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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Tubings and tubing equipment
  • 03.10  Thin walled tubings
  • 03  Tubings and tubing equipment
  • 03.22  Catheter tubings

Catheter tubings

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Biodegradable polymers

Our products

Product category: Biodegradable polymers


Biomaterials – substances and materials that can safely interact with the body – have become a driving force in medical innovation. At Zeus, we saw a need and pursued a solution: We have expanded our capabilities in this area to develop the most advanced biomaterials in the industry.

Recognizing the emerging trend of using biomaterials in medical markets, Zeus has developed a host of products that align with industry requirements. In many cases, our team can customize product features such as mechanical properities, absorbtion rates and tailor porosity to create unique products for your new design concept.

Absorv® Bioabsorbable products are made from absorbable synthetic polyester polymers such as PLLA, PGA, and PCL and a range of co-polymers which have varying degradation rates and strengths. Absorv® bioabsorbable tubing is an alternative to traditional polymer tubing or metal components used in stents. Absorv®products have proven to be an excellent candidate for innovative applications such as wound closure in addition to a number of other vascular and non-vascular applications. These bioabsorbable products can perform their given function for a controlled amount of time and then safely disappear.

Bioweb® electrospun composites offer novel alternatives to traditional stent graft materials thanks to their microporous structure and increased surface area promoting cellular in-growth. This non-woven material is made from electrospinning, a process which produces fine non-oriented and thin polymeric fibers from PTFE and other materials. We have the capabilities to spin membranes and develop composite 3-D nonwovens for coating substrates such as stents.

Aeos® ePTFE is made by expanding PTFE under controlled conditions to create a microporous structure. Membranes have a bi-directional orientation and controlled pore sizes making them ideal products in applications like endovascular stent grafts. We offer Aeos® ePTFE in several product forms encompassing extruded tubing, high tensile monofilament – including suture materials, and membranes.

Visit these individual product pages for more information about their specific characteristics and applications. Contact our team or call toll-free in US 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 Internationally today for samples to begin prototyping your biomaterial.

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Product category: Thin walled tubings, Catheter tubings

Extruded Tubing

As the world’s leader in polymer extrusions, Zeus strives to deliver solutions to spark breakthroughs. We offer an array of extruded tubing solutions serving industries from medical, aerospace, automotive, critical fluid transfer, electrical, fiber optics, oil and gas exploration, and more.

Zeus excels at extruding tubing from various performance materials including PE, PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, PEEK, PVDF, Nylons, and more. These materials surpass others when it comes to lubricity, temperature and chemical resistance, dielectric insulation, flexibility, and mechanical strength. Our extruded tubing products can be found in almost every industry worldwide.

Below are selected examples from our expansive extruded tubing portfolio covering medical and general industrial applications. Be sure to ask about customization and samples.

American Wire Gauge (AWG) and Fractional Tubing
Many applications do not need customization. Zeus has a host of AWG and Fractional tubing sizes in resins such as PTFE, FEP, PFA, HP PFA, and ETFE to meet the demands of multiple industries requiring high performance tubing. AWG tubing can have a variety of wall thicknesses. We offer standard, thin, and lightweight AWG for your application. While our fractional tubing is available in these options, we have products with a more robust wall thickness such as industrial wall, heavy wall, and heavy construction wall.

PTFE Sub-Lite-Wall® Tubing
Medical device manufacturers needing easier access through the body’s tortuous pathways use our customizable PTFE Sub-Lite-Wall® tubing as a catheter liner because of the extremely thin walls (0.002″; 0.051 mm max), tight tolerances (± 0.0005″; 0.0127 mm), and superior lubricity.

Multi-lumen Tubing
Engineers in the medical and fiber optic markets benefit from Zeus’ multi-lumen tubing. This tubing has multiple channels or “lumens” that are extruded within a single outer diameter (OD). This process creates multiple working channels for wires, fibers, air, or fluids which fit inside one tube-shaped form yet are separated into individual pathways. You design, we deliver.

Spiral Cut Tubing
This conventional extruded tubing is precision cut after extrusion in a spiral manner along its length creating a flexible and expandable bundling aid for wire, cables, and optical fiber management. Zeus has standard sizes in PTFE but can also make custom runs in other resins such as FEP, ETFE, PFA, PEEK, Nylons, and more.

Aeos® ePTFE Porous Tubing
This extruded tubing is made by expanding PTFE under controlled conditions during the manufacturing process to create microscopic pores in the material structure. The material is highly hydrophobic by nature, but the porosity allows air or other gasses a passageway for analytical laboratory testing applications. Extruded Aeos® tubing is our most flexible tubing and can also be used as a soft catheter liner or conduit for fiber optics.

Double Containment Tubing
For fluid management applications, the “tube-in-tube” design of Double Containment Tubing forges a synergy between workplace safety, easy inspection, and purity. This tubing has an outer layer of optically clear FEP and inner layer of high purity PFA. This tubing type is commonly used in semi-conductor fabrication as the plumbing line of choice to contain highly caustic fluids.

Convoluted Tubing
The aerospace and automotive industries use our convoluted tubing, commonly ordered as M81914, as a flexible conduit that has excellent dielectric strength. Our convoluted tubing has the resilience necessary to protect wires and optical fibers against elevated temperatures and abrasion.

Explore our entire range of extruded tubing products and sizes or try our Virtual Sample Locker to request samples of these products. Contact us or call 1-800-526-3842 toll-free in the US to learn more about which of these products can help you. Internationally, you can reach us at +1-803-268-9500.

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Product category: Thin walled tubings, Biodegradable polymers

Heat Shrinkable Tubing

Our heat shrinkable tubing is available in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and shrink ratios and made using state-of-the-art methods to ensure the covered products exposed to extreme heat, corrosion, shock, moisture, and other critical conditions are perfectly protected and ready to perform.

Heat shrink tubing from Zeus provides a state of the art method for the application of a tight, protective covering to items that will be subjected to the extremes of heat, corrosion, shock, moisture, and other harsh environmental conditions. In medical applications, for example, FEP Heat Shrink is a popular material selection for reflowing the nylon / Pebax® jacket over braiding to form a finished shaft in catheter design.

We manufacture high-performance heat shrink tubing in a variety of polymer resins including PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, PET, PEEK; and PTFE / FEP Dual-Shrink®. We can tailor our heat shrink products to meet your exact specifications in regard to materials, shrink ratios, tolerance, and size.

Provided in an expanded state, Zeus heat shrinkable tubing "shrink wraps" intricate and irregular shapes with a simple application of heat. The result is a protective covering that greatly extends life, increases reliability, and improves performance of the covered components and parts used in thousands of applications.

Industries We Serve
Zeus heat shrink tubing offers a synergy of desirable properties including dielectric strength, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, purity, lubricity, and reliability. For more than 50 years, Zeus has supplied the medical, electronics, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and many other industries with high-performance polymer heat shrink.

Catheter manufacturers have long clamored for a better avenue to remove heat shrink after the reflow process. Zeus responded with FluoroPEELZ® – an optically clear peelable heat shrink that increases yield and improves worker safety. With a simple linear tear, operators can quickly and easily remove the heat shrink to reveal a smooth surface finish that is free of imperfections.

Our heat shrinks are also used prominently in GI/endoscopy applications. The color patterns of PTFE Sub-Lite-Wall® spiral stripe heat shrink aids physicians in maneuvering wire guides through the body’s tortuous pathways. The temperature resistance of heat shrinks is ideal for insulating cauterizing forceps in biopsies.

General Industrial
We are the world’s only manufacturer of heat shrinkable PEEK, known as PEEKshrink®, enabling end users to push the boundaries of future designs. PEEKShrink® is renowned for its thermal resistance of 500 °F (260 °C) as well as mechanical strength and purity. PEEKshrink® fulfills a critical need to securely splice and insulate sensitive wiring from environmental rigors that exist in aerospace, automotive, and oil and gas applications.

Aerospace design engineers use our FEP Lay-Flat® Heat Shrink as a seamless release aid for forming composite materials due to its lubricity and reusability. PTFE / FEP Dual-Shrink® provides a tight, moisture proof bond over wires, cables, connectors, and other componentry that offers a temperature resistance of up to 450 °F (232 °C) and can withstand severe stress involving pull and vibration.

Many of our products conform to aerospace, automotive, military, and commercial standards; and in most cases, we exceed the intent of these standards.

Need a heat shrink solution for your application? Contact our team or call 1-800-526-3842 or +1-803-268-9500 internationally today to inquire about free samples. Our technical account managers are also available to discuss how we can help develop a precision heat shrink for you that will move your novel idea to commercialization.

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About us

Company details

Zeus – Delivering Dependable Innovation For Over 50 Years

At Zeus, We Are Innovators – Like You
We were among the first polymer extrusion companies to work in the arena of minimally invasive techniques for revolutionary procedures involving catheterization. From our earliest PTFE heat shrink extrusions to our latest LCP monofilament for MRI-compatible catheters, Zeus has sought to maintain our reputation for innovation, collaboration, quality, and a “can do” attitude that has made us and our partners successful.

Today, we have expanded our tradition of innovation to arenas beyond medical markets to include automotive, aerospace, energy – oil, gas, wind, and others – fibers optics, and fluid management. From our Dual-Shrink® heat shrink for precision automotive sensors and connectors to our Thermally Stable PEEK coating for fiber optics, Zeus continues to look ahead and anticipate the next generation of innovations in multiple markets.

Our History
Company founder Frank P. Tourville, Sr., set the vision for Zeus from its earliest days in 1966: After being in the extrusion industry for nearly ten years, Mr. Tourville set out to “do it better.” Through his personal drive and his business philosophy and acumen, Frank Sr. transformed Zeus into a global leader of polymer extrusion solutions and advanced technologies. Throughout Zeus’ often rapid growth, Mr. Tourville and Zeus remain committed to improving the industries and the lives of the people that we work with.

Zeus is Everywhere You Are
Today, after more than 50 years, Zeus touches nearly every major industry in the world. You will find our technology in places as diverse as your backyard grill to aircraft, 3-D printing, and surgical suites. Zeus products – tubing, catheter componentry, heat shrinks, bioabsorbable and implantable medical products, sutures, fiber optics coatings, and much more – are all around us today making our daily lives better. Our commitment to creating improved products and partnerships is surpassed only by the commitment of our people.

Why Choose Zeus As Your Innovation Partner?
Zeus’ history and reputation of partnering with manufacturers and research and development groups is long well-recognized. Today, companies – whether well-established or start-up – know that when they come to us, we deliver! Zeus can assist with process development, design challenges, materials guidance, prototype development, to quality support. We have our own certified testing and analytical laboratories with an extensive range of materials science capabilities. We take your reputation as seriously as you do! No other company delivers the consistency, dependability, and unparalleled innovation of Zeus.

To learn more about the potential of your next project through partnering with Zeus, contact us or call toll-free in the US 1-800-526-3842; outside of the US, please call +1-803-268-9500.

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