Nimble Equipment Pty. Ltd. of Subiaco at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Nimble Equipment Pty. Ltd.

1/18 Olive Street, 6008 Subiaco

Telephone +61 8 94726408

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MEDICA 2017 hall map (Hall 14): stand B62

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MEDICA 2017 fairground map: Hall 14

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.09  Hospital and Care equipment
  • 01.09.02  Ward equipment and apparatus
  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.10  Furnishing
  • 01.10.05  Modular systems

Our products

Product category: Modular systems

Nimble Modular CSSD Tables

Nimble presents our modular, height adjustable CSSD table. Designed to enable clinicians to configure to their requirements, the Nimble CSSD table provides a unique flexible option.

Our height adjustable tables have been designed to maximise flexibility, functionality and ergonomics for the CSSD professional. The table height is able to be adjusted to the type of task that needs to be performed and to the individual’s personal preferences.

The flexible modular system allows for the easy addition of accessories while the robust stainless steel construction and smooth table surface with hidden connection points creates an ideal work surface that is easy to clean.

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Product category: Ward equipment and apparatus

Nimble Storage Solutions

It’s all about flexibility, where you are in control of the size and set up that works best for you.
The Nimble Storage System has been designed to combine high density storage with strong and durable shelving. With the need for more efficient supply methods within healthcare facilities, space is limited and therefore more innovative solutions are required. Our unique system allows you optimise your supply chain within your facility through providing a highly customisable storage system.

We have essentially taken the best of both worlds, from wire shelving and the modular basket storage, and combined them. The modular design of the Nimble system allows for easy and flexible integration with unlimited options to accommodate different storage needs.

Using the collar sleeve mechanism to deliver high weight capacities.

Ability to create a fit for purpose solution in any environment.

Maximise your storage capacity with easy to customise solutions.

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Product category: Ward equipment and apparatus

Flat Pack Trays

At Nimble, we are driven by our
purpose to innovate the ordinary.
We have developed and patented a number of new innovations that ensures the Nimble Storage System will provide a uniquely better experience and outcome for healthcare practitioners and facilities.

Flat Pack Trays
Introducing our Nimble flat pack trays that seamlessly integrate with the Nimble Storage System without compromising the strength or weight capacity of the trays. The plastic tray can be easily broken down for cleaning, and transported and stored conveniently with added features that make Nimble a cut above the rest. The fine mesh base gives clinicians the opportunity to store even the smallest of items in the trays.

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Product category: Ward equipment and apparatus

Wire Baskets & Wall Panels

Not all wire baskets
are made equal…
Nimble has brought its design influence to the simple wire basket. Designed using fine mesh to ensure even small items can be stored; the Nimble wire baskets include reinforced bars for extra strength, a clever divider system and a unique stacker that maximises space.

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Product category: Ward equipment and apparatus

Nimble Stainless Steel Collection

Nimble Blue Shoes Stainless Steel Collection
Nimble presents our Blue Shoes Stainless Steel Collection. A curated group of products essential to the operation of healthcare facilities, but designed to look good, function better and make the day of the end user just that little bit brighter each time they use them.

At Nimble we have focused on the little design areas that can make a big difference.

We listened when people said mobility is key. So, we made an effort to find a castor that provides extra strength and smooth mobility – the fact that it looks great is that added Nimble touch. We recognised that we can bring some of the functionality from the products we use at home back into the workplace; hence the soft close drawers on all our trolleys and smooth double folded edges.

We also know that the environment in which this equipment is used needs to be clean and often sterile; hence the addition of full-welded seams to ensure there are not any gaps for dust and bacteria to be trapped.

The Nimble Blue Shoes Stainless Steel collection is one that will deliver a better experience to healthcare professionals all around the world.

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About us

Company details

Nimble is new, but with over 40 years industry experience, the team behind it isn’t. As product distributors, we’ve been building relationships, listening, studying and carefully observing the market. We’ve found that many essential product categories have been void of innovation, which is where Nimble comes in.
We’ve been building relationships, listening, studying and carefully observing the market. We’ve found that many essential product categories have been void of innovation, which is where Nimble comes in.

Nimble has been established to innovate the ordinary, essential products that are ripe for improvement.

Basically, we find products with flaws, design challenges and quality issues, and we transform them into products that are elegant, strong, and functionally superior.

The way we see it, by making this promise to innovate the ordinary, we can take one product at a time, and we can create products that don’t just perform better, but also bring a smile to the face of the person using it.

At the core of everything what we do is ask the question ‘how can we make things better?’ and we believe that once you see what Nimble’s all about, you won’t look back.

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