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6F Tradepia Yodoyabashi, 2-5-8 Imabashi, Chuo-ku, 541-0042 Osaka
Telephone +81 6 6229-9550
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This company is co-exhibitor of
Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.09  Hospital and Care equipment
  • 01.09.02  Ward equipment and apparatus
  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.09  Hospital and Care equipment
  • 01.09.02  Ward equipment and apparatus
  •  Patient lifting systems

Patient lifting systems

Our products

Product category: Ward equipment and apparatus, Patient lifting systems

Robohelper SASUKE

For All Care Receivers and Care WorkersGentle Nursing Care & Security
Robohelper SASUKE makes transfer aid to and from bed to wheelchair easy.

The next generation in robotic nursing care, Robohelper SASUKE designed by the world-renowned designer Toshiyuki Kita was created with the concept of “More attention to gentle nursing care and security for all care receivers and care workers” in mind.
Integrating with our modern living styles, this new product will bring about next generation in nursing care.

Just like being carried up gently in both arms, SASUKE is capable of lifting the care receiver directly off the bed from underneath the sheet, while bearing its whole weight.
Because maneuvering is possible for any posture, from recumbent to sitting positions, it can be used for wide variations of wheelchairs. Deep sitting position is attained from the first care, thus greatly reducing the stress of having to adjust correct positions after transfer.

  • With “Haptic Interface” technology, maneuvers are simple and instinctive as turning the levers towards the direction you want to move.
  • Its arms can swing and rotate bilaterally to neatly adjust to any optimum seating posture.
The arms can also be raised and lowered to adjust to any height of various beds and wheelchairs.
  • By adoption of the battery pack, the maneuvers are freely mobile and cordless.

For the care receiver:

  • Body weight is evenly dispersed onto special sheet for comfort
  • Stable transfer with minimum swaying 
  • No assembling of equipments required above the head/body for sense of security from non-obstructive peripheral vision
For the worker:

  • Great reduction of stress and burden to the hip and back
  • Instinctive and simple maneuvering and handling
  • Stability in keeping optimum posture, from sleeping to sitting
  • Compatible with wide variations of wheelchairs
  • Transfer aid operable even by single person with little strength

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Product category: Ward equipment and apparatus


Gearbox series with the COOL MUSCLE (Cool Muscle Gear) of maximize performance. It' s greater availability of using these gears with compact, high torque, high accuracy, quick delivery and low cost for your system design.
The Gearbox is made by Apex Dynamics.

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Product category: Ward equipment and apparatus


The Integrated Servo Actuator series with the COOL MUSCLE!
About 700 types of actuators can be combined easily with each other to form an ideal system. The Intelligent AC Servo Actuator provides an astonishing compactification, a simple system and low cost solution.

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Product category: Ward equipment and apparatus

RL-T Rodless actuator

Low price, Ball screw, SRS type LM guide with ball retainer .

  • Maximum laod(kg) : 5,10,8,16
  • Stroke(mm) : 50~600 50jump
  • Positioning accuracy repeatabillty : ±0.02
  • Rated speed(mm/sec) : 600,300

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Product category: Ward equipment and apparatus

RD-T Rod Actuator

Low price, Ball screw, Lubricous equipment QZ.

  • Rated force(N): 34,67,123
  • Stroke(mm) : 50~300 50jump
  • Positioning accuracy repeatabillty : ±0.02
  • Rated speed(mm/sec) : 600

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Product category: Ward equipment and apparatus

RK-T High ridgity actuator

The integrated a LM linear guide and ball screw, high precision type.

  • Rated force(N): 310~820
  • Stroke(mm) : 41.5~511.5
  • Positioning accuracy repeatabillty : ±0.01
  • (Optional : ±0.005,±0.003mm is available as option.)

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About us

Company details

Established 1988 May 26 Muscle was established with a dream of an engineer to do a work that is helpful for people, a work that makes ourselves and other people happy and a work that contributes to people’s happiness. 6 years later, we were approved as a receiver of investment trust from Osaka Research and Development company association. In the 10th year, we succeeded in the development of product that was approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and started exporting medical devices to a big medical company in the USA. Although we are small, we specialize in being a brain power that has high level technology and sales force. On the other hand we are taking an active role as a fabless company outsourcing manufacturing to world class companies. With a basic policy that the existence value for Muscle is to achieve what other companies cannot do, we have obtained numerous patents and know-how, making us a fast growing company.

For example, nursing-care robots embody a straightforward expression of Muscle’s approach. These robots are easy on both the person giving care and the person receiving it. ROBOHELPER SASUKE , which was given the optimal shape for the required functionality, helps move patients from a bed to a wheelchair in response to the most common request from healthcare and nursing care workers. The development of nursing-care robots is currently attracting significant attention in Japan, where it has been identified as part of the national growth strategy. Going forward, Muscle technologies that reduce the burden on people will transform the nursing-care industry. The point of departure for all of these efforts is kindness to people.

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