic and Biopharmaceutical R&D markets » as well as our first press release in English, French and Dutch.

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