ALL-WRAP Packaging Machinery of Verdun at COMPAMED 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine
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ALL-WRAP Packaging Machinery

1, rue de l'Arsenal, Zone Industrielle de Chicago, 55100 Verdun
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 12  Packaging and print
  • 12.01  Packaging equipment
  • 12.01.03  Sachet filling equipment

Sachet filling equipment

  • 12  Packaging and print
  • 12.01  Packaging equipment
  • 12.01.09  Form-fill seal equipment
  • 12  Packaging and print
  • 12.02  Packaging materials
  • 12.02.32  Four-sided seal

Our products

Product category: Form-fill seal equipment, Four-sided seal


RCN 160:
Dedicated to small products as wound closure strips or long and thin such as catheters, pipettes and tubes the RCN 160 is the smallest of the range.
  • Pouch dimensions: width up to 160 mm - Length 50 mm to any length to produce tubing.
  • Production rate : 20 to 150 pack/min 
  • All kind of thermo sealable material can be used such as coated papers, laminate films, aluminium foil and Tyvek® and cold seal paper also.
RCN 270:
The most multi-purpose machine of the range is producing flat pouches four side sealed with using two reels of materials. Operated by CNC controller or SIEMENS Simotion automation this pouching machine is designed for adhesive dressings, wound dressings, gauze swabs, surgeons’ gloves, drapes
  • Pouch dimensions : W idth up to 270 mm - Length 50 mm to infinit
  • Production rate : Up to 150 pack/min
  • This machine to be easily adapted for special requirements : Automated feeder system, thumb notch and hanging hole, shape cutting tools, control by camera, rejection station , stacking system, different kind of printing and labeling systems and more.
RCN 320 : 
The largest in the range, the RCN320, produces flat pouches sealed on all four sides using two reels of flexible packaging material. Its distinctive feature is its ability to double or triple its production thanks to its double or triple track model.
Especially dedicated for SURGEON'S GLOVES or products of similar size.
  • Pouch dimensions:  W idth up to 320 mm or 2 x 160 mm - Length 50 to infinite
  • Production rate : up to 150 pouches of surgical gloves/min

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Product category: Sachet filling equipment

VPM 300 Vertical pouching machine

This vertical machine VPM 300 produces peelable packs with one medical sterilization rolls on paper/film, Tyvek®/film or other complexes as foil/foil... The VPM 300 allows the packaging of one or more products in the same pack and the production of empty pouches also. This machine also exists in sealing version for film alowing the use of PE rolls

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Product category: Form-fill seal equipment


The range of automatic horizontal four-side-seal packaging machines type RCN is designed to the packaging of such medical consumables as surgical gloves, medical dressings, gauze swabs, catheters... in sterilized and peelable pouches.

With a capacity of 30 up to 300 pouches per minute these machines are studied and manufactured according to every single project.

Used materials : Paper, film laminate, Tyvek®, aluminium foil , peelable laminate.

Functioning independantly or integrated in an automatic line they are equipped with the newest technologies: stream conveyors, visual control system by camera, labelling machines, printing systems, automatic rejection system of invalid pouches, robots, stacking conveyors. Different kind of cartoning machines could be added for a production completly automated.
The automation of these machines/full lines is proposed in two versions: Standard or SIEMENS® Simotion

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