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Our products

Product category: Sterilisation services

Gamma Irradiation

For more than 50 years, Gamma Irradiation has provided a safe and cost-effective methodology for the sterilization of single-use medical products, cosmetics, spices and packaging.

What it is:
A form of pure energy characterized by its deep penetration and low dose rates. Gamma irradiators are powered by Cobalt-60, effectively killing microorganisms throughout the product and its packaging with very little temperature effect and no residues. The amount of radiation received depends on the type of product and its dose requirements. Dosimetric release allows products to be processed, verified and immediately released for shipment. Our exclusive ExCell high-precision irradiator delivers precision dosing to within ±10 percent.

Best Suited For:
> Single-use medical products
> Packaged products
> Food products
> Cosmetics
> Tissue-based devices
> Implantable medical devices (stents, heart valves, orthopedics)
> Pharmaceutical
> Combination medical devices that may contain a pharmaceutical or biologic
> Raw materials

Key Benefits:
Gamma sterilization technology is very well understood, safe and easy to validate. It is the protocol of choice for Medical device manufacturers and service providers due to its:
Sterility Assurance and Treatment Efficacy - Consistently meets product and regulatory requirements
Safety - Proven track record in worker and product safety
Flexibility and Versatility - Effectively sterilizes a wide range of products with different variations in dose requirements, densities and packaging/box sizes
Reliability - The reliability and simplicity of the process is unparalleled

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Product category: Sterilisation services

Ethylene Oxide

Ethylene Oxide (EO) is a proven and reliable sterilization process used worldwide since the 1940s. Today, EO has evolved into a sophisticated, validated process, facilitated by advanced software that delivers a sterilization cycle tailored to a client's unique product requirements.

What it is:
Based on a gas diffusion process, EO is capable of sterilizing and rendering products free of viable microorganisms. Sterility occurs when an EO gas molecule reacts with and destroys the microbial DNA. The process requires the simultaneous control of four variable, but interdependent parameters: gas concentration, temperature, relative humidity and time of exposure. EO effectiveness depends on its ability to freely diffuse through a product and packaging. All products must be placed in breathable packaging that allows gas to penetrate the sterile barrier and reach all surfaces of the device or product..

Best Suited For:
EO is considered the broadest sterilization method available for medical products due to its effectiveness at lower temperatures and its general compatibility with a diversity of materials, resins and product types, including:
> Polymer resin-based products
> Single-use medical devices
> Procedure kits
> Surgical trays
> Synthetic gowns
> External terminal sterilization of sealed combination device/drug devices (filled syringes, drug coated stents)

Key Benefits:
The EO process delivers a wide variety of sterilization benefits:
Sterilization at Low Temperatures - Ensures the integrity of both the product and packaging
Product Compatibility - Effectively sterilizes a broad range of polymers, resins, natural materials and metals as well as dual drug/device combination products that require external contact surface sterilization

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Product category: Sterilisation services

Electron Beam

Electron Beam (E-Beam) radiation is the sterilization method of choice for processing products of high volume/low-density, such as medical syringes, or low-volume/high-value products such as cardiothoracic devices.
What it is:
E-Beam radiation is a form of ionizing energy that is characterized by its low penetration and high dosage rates. The Beam - a concentrated, highly charged stream of electrons - is generated by accelerators capable of producing continuous or pulsed beams. As the product/material being sterilized passes beneath or in front of the E-Beam, energy from the electrons is absorbed, altering various chemical and biological bonds and destroying the DNA and reproductive capabilities of microorganisms.

Best Suited For:
> Low density, uniformly packaged products
> Polymer modification
> Cross linking/branching
> Semiconductor enhancement

Key Benefits:
While most materials manufactured for use in sterile healthcare products are formulated for radiation stability, some materials - certain polypropylenes, for example - experience less breakdown and long-term aging effects as a result of E-Beam's shorter exposure time. Other benefits include:
High speed, high capacity accelerators - Sterilizes low-density, uniformly packaged products quickly and effectively
Dosimetric Dosing - Eliminates post-sterilization testing and expedites distribution logistics
Material Modification - Electron Beam processing can be used to modify polymers, improve semiconductor switching speeds and change or enhance many other material properties.

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Product category: Sterilisation validation

Working for You Around the Clock, Around the World Sterigenics GPS™

No phone calls, no hassle, no waiting -- Sterigenics Global Processing Status puts up-to-date load status information at your fingertips. It delivers real-time visibility for every work order, every sterilization technology, 24/7 and 365 days a year. With instant online access or e-mail notifications to your office or smartphone, Sterigenics GPS™ automatically:
  • Notifies when products are received
  • Tracks current stage in the sterilization process
  • Validates processing
  • Informs when product(s) ready to ship
  • Provides access to invoices
  • Allows system data to be exported for reporting and forecasting
Sterigenics GPS™ offers a window into our worldwide processing facilities so you can more effectively manage your supply chain. It's an industry first and a powerful resource for your business.
Contact your Sterigenics sales representative for more information on how to sign-up for this service.

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Product category: Sterilisation validation

Specs in Check VeriCycle™ Automated Process Verification

Designed specifically for ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization technology, our innovative VeriCycle™ Automated Process Verification system delivers real-time visibility to each phase of the sterilization process. Our exclusive system keeps sterilization specifications in check, ensuring consistency and quality from beginning to end.
Key advantages:
  • Fully validated process removes risk of human error by automating quality assurance (QA) review
  • Advanced system software checks actual run data against all identified specifications at every phase
  • The process verification report contains all pertinent run details in a concise, standardized format
  • Reduces the size of the batch record you receive from Sterigenics
  • Products get to market faster, as the entire sterilization QA process is shortened
For more information on how to put VeriCycle™ Automated Process Verification to work for you, contact your Sterigenics account representative.

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About us

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The Global Leader in Contract Sterilization Services

Reliable, innovative sterilization services are just the beginning. We deliver a global integrated network with the capacity and redundancy to meet evolving business demands. As your single point of contact for sterilization solutions - and with facilities close to your production and/or distribution points - we ensure consistent, high quality results every time. Our commitment to the environment and the communities where we do business remains a defining priority and we strive to exceed all industry and regulatory standards. From concept to market, we'll take time out of your supply chain, inventory off the balance sheet and cost out of bringing products safely to market.

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