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Sep 15, 2017

Danish subcontractors bring cutting-edge component technology to the medical device industry

The global medical device industry is increasingly outsourcing key knowledge and production development functions to subcontractors. To meet the demands, Danish subcontractors to the medical device industry will showcase cutting-edge manufacturing and component technology at COMPAMED 2017.

“The global medical device industry is currently undergoing a transition where cost-cutting and outsourcing is on the daily agenda, while the requirement to boost innovation is essential to remain relevant,” says Thomas Andersen, Head of Danish Health Tech Group, who is the organiser of the Pavilion of Denmark at COMPAMED 2017.

“This development has forced the industry to adopt new business models, because today's winners are those who excel at developing new products at a price the healthcare sector can afford to pay,” explains Thomas Andersen.

According to Thomas Andersen, this transition has been taking place for numerous years in Denmark resulting in the growth of an industry layer with highly competent and specialised subcontractors and component suppliers to the medical device industry.

“It is becoming increasingly important for large Danish medical device companies to manufacture in their emerging markets. However, product and production innovation must take place at an accelerating pace, and we clearly see that key knowledge and production development functions are retained at home and in proximity to key subcontractors,” he says.

Danish Health Tech Group is part of Danish Export Association and is a network of Danish suppliers of manufacturing technology and solutions for the medical device, pharmaceutical and hospital sectors.

Subcontractors as part of the supply chain
One of the Danish companies exhibiting at COMPAMED 2017 is Knudsen Plast A/S who specialises in injection moulded plastic solutions for the healthcare sector. According to Frederic Bernard, Business Development Manager at Knudsen Plast A/S, the medical device companies increasingly outsource the injection moulding processes including commissioning of the moulding tools and process development and validation, and therefore seek the necessary skills and competences from their subcontractors.

“At Knudsen Plast, our test and ramp-up center in Denmark allows the medical device companies to have the production line for their products fully tested and documented before production start-up in Denmark or at our factory in Slovakia. This way, we ensure a more efficient ramp-up and faster time to market,” Frederic Bernard says and continues:

“Eventually, we establish a pro-active supply chain and become an integral part of the medical device companies.”

Demand for 2K moulding
Another Danish subcontractor presenting its injection moulding expertise at the Pavilion of Denmark at COMPAMED 2017 is Carmo A/S. The company produces plastic and PVC components made from different materials, in a process called two-component moulding.

“We experience a growing demand for the advanced 2K moulding technology combining two or more materials with different properties. For example, to produce couplings for ostomy bags we mould one material ensuring rigidity onto another material ensuring elasticity,” explains Søren Keller, VP, Sales & Marketing at Carmo A/S.

To meet the growing demand for 2K moulding, Carmo A/S is expanding their production facilities located north of Copenhagen, Denmark, with a thousand square metres.

“In clean room conditions, our new production facilities will contain large injection moulding machines covering up to 250 tonnes with automated pick-and-place, assembly and quality control. Consequently, we enable faster time to market and reduced costs for the medical device companies,” says Søren Keller.

Fact: Knudsen Plast A/S 
  • For 40 years, Knudsen Plast A/S has specialised in injection moulded plastic solutions and quality control for the healthcare sector and offers commissioning of moulding tools, validation, ramp-up production in Denmark along with high volume production in Slovakia.
  • www.knudsenplast.dk/en/
Fact: Carmo A/S
  • With 60 years of experience, Carmo A/S designs, produces and supplies specialised technical and medical injection moulded plastic components for the medico, maritime, mining, agriculture and automotive industries and offers commissioning and validation of moulding tools and machining cells.
  • www.carmo.dk
Fact: Danish Health Tech Group
  • Danish Health Tech Group is part of Danish Export Association, Denmark’s largest organiser of export promotions, networks and seminars within export.
  • Danish Health Tech Group gathers 33 Danish suppliers of products and solutions for the international med-tech and pharmaceutical industries.
Fact: Exhibitors at the Pavilion of Denmark at COMPAMED 2017
Visit the Pavilion of Denmark at COMPAMED in Düsseldorf, Germany on November 13-16, 2017. Hall 8A, stand R11.
  • Biomodics ApS
  • Carmo A/S
  • Gruber A/S
  • HN Group A/S
  • Knudsen Plast A/S
  • MME Nordic A/S
  • Søbygaard Machine Design ApS
Thomas Andersen, Head of Danish Health Tech Group, +45 2447 8502, thomas.andersen@dk-export.dk
Søren Keller, VP, Sales & Marketing, Carmo A/S, +45 2244 2124, sk@carmo.dk
Frederic Bernard, Business Development Manager, Knudsen Plast A/S +45 4124 9351, fbe@knudsen-plast.dk

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