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Titan Biotech Ltd.

​903-909, 9th Floor BigJos Tower, Netaji Subhash Place, 110 034 Delhi

Telephone +91 11 47020103-10
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Our products

Product category: Bacteriology


Titan Media offers an extensive variety of Dehydrated Culture Media, keeping in mind the end goal to create the best outcomes in any microbiological studies. These dehydrated culture media solely for these purposes including various forms of Agar and Broth, with such a wide selection both vegetable and animal origin culture media. All these are broadly used in Microbiology, Research Work, Pharma, Veterinary, Waste Water, Food and Dairy Industries, etc. These dehydrated culture media are likewise utilized as a part of generation of vaccines, antibiotics and in oral insulin. These culture media provide the environment which is conducive for the growth of microorganisms. Culture media consists of best ingredients like, peptones, vegetable extracts, animal tissue, sodium salts, inhibitory agents, agar content and carbohydrate sources for the media preparation and growth of microorganisms. For the range of dehydrated culture media Titan Media provides authentic certificate of analysis. Titan Media built up itself as one of the main culture media manufacturer in India. We manufacture culture media with high-quality products & latest market trends.

Dehydrated culture media must be stored at the specified temperature, under specified conditions and not longer than the shelf-life periods appropriate to each product. The storage conditions and expiry date of each product are shown on the labels or product inserts but the following general rules will help to ensure that they are kept in an optimum environment. When storing products note the shelf life expiry dates on the labels and use the products in order of their lot/batch numbers.

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Product category: Bacteriology


Titan Media is the biggest manufacturer & supplier of Biological Media Bases, used as general constituent in various culture media as well as for commercial production of enzymes, vaccines, antibiotics, probiotics and other products. In general, these culture media’s formed with basic ingredients, those contains all the nutrients in commonly used for bacterial & fungal growth.

Titan Media supplies a full range of ingredients for the purposes of microbiology culture media. These ingredients are developed with deep understanding of needs of microbiology labs. We aim to meet all the requirements of customer without compromising the quality of our ingredients. These constituents are manufactured confined according to specified quality standard guidelines and parameters. Titan Media caters Biological Media Bases incorporates limitless assortment of items like: Agar Agar, Bile Salts, Bio Peptone, Beef Extract, Brain Heart Infusion Powder, Casein Hydrolysate, Heart Infusion, Liver Extract, Meat Extract, Meat Infusion, Ox Bile, Peptone, Peptone Special, Tryptone, Yeast Extract, Yeast Peptone and many more….

Titan Media is also engaged in manufacturing of Vegetable Origin, free from animal-derived components & GMO, Biological Media Bases which are broadly utilized as a part of culture media for development and different purposes. These are excellent source of nutrients (nitrogen, carbon, vitamins, sugars etc.) and are accessible in the accompanying sorts: Veg. Peptone, Veg. Tryptone, Corn Meal Extract, Veg. Yeast Extract, Soyatone, Oat Meal Powder, Veg. Meat Extract, Veg. Meat Infusion, Malt Extract, Veg. Liver Extract, Veg. Heart Infusion, Veg. Brain Heart Infusion Powder, Veg. Biopeptone and many more…..

Superior media is the prime requirement for accurate laboratory work whether in food industry or pharma industry. Titan medium is tested against control organisms, both for growth and, when required, inhibition. These biological media bases are the sources of nutrients (nitrogen, carbon, vitamins, sugars etc.) for the growth of microorganism. You can confidently rely on our product quality and expertise every step of the way.

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Product category: Bacteriology


Titan Media has full range of Sterile Dehydrated Culture Media. Sterilization is defined as any process that effectively kills or eliminates almost all microorganisms like fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms. There are many different sterilization methods depending on the purpose of the sterilization and the material that will be sterilized. The choice of the sterilization method alters depending on materials and devices for giving no harm. Titan Media has sterile dehydrated culture media are as follows -

for sterility testing of biological and for cultivation of aerobic, anaerobic and microaerophilic organisms.

for the evaluation of sterility in manufacturing processes.

for the evaluation of sterility in manufacturing processes.

for large scale cultivation of bacteria for Vaccine production and many more…..

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About us

Company details

Titan Biotech Ltd. continues to build on the well-established Life Sciences product line we have manufactured and supplied under brand name Titan Media since 1992. For over twenty five years, Titan Biotech Ltd. has committed its research and development department as one of the leading producer of reliable and high quality Microbiological & Biotechnological products with an emphasis on service, value and customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in striving to respond to your scientific needs with a sense of urgency & timeliness that’s why day-to-day we are expanding our product range to meet the regular demands of the scientific communities.

Our sincere efforts of practicing and serving quality through our products are recognized by National & International certifying agencies and honored us with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 2200:2003, FSSAI, cGMP, GMP+, CE Certification.

The management strives to penetrate ideas of customer orientation throughout all facets of Titan Biotech Ltd. with firm commitment and continuous dedication to the following principles:

Quality – Quality products.

Services – Superior customer service.

Cost – Cost competitive.

These simple but sincere efforts are performed to strengthen and maintain our leading position in the industry.

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