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DiaServe Laboratories GmbH

Seeshaupter Str. 27, 82393 Iffeldorf
Telephone +49 8856 803605
Fax +49 8856 803607

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Diagnostics
  • 03.01  Clinical chemistry
  • 03.01.11  Controls / Standards / Calibrators clinical chemistry

Our products

Product category: Controls / Standards / Calibrators clinical chemistry


Here you will find our products, divided into areas of application.
Multi-testing of clinical chemistry
In order to guarantee the highest standards of safety and quality, our plasma raw materials used for the manufacturing of testing controls/calibrators based on human sera, originate exclusively from Central European blood donation services.

Our range of products covers the multi-testing of clinical chemistry with up to 70 analytes. The selection and concentration of individual analyte is conducted according to the client’s specification. Our products are available in liquid and freeze-dried form.

New products are subjected to internal qualification and validation procedures, from the prototype development stage to the manufacturing and delivery of the final product.

All controls are manufactured and supplied according to the client’s specification.
Parameters are then set and added according to the client’s specification: normal, decision and pathological level. On request, we can also supply small batches of good quality and with short delivery times. Our products display consistently long durability.

  • Chemistry Controls
  • Lipid Controls
  • Cardiac Marker Controls
  • Protein Controls
  • Electrophoresis Controls
  • Hormone Controls
  • Tumor Marker Controls
  • TDM Controls
  • Tailor made Single controls

Blood testing
For diabetes diagnostics, the following further tests are offered, on a whole blood basis, in liquid and freeze-dried form:
  • Hb-Controls
  • HbA1c-Controls
Plasma testing
Our product range also includes freeze-dried plasma controls and calibrators for coagulation testing.

Urine testing
In order to live up to our claim that we supply a comprehensive range of Clinical chemistry control materials, we manufacture:

  • Dipstick Controls
  • Lyophilized Urine Controls
As a raw material matrix for manufacturing, human urine donations from medically monitored employees are used.

For the described control serum products, corresponding calibrators are also available.

Furthermore, we provide the opportunity to trace certain calibrator and control sera values to international reference values, via the supply of master calibrators and verification panels (traceability).

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Product category: Controls / Standards / Calibrators clinical chemistry


  • Human Blood, Serum, Plasma
  • Human Disease-State-Plasma
  • Further Disease-State-Plasma

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Product category: Controls / Standards / Calibrators clinical chemistry


You supply the human material of your choice and we will process it further for you.
Our service: further processing
As well as a certified laboratory, our knowledge and experience is also used by clients for the processing of human blood products.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.

  • Bottling and Lyo
  • Defibrination
  • Delipidation
  • Filtration
  • Sterile filtration

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About us

Company details


High quality is the final result of ambitious goals, expert knowledge, optimized processes and precise execution.

Safety, quality and continuous improvement are the top priorities for all diaserve employees. This is how we work together to fulfil requirements, satisfy our clients and maintain long-lasting customer relations.

Ours is a mindset that Diaserve clients have valued for over 15 years, because it makes us a reliable partner of customised human control sera and calibrators.”

Moreover, services or products we offer range from human blood and urine samples to fully processed and freeze-dried human based products.

How we work:
  • Careful selection and qualification of suppliers
  • Raw materials qualification and incoming testing
  • Fully internal ownership of the manufacturing steps
  • Close collaboration with renowned institutes and leading suppliers
  • Internal processes managed by highly expert staff
  • The highest batch-to-batch quality and consistency
  • ISO 13485 certification

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