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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Diagnostics
  • 03.01  Clinical chemistry
  • 03.01.17  Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

Our products

Product category: Body Composition Analysis (BCA)


  • ✔ Instant display of body composition indices
    ✔ Optimization of patient care support
    ✔ Quantification of patient care effectiveness
    Z Metrics provides clinicians with effective patient assessment of body indicators enabling them to better
    monitor patient progress and provide intervention when needed as:
    ✔ In Nephrology clinicians can better gauge ‘dry weight’ settings helping with the treatment of sarcopenia,
    osteoporosis and malrnutrition.
    ✔ In Oncology clinicians can better deal with toxicity prevention, treating sarcopenia, osteoporosis and
    ✔ Nutritionally clinicians can help with the treatment of sarcopenia, osteoporosis and malnutrition.
    Body composition indices also facilitate improved correlation between food nutrition and patient’s body
    ✔ In Cardiology clinicians can counteract oedema with accurate diuretic treatment, along with the
    treatment of sarcopenia, osteoporosis and malnutrition.

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Product category: Body Composition Analysis (BCA)


With use Z-Metrix® enhances your interpretation skills of relevant diagnostic indicators providing :
1 - Improve diagnostic interpretation of the validated indices data
2 - Optimize advice to your patients / clients
3 - Quantify and measure the effectiveness of patient care
With repeated measurements you will find that the accurate and reliable results provide confidence in result interpretation, in offering patient life style recommendations and nutritional advise


Z-Metrix® has proven to be of immense value to top performing athletes as its accurate and repeatable results
reflect the level of cellular performance , general health and wellbeing of the athlete.
✔ Coach and Athletes will now know how to optimize training and therefore performance
✔ Z-Metrix® with ongoing monitoring of an athlete provides information with respect to the type and duration of their training
✔ Ongoing monitoring facilitates a closer interaction between coach and athlete.


Z-Metrix® is a motivational tool that provides the user with a new and better understanding of how their bodies work and how subtle changes can bring performance dividends
✔ Management now have a powerful tool to help motivate and change the way athletes think, act and perform
✔ Due to reliability and accuracy results are dependable
✔ The success of changes can now be quantified and altered where necessary
✔ With better performance coach input has now added importance and value to the team

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About us

Company details

BioparHom, is a French and innovative company in the field of bioimpedance . Through our technique and significant investments in research and development, our impedancemeters are among the most reliable and most accurate devices in the world.

Our devices can be used in these applications :

  • Analysis of body composition : tissue , fluid and metabolic
  • Monitoring of the person who wants to lose weight,
  • Monitoring of the non professionnal and high-level athlete,
  • All medical applications (sarcopenia , malnutrition, dehydration … )

With its expertise, Bioparhom can offer :

  • Control and quality of the measurements
  • Aid to interpretation of all indicators
  • Nutritionnal and physical activity recommandation

BioparHom’s technology has the medical CE certification. (IIA)

We have several hundred users and around 100.000 measured people in Europe.

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