Global Medikit Limited of Delhi at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

Global Medikit Limited

3, Dr. G.C. Narang Dehli, 110 007 Delhi
Telephone +91 91 27667888
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MEDICA 2017 hall map (Hall 7a): stand E11

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MEDICA 2017 fairground map: Hall 7a

Our products

Product category: Catheters

Thoracic catheter

  • Suitable for effective drainage after Cardio-Thoracic & thoracic Surgery.
  • Atraumatic & rounded open distal end with smooth eyes.
  • With radio-opaque line and marking at every 2 cm from the last eye.
  • Length 45 Cm
  • Sizes: 16,20,24,28,32 & 36 FG
  • Soft, frosted and kink resistant PVC Tubing -Matching size connector for easy connection to the drainage system.
  • Proximal end is fitted with pull through tapered tongue.

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Product category: Catheters

Silicon Foley Catheter

Catheter made of 100% medical grade silicon to enhance the longevity of the catheter inside the body.

  • Silicon catheter can be kept in-situ for upto 12 weeks. Non-stick surface of silicon makes it highly resistant to encrustation.
  • Maximum softness and biocompatibility for enhance patient comfort.
  • Available as 2-way and 3-way.

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Product category: Catheters

Latex Foley Catheter

Catheter to provide drainage of urine from the bladder.

  • Catheter has main shaft and a connector with a side arm (one or two) and has a close end with 2 lateral holes.
  • The side arm has an inflation lumen which is used to inflate the bulb with sterile water to retain the catheter in bladder. Non-return valve of catheter intended for filling of balloon by needleless Syringe.
  • Pediatric Foley catheter (Ch 6  Ch 10) has an introducer for easing of its injection.
  • Made up of high quality medical grade latex which provides for smooth atraumatic insertion and enhanced patient comfort.
  • Comes as 2-way or 3-way design. 3-way design helps in irrigation of bladder and sometimes for therapeutic instillation.
  • Colour coded for easy identification.
  • Sterile, for single use only.

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Product category: Catheters

Central Venous Catheter (Catheter through Catheter technique)

Peripherally inserted Single Lumen Central Venous Catheter.

  •  For long term venous access, central venous pressure (CVP) monitoring,
  • infusion of irritant medication, temporary pacing, hemodialysis/ plasmapheresis etc.
  • Specially coated, flexible polyurethane catheter.
  • Removable stylet adds rigidity to the catheter during insertion.
  • Extremely bio-compatible, soft and knik resistant catheter.
  • Thromboresistant and fat resistant.
  • Full length, four radio-opaque lines for accurate radiographic detection.
  • Insertion depth marking every 5 cm to determine exact catheter position.
  • Smooth tip aids atraumatic insertion.

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Product category: Catheters

Double Lumen Central Venous Catheter (Seldinger technique)

Centrally inserted, double lumen central venous catheter.

  • For administration of hyperosmolar solutions, measuring CVP, haemodialysis, plasmapheresis, rapid infusion of fluid among other uses.
  • Acent provides the benefit of polyurethane catheter which is soft, kink resistant, extremely biocompatible with excellent wear properties and elastic memory.
  • Two separate non-communicating vascular access lumens within a single catheter body.
  • Proximal lumen for blood sampling, medications and blood administration.
  • Distal lumen for CVP monitoring, blood administration and medication.
  • Reduces the necessity for multiple venipunctures.
  • Exit ports of individual lumens are separated by appropriate distance in proportion to the catheter’s French size.
  • Coaxial catheter design maximizes inner diameter of central lumen for high flow capacity.
  • Disposable, sterile and non-pyrogenic.
  • Sealed blister packing.

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About us

Company details

With more than 25 years in manufacturing and marketing critical care products across 65 countries, Global Medikit consistently provides practical solutions to healthcare problems. We identify need gaps and create new service touch points by pioneering innovative medical disposables for your needs.

Why our customers always stay with us?
We believe in fostering relationships with a lasting impact and recognize customer satisfaction as integral to the larger business cycle. It inspires us to adopt a more customer-centric approach in our deliverable management processes and thereby acquire, retain, and grow our business. Above all, it enables our customers to put their faith in us and create bonds that develop into lasting relationships over the long haul.

Our USP: Painless patient experience
We develop painless solutions that define a better approach towards diagnosis and treatment in hospitals. Our patient friendly state of the art devices guide medical professionals to deliver a painless experience to patients.

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