Dunkermotoren GmbH of Bonndorf/Schwarzwald at COMPAMED 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Dunkermotoren GmbH

Allmendstr. 11, 79848 Bonndorf/Schwarzwald

Telephone +49 7703 930-0
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  • 02  Electrical and electronic components
  • 02.17  Motors, brushed DC

Motors, brushed DC

  • 02  Electrical and electronic components
  • 02.18  Motors, brushless DC
  • 02  Electrical and electronic components
  • 02.22  Motors, linear
  • 02  Electrical and electronic components
  • 02.38  Servo motors, AC/DC
  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.02  Manufacturing equipment
  • 10.02.52  Motion control systems / drivers

Our products

Product category: Motors, brushless DC, Servo motors, AC/DC, Motion control systems / drivers, Actuators

BGA 22 – Ironless BLDC motor now available with gearboxes and integrated controller

BGA 22 – Ironless BLDC motor now available with gearboxes and integrated controller 

The BGA 22x22 dCore from Dunkermotoren is now available with a suitable gearbox, encoder and controller. The innovative, ironless, axial flow design of the BGA 22 provides definite advantages such as zero-cogging torque, low vibration, and very low audible noise.

In addition to this new motor, there is a four-quadrant controller, BGE 6005 with CANopen interface which can supply currents up to 5A…also available now. Furthermore, the RE22 encoder is offered with 256 ppr or 360 ppr, matches the BGA 22’s diameter, and can be mounted to the motor. For simple applications, Dunkermotoren can offer the BGA 22 dGo version with integrated commutation electronics and functions such as change of direction, start/stop, speed set input and speed output signal.

The available PLG 22 and PLG 24 planetary gearboxes can provide a nominal torque of up to 1.5 Nm.

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Product category: Motors, linear, Actuators

ST Series linear motor now available with Profinet drive

ST Series linear motor now available with Profinet drive

The ST Series linear motor from Dunkermotoren now available with Profinet drive, DME 230x4. In combination with this Profinet drive, the ST linear motors allow for easy integration into Siemens controller environments. The linear system with DME 230x4 provides high dynamic motion and good controllability for quick and precise positioning.

The ST Series ServoTube is commonly found in industrial machinery, laboratory equipment and test systems. Since there are no meshing mechanical parts such as gears or screws, the ServoTube linear motor assures extremely quiet operation. Applications with lifetimes requiring more than 50,000 km (31,000 miles) are not uncommon for the ST Series motor. Therefore, the ServoTube is vastly superior to pneumatic cylinders. Speeds up to 10m/s, accelerations up to 600m/s², peak forces up to 1860N and protection classes up to IP67 are achievable with the ST Series linear motor.

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Aug 9, 2017

Go-live for the online shop of Dunkermotoren

Go-live for the online shop of Dunkermotoren

 As of the beginning of 2016, Dunkermotoren is providing its customers the possibility to order Dunkermotoren products online. With the Dunkershop it is now easier for both businesses and private customers to order products from Dunkermotoren.

The products offered in the Dunkershop include brushless and brushed DC motors, AC motors, venetian blind motors as well as linear systems.  Utilizing Dunkermotoren’s long-standing, modular construction system, there are also many accessories such as encoders and brakes as well as gearboxes and controllers available in the online shop.  The lead times for these stock products are typically just a few business days.

With the launch of the Dunkershop, Dunkermotoren has created an additional distribution channel, giving its customers the choice of ordering directly online or traditionally through the local sales offices.  Payment of Dunker products can be made via PayPal or payment on invoice.

Today, the online shop is active for customers of the countries Germany, Italy, Great Britain and Austria.  Additional countries are planned as well.

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Dunkermotoren – global partner for your individual motor solution

As an innovative and quality-conscious company with over 1000 employees developing and producing sophisticated linear and rotary motor systems. With nearly 70 years of experience in motor systems, Dunkermotoren knows the requirements of the customer and offers with their product variety high flexibility.
Due to our modular system with motor parts with up to 2600 watt output power and the integration of logic and power electronics, it is possible to create an individual motor solution for the customer's application. All components of our various innovative motor solutions are designed and produced by us at Dunkermotoren.
There are not only brushless and brushed motors belonging to the product portfolio of Dunkermotoren but also linear drives, gearboxes, encoders and brakes. The variety of components makes it possible to realize countless combinations within our modular system. With production and logistic locations in Germany, Serbia, China and USA, Dunkermotoren presents themselves as a global operating partner for solutions in electrical motor systems.

Dunkermotoren – World leader for drives with integrated electronic
In the factory of tomorrow, the boundaries between the technologies and systems of industrial production blur and beyond this, from the field to the enterprise level and out to the end user. Intelligent motors with appropriate Ethernet interface from Dunkermotoren are part of this development which is based on the Internet of things (IoT). The increased networking, the use of cloud-based platforms and the decentralisation of computer performance create completely new possibilities for the analysis and utilisation of the data provided by the motor and also for the use of the motor itself for autonomously executed tasks. For more than 10 years, we have been a pioneer in intelligent motors with field bus interfaces and have therefore long been implementing the approaches discussed in the context of industry 4.0 with our customers.

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Electrical and electronic components