Medical Wire & Equipment Co, Ltd. of Corsham, Wiltshire at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Medical Wire & Equipment Co, Ltd.

Leafield Industrial Estate, SN13 9RT Corsham, Wiltshire
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 1225 810361
Fax +44 1225 810153

This company is co-exhibitor of
Gambica Association Limited

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MEDICA 2017 hall map (Hall 3A): stand 3AD10-2

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MEDICA 2017 fairground map: Hall 3A

Our products

Product category: Bacteriology

Flocked Swabs

These flocked swabs have improved absorption and release and are the new generation of flocked swabs on the market, called: Purflock® Ultra and HydraFlock®.

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Product category: Bacteriology

Culture swabs liquid: ∑-Transwab®

Liquid culture swabs from MWE called ∑-Transwab® are liquid culture swabs for automated and conventional processing of swab specimens.

This new specimen collection device which is M40-A Compliant, incorporates a screw cap tube and Liquid Transport Medium. The specimen is collected using ∑-Swab®, an open celled, polyurethane foam-tipped swab which allows complete flow through of reagents and micro-organisms. The specimen is then placed into the tube of liquid medium for transportation to the laboratory.

The micro-organisms in the specimen are dispersed through the medium, producing a uniform suspension ready for use, either conventionally or on an automatic specimen processing platform, or direct with many rapid molecular tests currently available. 

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Product category: Bacteriology

Transport swabs: Microbiology swabs

Transport swabs and microbiology swabs: A mix of throat swabs, pertusis swabs, culture swabs, charcoal swabs, nasopharyngeal swabs with amies transport medium.  Transwab® from MWE is the world's first commercial self-contained gel transport swab for aerobes and anaerobes, and still the leader for reliable collection and transport of microbiological specimens.

M40-A Compliant Amies medium with inorganic buffer ensures maintenance of microorganisms without overgrowth. The open weave rayon bud is non-toxic and allows best specimen uptake and release, particularly for microorganisms There is a choice of shaft; straight plastic for most specimens whilst the duo allows multiple body site sampling, e.g. for MRSA, or for additional near patient testing. Straight and flexible twisted wire shafts are appropriate for urethral and nasopharyngeal sampling. Colour coded caps allow easy matching of swab to specimen type.

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Product category: Bacteriology

Foam swabs: ∑-Swab® range

Foam swabs offered through MWE's ∑-Swab® range which features foam swab with a special polyurethane foam swab tip (standard or ENT).

Studies have shown that a dry polyurethane, foam tipped swab can be used for the transport of many micro-organisms including bacteria, fungi, viruses and mycoplasma. It is particularly useful for MRSA screening, with good recovery and no overgrowth.

The soft foam bud is more comfortable for patients, and has significant advantages for both conventional and molecular methods.

The standard version has a normal sized bud, suitable for general purpose swabbing such as wounds, skin, mouth, nose and throat. The fine tip version (Mini Sigma-Swab®) has a narrow shaft and is suited for urethral and nasopharyngeal sampling.

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Product category: Bacteriology

Dry swabs: Cotton swabs, Rayon swabs, Dacron swabs

A complete range of dry swabs including cotton swabs, rayon swabs, dacron swabs in different sizes, and formats to suit most applications.

First select the swab shaft which can be standard plastic, fine plastic (very flexible and doesn’t break readily), straight wire (urethral) and fine twisted wire (paediatric and nasopharyngeal). Next the swab bud. For most clinical applications rayon, polyester, or polyurethane* are recommended. For some applications buds of calcium alginate, albumin coated, or cotton may be specified. Finally select the most appropriate presentation which is generally the swab in a labelled tube.  If the tube is not required, most swab types can be supplied sterile in individual peel pouches, or even in bulk packaging.

*For swabs with open-celled polyurethane foam buds, see Sigma Dry.

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About us

Company details

A history of service

MWE was created in 1952 and has recently celebrated 60 years of trading - today we are acknowledged as the market leader in our field.

Stanley Broggio, the founder of MWE, started the company is his own garden shed with the production of wire swabs and general laboratory components. The company quickly went from strength to strength and moved to new premises during the 1960’s to accommodate the production of a growing range - which included the world’s first range of individually packed sterile swabs. In 1975 the ground breaking innovation of the Transwab® revolutionised the industry; an innovation which is still heralded as the industry standard across the globe.

Innovative solutions

MWE have continued to trade and grow successfully throughout the decades, despite economic downturn and a changing market. New product launches such as Virocult®, Sigma-Swab® (∑-Swab®), Polywipe™ and Rapid Test Strips™ have ensured a leading market share in the field of laboratory solutions and the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Today MWE produces in excess of 100 million medical devices per annum, and has an extensive network of global distributers working on their behalf. Their Transwab® range is recognised as the market leading product of choice and their portfolio of products and prestigious clients continues to grow.

All clinical Transwab® products comply with the CLSI standard M40-A (for the Quality Control of Microbiology Specimen Transport Devices).

Medical Wire's clinical products are CE-marked as medical devices (up to Class IIa) or in vitro medical devices, manufactured to ISO 13485:2003. Where appropriate, they are registered with the United States FDA. All of our clinical and non-clinical products are also manufactured to ISO 9001:2008.

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