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Siargo Ltd.

3100 De La Cruz Boulevard, Suite 210, 95054 Santa Clara (CA)
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Product categories

  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.01  Laboratory equipment
  • 10.01.05  Flow-control and flowmeters

Our products

Product category: Flow-control and flowmeters


Die thermischen Inline-Gas-Massendurchflussmesser der ST100L-Serie sind in drei Baugrößen verfügbar und decken einen weiten Messbereich von 0,01 bis 3140 Nm3/h (bezogen auf Luft, 0°C, 1013,25 mbar) für nahezu alle Gase ab:
  • DN25 (1")
  • DN40 (1 1/2")
  • DN50 (2")
Wahlweise Prozessanschlüsse sind NPT-Gewindeanschluss (Innen-, oder Außengewinde) oder DIN-bzw. ANSI-Flansch. Die Übertragungseinheit bietet alle für die Prozessmesstechnik üblichen Schnittstellen und ermöglicht auch einen nachträglichen Einbau entsprechender Busschnittstellen. Mit 70 barg Prozessdruck, einem weiten Temperaturbereich von -40 bis 121°C und einer möglichen Messspanne von bis zu 1000:1 ist die ST100L-Serie das ideale Messinstrument für kleine bis mittlere Gasdurchflüsse.

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Product category: Flow-control and flowmeters

FS6122; FS6122H

The new FS6122-Series is a multiple measurement (flow + pressure + rel. humidity + temperature) in one single sensor case: air mass flow (±250 SLPM) and gauge pressure (-5 to 40/45 cmH2O, alternatively -5 bis 100 cmH2O), relative humidity (0-100%) and temperature (-10 to 60°C) . For the measurement of humid gases the special FS6122H is equipped with a microheater to avoid water condesation onto the sensor chip at 100% rel. H. The FS6122 easily be implemented in CPAP-equipment (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). Flow and pressure are fully factory calibrated and altitude compensated. An ultra-fast update time (1 ms) and high sensor sensitivity allow the precise direct measurement of air-mass-flow and gauge pressure as well as the detection of fast flow and pressure events/peaks. Alternatively the FS6122 can be ordered without pressure sensor inside.
A small dead volume with a compact form factor allow an easy and fast integration with via the 2 ISO 5356-1 (22 mm) connectors in your CPAP system. Beyond the linearized analog output the sensor supports 14 bit I2C communcation protocol. The sensor is completely delivered altitude and temperature compensated and has a low pressure drop.

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Product category: Flow-control and flowmeters


The MF-GD thermal Gas Massflowmeters are designed for direct gas massflow measurement without the need of pressure or temperature compensation. To expand the range of gases and applications the ATEX approval in accordance with directive 94/9/EG is in preparation. Die MF-GD series flowmeter is available in four pipe diameters and with different standard calibrations (Sm3/h condition 1013,25 mbar, 20°C): MFG-D: internal battery power supply (3.6 VDC Li-Ion battery)
  • MF32GD: DN32 (1 1/4"): 0.25 ~ 10 Sm3/h or 16 Sm3/h or 25 Sm3/h
  • MF50GD: DN50 (2"): 0.65 ~ 40 Sm3/h or 65 Sm3/h
  • MF65GD: DN65 (2 1/2"): 1.0 ~ 100 Sm3/h
  • MF80GD: DN80 (3"): 1.6 ~ 160 Sm3/h
The special venturi designed flow pipe, inlet flow conditioners and the boundary layer technology with an time-averaged velocity profile across the sensor allow to reduce the straight inlet pipe length to 5xD and lead into lowest pressure drop of 1.5-3.0 mbar. The meters have industrial standard RS485 Modbus communication interface that is ready for remote data logging or networking. The enhanced data safety is realized via the storage designed in the control circuitry that allows the user to program the records of the flow status that can be transmitted via the network or downloaded with a handheld or personal computer with the
manufacturer provided software. The meters are best for clean and dry gas flow measurement in gas mass flow applications. Other gases such as water gas with excessive moisture may cause instability due to water condensation. The MFG can safe daily over 2000 data sets:
  • For the flow rate and the accumulated flow rate (1000 data sets) the time interval can be set from 3 to 240 minutes. The data sets include the time [hh:mm] and the date []
  • Further 1000 data sets are reserved for recording max. alarm flow (over flow limit), interruption of the power supply or sensor failure e.g. due to condensing humidity.

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Product category: Flow-control and flowmeters


The FS7002 mass flow/clog sensors are designed and manufactured using Siargo's proprietary MEMS flow sensor and package technology. The sensors
with a fast response time of 20 msec are specially designed for the applications in open space air mass flow measurement or for monitoring the air flow status
behind any air filters preventing clogging of the same. The sensors are available in 2 flow ranges:
  • FS7002-B: 0 ~ 5 m/s (related to air speed at 20°C, 1013,25 mbar)
  • FS7002-C: 0 ~ 10 m/s (related to air speed at 20°C, 1013,25 mbar)
The air flow is passing through the sensor via a specially designed venturi channel to provide the stability of the air flow for the measurement. The packaging enclosure is made of the chemically inert and thermally stable polycarbonate material. The compact design of the sensors also enables an easy installation and minimum blockage in the air pathway where it is to be installed. Typical applications include monitoring of an intelligent air filter in an LCD projector, a filter clog monitoring in an air fresher, a ventilation duct flow profile, or a fan motor status. The FS7002 requires a power supply of 5 Vdc (±5 %) and provides an analog output of 0.5 ~ 2.9 Vdc (typical) corresponding to the flow speed from 0 to full

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Product category: Flow-control and flowmeters

Magflux A

Electromagnetic flow sensors mag-flux A are precision measuring devices, suitable for determining the flow rate of nearly all electrically conductive fluid, but also for substances such as sludge, pulp and paste. Due to the magnetic field, the device can measure flow rates up to 10 m/s (32.8 ft/s) with a minimum conductivity of 3 µS/cm, when using a synchronized static field.The entire measuring device comprises a flow sensor and a dedicated transmitter. Those can be delivered either separately or as a compact unit. The electromagnetic flow sensor mag-flux A are applied mainly in the following industries:
  • Water and sewage plants
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Mining, cement and mineral material
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Steel industry
  • Energy industry
  • public utilities

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About us

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15 years experience - IDENTIC
Since more than 15 years IDENTIC is specialized in gas and liquid flow measurement and control instrumentation. Our Capital & Advantage is the long-term practical experience with mechanical and electronic flow measuring principles and sensors of different brands in many industrial areas. We have a far reaching expertise regarding strength and weakness of different measuring principles in specific applications. Our knowledge and access to premium class products also beyond our web presentation is a guarantee for the best suited solution for your measuring task.

Take advantage and benefit from our long-standing experience!

Medical, Environmental, Automotive, and Aerospace - IDENTIC
IDENTIC offers flow measurement instruments in different industries - from the smallest plastic packaged low cost OEM-Sensor for technical equipment series production, to metal housed sensors for machinery plants up to process and field instrumentation for harsh environment industrial use. We consult and support our customers with the aim of a competent and long-term co-operation and relationship.

Call us - we are ready to start with you!

Premium class products - IDENTIC
Flow measurement is a complex area with many sensors and manufacturers and various principles of measurement. We provide selected products of high quality - our speciality is to select the right sensor with the appropriate price-performance balance for your individual application.

Quality – Durability – with an optimal price-performance balance!

Competent in consultancy - IDENTIC
Our customers satisfaction and a long-term relationship is our highest priority. The technical knowledge and a deep understanding of complex applications while implementing gas and liquid flow sensors makes IDENTIC to the partner of your choice. We select the most suitable senor(s) taking also into account alternative solutions for your measuring task.
IDENTIC - our experience will be your goal!

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