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Tridema Engineering srl

Via Circumvallazione est. 91, 80017 Melito di Napoli
Telephone +39 081 7101661
Fax +39 081 7100658

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Diagnostics
  • 03.03  Haematology / Histology / Cytology
  • 03.03.04  Devices and systems for coagulation analysis

Devices and systems for coagulation analysis

Our products

Product category: Devices and systems for coagulation analysis

Arkimeds T2

The ARKIMEDS T2 is a fully automatic coagulometer and spectrophotometer, a high-performance analyzer with a new design and an innovative solution. The powerful T2 photometer is designed to perform all the routine test such as, aptt, fibrinogen, thrombin time, clotting factor, proteins, d-dimer, antithrombin III and the immunoturbidimetric tests in accurate and precise results. The user -friendly software and its smart ideas like the EASY START(R) feature will help the operator to get in few minutes to the best and more reliable results of his job.

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Product category: Devices and systems for coagulation analysis


The ARKIMEDS is a fully automated coagulometer able to run different tests for 18 patients. The overall system is discrete. The tests are performed sequentially. The typical potential of the instrument is to determine 120 tests per hour in optimal conditions. For all analyses, you can assign different work methods, limited only by the characteristics of the instrument.

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Product category: Devices and systems for coagulation analysis


The DIAMOND is a semi-automatic single channel coagulation analyzer. It can perform coagulative, chromogenic and immunoturbidimetric tests, with its three wavelengths of 450, 510 and 630 nm. It is an open system. The user can set up the best parameters for each test to get excellent clotting detection. Compact, small, lightweight, it operates at 12 Volts CC with supplied 110-220 VAC adapter.

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Product category: Devices and systems for coagulation analysis

Diamond II

The DIAMOND II is a semi-automated dual channel coagulometer, a high-performance analyzer with photo-optical clot detection. It performs PT, APTT, FIB, TT, AT-III, PRO-C, PRO.S. Designed for the veterinary laboratories, it is able to ensure precise and accurate tests in a short time. The Diamond has a highly sensitive photometer with a light source provided by a solid state three wavelengths led emitter at 460nm, 510nm and 630nm which ensures accurate and precise results.

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Product category: Devices and systems for coagulation analysis


The Tritek is a semi-automated device designed especially for clinical use in the hemostasis laboratory, for clotting, chromogenic and immunological testing of coagulation analyses. This equipment is an IVD medical device. Any use of Tritek different from its intended use may cause harm to the patient.

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About us

Company details

Tridema Engineering srl was born in 1993 in Melito di Napoli, Italy as oem designer and manufacturer of ivd instruments with signed agreements with big IVD Companies.

During those years were designed several clinical chemistry analyzers and electrophoresis instruments.
After a couple of years was added a trading branch that ,from then , has many distribution agreement for different italian regions..

The business is still located in Melito di Napoli, italy on a couple of plants on a total of 1000 mq.
There are up to 20 direct employee and up to 30 external cooperators both in selling than as consultants.

The company sold more than 1000 automatic instruments both in coagulation than in clinical chemistry and it is close to 1500 manual coagulometers shipped both as direct sellings than via the 19 distributors and oem that has worldwide.

Tridema Engineering team is the original designer and manufacturer of all the instruments of his catalogue ,and the owner of all the copyrights and rights involved.

ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company

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