Barcelona Chamber of Commerce Cambra de Comerc de Barcelona of Barcelona at COMPAMED 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Barcelona Chamber of Commerce Cambra de Comerc de Barcelona

Avda. Diagonal 452, 08006 Barcelona

Telephone +34 93 4169285
Fax +34 93 4160735

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COMPAMED 2017 hall map (Hall 8b): stand M09

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COMPAMED 2017 fairground map: Hall 8b

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Product category: Business development


We help get your visa processed conveniently, quickly and securely

Each country's regulations for obtaining a visa are different and can change frequently, and each destination requires different documents. There are also different types of visas.

All the requirements must be met and all documentation must be duly presented in order to be issued a visa in a timely manner.

We efficiently handle all aspects of the paperwork. If you need to legalise a visa application letter from the Spanish Chamber of Commerce before lodging it with the consulate body in the country you have applied for, we will not charge you any additional fee.

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Product category: Business development

Competitive Intelligence

Trends and future scenarios, for the taking of decision of Senior Management

In order to maintain and increase their competitiveness, organizations need a panoramic perspective on the probable evolution of their particular environment.

Competitive intelligence is a tool that provides to owner and senior management reliable strategic knowledge about stakeholders and competitors in the sector. It is key to establish exercises for redefining business models, collaboration agreements, portfolios of products and technological and commercial strategies.

This methodology of monitoring trends, structural analysis and personalized advice is very rigorous; it can only be performed by qualified analysts, experts in the management of information sources that follow a scrupulous privacy policy.

Depending on the challenge of each enterprise, the scope and the hierarchies of the competition analysis, as well as a deliverable report of each project is determined in a working meeting.

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Product category: Business development

Intercultural advisory service

Preventing failures in internationalisation due to values and relationship conflicts

Working with a different culture to your own can be challenging which is why the intercultural advisory service is an efficient resource that is becoming more widely used.

This tailor made service helps professionals from companies which export to review the cultural stereotypes and communication styles they are currently using with the cultures there are working with. With a view of understanding and correct if need be, these perceptions with practical advice.

Depending on each case needs, the following aspects might be focused on:
  • Leadership and hierarchy in business. The manager role in the other culture
  • Task or people oriented culture: the importance of personal relations in the other culture
  • Risk and emotions management with the other culture
  • Time and deadlines management with the other culture
  • Most appropriate communication style with the other culture: direct or indirect communication, body language and oral communication
  • Successful phone and virtual communication with the other culture
  • Successful meetings and negotiations with the other culture

The experts that the Cambra is collaborating with are members of Sietar and Eura, and work in accordance with the Swedish quality certification.

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Product category: Business development

Casa Llotja de Mar

Singularly distinctive and comfortable spaces for hosting the most select business events

Placed in the sea front in the heart of the historic district of Barcelona, Casa Llotja de Mar is one of the most significant and magnificent monuments which represents the economy and the culture of the city. It was built during the second half of the 14th century, the most brilliant period of the Catalan Gothic.

The wide range of halls allows for hosting company events of different kinds with excellence and uniqueness as main qualities: presentations, formal lunches and dinners, congresses and conferences, spots, fashion shows, receptions, press conferences, etc.

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Product category: Business development

Presenting with impact: influence your clients, colleagues and boss

Put into practice all the tricks and techniques in presentations

Do you know how to find winning arguments that help you to convince your audiences? Do you know how to structure presentations to establish a quick rapport and to clarify the key message that must be remembered by your audiences?

Influencing audiences in a variety of settings is a highly valued skill in Business. Our objective in this practical workshop will be improving our ability to persuade an audience through effective presentations.

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About us

Company details

Cross-sectoral representation of businesses
Barcelona Chamber of Commerce is an organisation that groups together economic operators from all sectors of activity.

All companies, both from Spain and abroad, operating within the Chamber’s area of influence can become members.

We represent approximately 300.000 companies (including the self-employed, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises and corporations) from the city of Barcelona and the outlying areas of Barcelonès, Baix Llobregat, Garraf, Anoia, Alt Penedès, Barcelonès Nord, Maresme, Osona, Berguedà and Vallès Oriental.

Advocacy and promotion of businesses
Barcelona Chamber of Commerce is a representational institution that guarantees the promotion of economic and business activity and sustainable local development.

Its function is to defend general business interests and organise events that encourage business competitiveness

Collaboration with administrations
As a government-owned legal corporate entity with full operational capacity, Barcelona Chamber of Commerce collaborates with public administrations and has remits and administrative public functions attributed to it by law, independently of those delegated to it by public authorities.

130 years of economic activity
Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation was created in 1886 to defend the general interests of its members and work for the common good of commerce, industry and the shipping sector.

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