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COMPAMED 2017 hall map (Hall 8a): stand M13

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  • 02  Electrical and electronic components
  • 02.18  Motors, brushless DC
  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.02  Manufacturing equipment
  • 10.02.32  Motors, stepper
  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.02  Manufacturing equipment
  • 10.02.34  Motors, coreless

Motors, coreless

Our products

Product category: Motors, brushless DC

DELTA LINE presents Fulling's new 15W 32mm flat brushless motor

Following the successful introduction of the 45BLW, Fulling has extended its platform of BLDC motors with the launching of a new 15W flat brushless motor, the 32BLW. The 32BLW, 32mm in diameter, 17.9mm in length, is an 8 Pole open design product enabling optimal heat dispersion, and ability to achieve smooth operation at low speeds as well as having the capability of high speeds in excess of 5000 rpm, which further pushes the 32BLW limits of use in your application.

Thanks to its sturdy construction, along with its exceptional size to power ratio, the 32BLW has a long-life time capabilities as well as unparalleled radial load ratings, making this motor ideal for applications such as diaphragm pumps.

The ideal solution for limited spaces.

The 32BLW can be combined with most of the spur and planetary gearboxes in our range.
Standalone or coupled to a gearbox, the 32BLW is particularly suited to applications where space is limited, such as collaborative robots, small AGVs, industrial (PAPR) and medical respirators, test and inspection equipment, bar code readers and pumps for laboratory equipment, to name just a few.

For more information, please visit

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Product category: Micro motors

New 16 mm motor in the DCP range Portescap packs the power and increases Athlonix range with the 16 DCP coreless motor.

The Athlonix range is expanding again
Now available in a 16 mm diameter, the new Portescap 16DCP coreless motor offers high efficiency and an unparalleled price-to-performance ratio.

High performance throughout the DCP motor’s long service life
Two models of the Athlonix Portescap 16DCP motors using high-grade Alnico magnets with different commutation systems are available: precious metal and graphite.
The new graphite commutation system guarantees constant performance throughout the DCP range over the entire running time. Combined with the unique REE (Restriction of Electro Erosion) system and an optimised magnetic circuit, it ensures the motor has an optimal service life.

The DCP range offers a vast choice of solutions and shorter lead times
Standardised components, the modular design and the vast selection of coils mean samples can be rapidly customised to meet all your requirements. The standard configuration can be delivered in just a few days.
Athlonix 16DCP motors are compatible with the Portescap range of encoders and gearboxes.

High performance for all your applications
With maximum continuous torque of up to 2.63 mNm and a higher starting torque than other comparable motors, Athlonix 16DCP motors are ideally suited to applications such as medical and industrial pumps, gas analysers, humanoid robotics, hand tools for tattooing and mesotherapy, motorised locks and much more.

For further information, please visit our website at:

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Product category: Motors, stepper

Fulling 63S10 ultra flat stepper motor

The ultraflat, high torque Fulling 63S10 stepper motor with a step angle of 1.8°, supports designers who require maximum torque and high positional accuracy combined with minimum overall height.

This product when operate in microstep can achieve positional accuracy to < 0.02° and with the right driver it can even run as a brushless motor.
Thanks to the high torque, exceptional speed stability is possible at low speeds thus and where needed often eliminating the need for gearboxes/gearing solutions therefore keeping the installation space to a minimum.
At high speeds, powers of up to 50W can be achieved with short power-up time.

This powerful stepper motor is ideally suited to applications such as component feeders in the semiconductor market, automation equipment, medical pumps and laboratory equipment, inspection devices as well as, equipment for laser technology, test equipment, and monitoring/security cameras, the application possibilities are endless.

Customer-specific versions (mechanical and electrical) are available upon request.

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Company news




Sep 25, 2017


This catalogue is an essential tool for all the electro/mechanical R&D engineers as it shows the detailed range of stepper and brushless motors which attract a very competitive price. The excellent size/torque performance ratio of these motors allows for very accurate positioning and repeatability of position on all the applications.

The catalogue includes new hybrid stepper motors, brushless motors and motors with integrated drives. As always, there is the possibility to customize shafts, coils, winding etc also for on small production quantities. The catalogue is available also on line:

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About us

Company details

DELTA LINE, A UNIQUE MOTION SOLUTION PLATFORM IN EUROPE offers a wide variety of products and solutions, intended to be used either, as a single motion product within an application or as a complete motion solution. Products include: DC and BLDC motors, disc magnet stepper motors, hybrid or tin can stepper motors, linear actuators, spur gear, planetary and customized gearboxes, encoders and intelligent drives for DC, BLDC or stepper motors.
From a simple component to a sophisticated motion solution DELTA LINE will study the best solution for its customers. DELTA LINE integrates the most suitable Motion technologies with unique Custom design for small quantities, to larger volume.
DELTA LINE, EINE EINZIGE PLATTFORM FÜR AUTOMATIONSLÖSUNGEN in Europa bietet eine breite Palette von Produkten, die sowohl für Automationsprodukte einer einzigen Anwendung als auch eines kompletten System bestimmt sind. Zu der Produktpalette gehören: DC-und BLDC-Servomotoren, Disc Schrittmotoren, Hybrid- oder Tin Can Schrittmotoren, Linearantriebe, Stirnrad-, Planeten- und kundenspezifische Getriebe; Encoder und intelligente Ansteuerungen für DC, BLDC- oder Schrittmotoren.
Aus einer einzelnen Komponente zu einer komplexen Automationslösung wird DELTA LINE die beste Lösung für seine Kunden suchen. DELTA LINE integriert die geeignetste Antriebslösung mit einem kundenspezifischem Design auch für kleine und große Menge.

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