Vernay Europa B.V. of Oldenzaal at COMPAMED 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

Vernay Europa B.V.

P.O. Box 45, 7570 AA Oldenzaal
Kelvinstraat 6, 7575 AS Oldenzaal
Telephone +39 0141 413511
Fax +39 0141 214111

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COMPAMED 2017 hall map (Hall 8a): stand G11

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Our products

Product category: Pumps, micro, Valves, flow control, Valves, miniature, Valves, check

Bi-Directional Valves / Seals

  • Dome shaped all-rubber valves open more easily in one direction than the other
  • Slit at top of dome opens more easily when pressure is applied on the dome inside 
  • Opening in the reverse direction (pressure outside dome) requires buckling
  • Can be engineered with two specific opening pressures based on shape/thickness
  • Flow is always more restricted than with duckbill and umbrella valves
  • Valve is mounted by the flange the same way a duckbill is mounted
  • Often used not as a valve but rather as a catheter seal (seals around a probe / pipe)

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Product category: Valves, flow control, Valves, miniature, Valves, check

Combination Valves

An umbrella can be combined with a duckbill to provide a three-port valve which has an inlet, an outlet, and a port which articulates with a common variable volume. This is a convenient way to make a pump. When the volume increases, fluid is drawn in through one valve (usually the umbrella) and then when the volume decreases, fluid is pushed out through the second valve (usually the duckbill). The umbrella can have an opening (or cracking) pressure which is chosen to prevent flow due to head height at the inlet.

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Product category: Valves, flow control

Flow Controls

  • Flexible rubber component sits in a pocket in the flow path
  • As pressure increases, the rubber deforms to reduce the center hole size
  • Rubber material properties and shape result in constant rate of flow
  • Typical useful pressure range is 20 to 120 psi (138 to 827 kPa)
  • Retaining ring should not apply axial force but only prevent misorientation
  • Each control is designed to work with a specific pocket shape
  • New center post design for superior performance
  • Some very low rate controls (drippers) use a flat stock design

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Product category: Pumps, micro

High Effeciency Disposable Pumps

The potential for market impact and competitive differentiation is substantial with the revolutionary Vernay Q-Series Pumps. Developed for the medical market, this revolutionary single-use pump technology enables gains in efficiency, cost savings, ease of maintenance and environmental sensitivity.  Vernay Q-Pump technology, comprised of only 5 simple components, is engineered for dispensing accuracy. A wide range of rotation speeds create enormous flexibility for designing an optimal flow control system. Enable and improve the precision and quality your customers expect.

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Product category: Valves, check

Vernay V-Ball® Elastomeric Spheres

Vernay offers ground elastomeric balls with excellent surface quality and good sphericity without parting lines. V-Ball® elastomeric balls are small, versatile, resilient spheres used in applications such as simple check valve components with spring support, indicators, or as a shuttling valve.  V-balls® provide the flexibility to enhance sealing, are lightweight, and can be designed for high abrasion resistance.  They are compliant enough for low-pressure sealing applications and resilient enough to withstand severe vibration and impact. V-Balls® are non-magnetic, corrosion resistant, andeconomical; requiring no lubrication during use, and are perfect for high-speed assembly because no orientation is required. Vernay’s solid V-Ball® elastomeric spheres are finished in a proprietary manufacturing process that provides improved diameter and sphericity as well as smoother, more uniform surfaces.  V-Ball® products are finished to maintain such close tolerances that flash lines are eliminated. 

  • High pressure and high frequency cycling
  • Medical and food grade materials
  • Silicone materials as low as 30 durometer
  • Variety of colors for indicator valves
  • Electrically conductive materials
  • Variety of specific gravities

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About us

Company details

Knowledge that flows from over 65 years of experience

In 1935, Vernay founder Sergius Vernet invented the wax expansion element that revolutionized the automotive thermostat. The original wax element thermostat, created more than seven decades ago, is still used in every car on the road. Since its founding, Vernay has nurtured a philosophy of innovation and invention to solve challenging problems. As a result, Vernay has developed into a trusted fluid control solutions provider to leading OEM’s and emerging companies in the Automotive, Medical, Specialty, Printer and Small Engine industries. Vernay engineers and chemists are recognized throughout the industry for their tenacious problem solving drive, and for providing co-designed, custom fluid control solutions that make our customers’ most ambitious product visions a reality. We continue to expand the capabilities of our in-house, world-class R&D laboratories in the U.S., Europe, and Asia to develop proprietary material formulations and designs for our customers.

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