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Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.01  Diagnostics
  • 01.01.01  General Diagnostics
  •  Equipment for gynaecological investigation and diagnosis (Colposcopy)

Equipment for gynaecological investigation and diagnosis (Colposcopy)

  • 03  Diagnostics
  • 03.02  Immunochemistry (Immunology)
  • 03.02.03  Auto-immune diseases
  • 03  Diagnostics
  • 03.02  Immunochemistry (Immunology)
  • 03.02.03  Auto-immune diseases
  •  Diagnostics / kits for the gastro enterology

Diagnostics / kits for the gastro enterology

  • 03  Diagnostics
  • 03.02  Immunochemistry (Immunology)
  • 03.02.15  Rapid tests - Immunochemistry
  • 03  Diagnostics
  • 03.05  Infectious Immunology
  • 03.05.08  Rapid tests - Infectious immunology

Our products

Product category: Auto-immune diseases, Diagnostics / kits for the gastro enterology, Rapid tests - Immunochemistry, Rapid tests - Infectious immunology


The 3-hole testing procedure was introduced in Europe with the heavily- documented Guaiac test, hemoCARE. In the meantime, hemoCARE has established itself world wide as a high quality test to detect traces of blood in the stool.

The 3-hole test method has contributed to the correct diagnosis in an increased number of cases due to the higher sample number. An optimal color development in the result field is achieved by using a modified buffer solution with a stable ph value. The use of high quality filter paper for the hemoCARE product has improved the readability factor of the test result. A well-documented study conducted among over 20.000 patients proves that the Guaiac testing method has been optimised.

The increased test field size allows the user to read the result more easily, even when the color is faint. The increased number of corners in the characteristic 6-cornered test field developed by CARE diagnostica allows for scientific observation, as reaction products accumulate particularly in the corners.

The Advantages

  • Improvement vis-à-vis the problem of inhomogeneous blood distribution with the 3-sample test field
  • Improved readability of the result due to the high flow characteristics of the filter paper
  • Improved color development due to stable ph values
  • These optimisations lead to a significantly improved level of sensitivity at the same level of specificity.

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Product category: Auto-immune diseases, Diagnostics / kits for the gastro enterology, Rapid tests - Immunochemistry, Rapid tests - Infectious immunology


Due to the oxidation process there is a natural limit to how effective the Guaiac method for diagnosing bowel cancer can be. Cross-reactions with non-specific oxidases in food - especially likely if the patient has not complied with dietary instructions - lead to an inaccurate and therefore unreliable result.

With immoCARE-C - a new testing method for the detection of human haemoglobin in the stool sample based on sensitive antibodies - eating restrictions are no longer necessary, either before or during the testing period. This achieves greater compliance along with improved accuracy. Clinical trials have shown that by lowering the required level of evidence (i.e. the amount of haemoglobin present in the stool) the success rate of polyp detection more than doubles. What's more, this makes it a particularly effective testing method for early detection.

The sampling of the stool using a buffer in a pre-filled sample container is both more hygienic and user-friendly. The tip of the container is broken off and some of the sample mixture placed on the sample field of the test cassette. The result (purple lines) is easy to read in the result field, and is no longer influenced by the colour of the stool itself.

The advantages:

  • Result visible in only 5 minutes
  • immoCARE-C detects exclusively human haemoglobin
  • Simple evaluation according to positive/negative principle
  • No false result due to dietary influences
  • Doubled..PPV*
  • Doubled diagnostic sensitivity*
* in comparison with the Guaiac method

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Product category: Auto-immune diseases, Diagnostics / kits for the gastro enterology, Rapid tests - Immunochemistry, Rapid tests - Infectious immunology


The rapid screeing test for detecting antibodies against helicobacter pylori has been examined in an extensive comparative study with histology, ELISA and RUT (Rapid Urease Test).

Due to positive results, the use of helicoCARE can be recommended as a screening test. Without the use of complex equipment, within a few minutes it is possible to obtain information on the existance of helicobacter pylori. In this way, the use of antibiotics can be reduced and the high number of antibiotic prescribtions to uninfected patients can be avoided.

lgG of H. pylori can be detected in whole blood, serum or plasma by immunochromatographical method within a few minutes. 

  • detection within a few minutes
  • sensitivity: 85,7%
  • specificity: 97,9%
  • Clinically tested!


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Product category: Auto-immune diseases, Diagnostics / kits for the gastro enterology, Rapid tests - Immunochemistry, Rapid tests - Infectious immunology

GOLD Hp dry

Provides fast evidence of the urease enzyme from biopsy samples from the intestinal mucous membrane.


  • Nonspecific, false positive reactions caused by blood or bile are not possible.
  • No refrigeration required (shelf life 2 years)
  • No incubation or reagents required (dry test)
  • Easy to read color change (ring)
  • Very fast results (most of positive results during first 5 minutes)

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Product category: Auto-immune diseases, Diagnostics / kits for the gastro enterology, Rapid tests - Immunochemistry, Rapid tests - Infectious immunology


The bacterium chlamydia trachomatis can be detected directly with this is new antigen test. This means that this test is also suitable for further check-ups following successful treatment.

The chlamydia trachomatis infection is the most common sexually transmitted disease. This mostly asymptomatic disease is the greatest cause of infection-induced infertility. 
An infection can lead to various symptoms and later complications: in women it can cause cervicitis, urethitis, peritoneal symptoms or sterility. In men it can lead to urethritis, prostatitis or epididymitis, and in new-born babies can cause newborn pneumonia or inclusion conjunctivitis.

If the chlamydia trachomatis infection is detected in the early stages, it can prevent later complications such as sterility or the development of other illnesses. For patients this new method of diagnosis enables higher quality treatment.

The chlamyCARE-C test system includes all instruments for use: sterile swabs (one for preparation and one for sample collection), test cassette and buffer bottles A & B. It is not necessary to incubate the sample at 80 C.

chlamyCARE-C detects the presence of antigens already with a 1.6x10 to the power of 4 elementary corpuscles/ml and records - according to clinical user trials - 85.7% sensitivity and 98.3% specificity rates (results in comparison with PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)).

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About us

Company details

As an international company, product quality of the highest level is of course a matter for us - it is an integral part of our responsability for a safe and reliable diagnosis.

High product quality is the base from which we strive for continued improvements: we are the first European diagnostics company to be awarded CE certification for most of our products. We want to stimulate the market with innovative solutions and thereby become the market leader.

We offer an extensice service to our customers. Part of this service is the duty to do our very best to fulfill your requirements.

The receipt of success of 'take CARE' in the service of human healthcare is based on research, controlled production processes, world class quality management, as well as constant communication internally and with our customers.

CARE diagnostica's name stands for innovation, superior quality and traditional reliability.

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