SCHNEEBERGER GmbH of Höfen an der Enz at COMPAMED 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine


Postfach 70, 75339 Höfen an der Enz
Gräfenau, 75339 Höfen an der Enz
Telephone +49 7081 782-0
Fax +49 7081 782-124

Hall map

COMPAMED 2017 hall map (Hall 8a): stand P25

Fairground map

COMPAMED 2017 fairground map: Hall 8a

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.02  Manufacturing equipment
  • 10.02.02  Automation systems

Automation systems

  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.02  Manufacturing equipment
  • 10.02.19  Slides and bearings
  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.02  Manufacturing equipment
  • 10.02.22  Ballscrews


  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.02  Manufacturing equipment
  • 10.02.25  Linear assembly machines

Linear assembly machines

Our products

Product category: Slides and bearings

Miniature guideway MINIRAIL and Profiled linear guideway MONORAIL with rollers or ball

MINIRAIL miniature guideways for processing machines in microtechnology, such as in biotechnology, the semiconductor industry, nanotechnology and others. MONORAIL MR for the machine tool industry MONORAIL BM for various industrial applications

The extremely robust MINIRAIL miniature guideways for demanding applications prove themselves with their high level of friction movement, precision and reliability. High-precision MONORAIL MR profiled linear guideways with rollers and MONORAIL BM profiled linear guideways with balls are used worldwide in a vast array of applications in the machine tool industry, from simple handling tasks to difficult machining tasks

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Product category: Automation systems, Linear assembly machines

Twin Gantry

SCHNEEBERGER Systems is your reliable partner for customized high performances positioning systems specifically designed for your applications.

Thanks to over 25 years of continuous improvements you will have a partner who will supply you with well through-out solutions for your entire motion and positioning requirements for many different applications.

Our customer-specific systems also offer solution to highly complex motion challenges. Let you guide through some of the spectacular examples of our applications from different ranges of industries.

For many years the name SCHNEEBERGER has been synonymous with high precision and reliable linear motion technology for high-end machinery and equipment. Groundbreaking innovations bear witness to the high level of engineering expertise and technical excellence, which have allowed the family business to maintain its position at the peak of a highly competitive market since 1945.

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Product category: Slides and bearings

Type NKL frictionless table (rollers)

Aluminum main components ensure lightweight design
Ball and roller cages made of plastic are also available as a special version

Type NK, with its aluminum main parts, has a lighter weight than Type NK. Type NKL single-axis frictionless tables consist of equal length top and bottom parts and associated Type R longitudinal guideways, with lengths of 25 to 410 mm and strokes of 10 to 280 mm. All four sizes come equipped with Type AC roller cages and Type GB end pieces, suitable for horizontal and vertical installation. Standard fastening holes are provided in the top and bottom parts. The side opposite the assembly screws can be used as the locating face. In the standard version, limited stroke is performed in the same way as Type NK. The FORMULA-S no longer requires screws thanks to the cage-centering principle. Special versions are available with ball cages (Type AK) for less sensitivity to dirt and a lower load carrying capacity, roller cages (Type EE) made of plastic seal out dirt and dust, and integrated cage controls (-KS) . For high dynamics and any installation orientation for sizes 3 and 6.

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Product category: Slides and bearings

Type NFM positioning table

Modular design with various table component lengths
The table can be manually positioned with a threaded spindle and moved in any direction

The modularly designed type NFM positioning table has various table component lengths for strokes of 25 to 150 mm. The positioning is performed manually using the threaded spindle - a preloaded zero-backlash plastic nut and a scale ring with a reading resolution of 0.01 mm. The table components are made of natural anodized aluminum; MINIRAIL guideways and threaded spindle are made of stainless materials. Type NFM can be used in all movement directions and installation orientations. Special lengths, strokes or drilling templates are available on request.

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Product category: Slides and bearings

MINISLIDE Type MS 4 and MS 5

Highest results in the smallest envelope
The gothic arch profile of the MINISLIDE MS tracks permits loads that are more than ten times higher than a traditional 90° V-profile.

The last word in productivity
MINISLIDE embodies the newest generation of miniature slides for extremely demanding applications. They are highly robust and reliable in every application due to their smooth performance, precision and long service lifetime.

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About us

Company details

Then as now, the name SCHNEEBERGER is a synonym for modern linear technology all over the world.

Core competences
Development of our core competence in manufacturing and applications know-how, makes us a competent partner. With a team of committed, customer-oriented and highly qualified employees, we are world leaders.

  • APPLICATION-KNOW-HOW: We have at our disposal, a broad specialist knowledge, gained from many successful projects in various industries. In conjunction with our customers we evaluate the optimum products from our standard product range or alternatively define project-specific solutions.
  • DEVELOPMENT KNOW-HOW: Thanks to years of experience and consistent focus on linear technology, we are in a position to continually develop our products and solutions and with this provide our customers with many technical advantages. FEM calculations and 3D simulations make it possible for us to determine, whether the required specifications and characteristics can be achieved – all before the first prototypes are built.
  • MANUFACTURING-KNOW-HOW: SCHNEEBERGER products are manufactured in our production facilities utilizing the most advanced manufacturing technology and highly specialised employees. The manufacturing process is subjected to demanding and application-oriented checks and inspections.
«As a company that is both financially and technologically well-positioned within the market, we want to maintain sustained growth and shape our own future.»

Mission Statement
«Our products help our customers to build machinery that technically and economically is focused on the future.»

Our values
«High precision, innovative and reliable»

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