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Our products

Product category: Infusion technology equipment


The storage of blood and blood components is known as one of the most critical applications, the developments are frequent and the requirements are increasing every day.

RENOLIT MEDICAL is known as the world wide market leader for the basic materials for the manufacturing of blood bag systems. The RENOLIT SOLMED Transfufol, Infufol and ES blood bag films are supplied to the world’s leading manufacturers of blood bags and blood processing systems. Important factors are the consistent and reliable quality of the films, often custom made in co-development with our customers.

Some features are: superior embossing stability during the steam sterilization procedure, guaranteeing the non-blocking properties on both sides of the film. Different surface structures are available enabling a good blood separation both on automatic as well as semi-automatic fractionation machines. The compositions of the films have been carefully tested for their blood compatibility.

Various formulations are available, including DEHP, TEHTM, DINCH and citrate plasticized films. Special PVC and polyolefin based compounds offer high oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability for platelet storage. Thickness ranges from 0.20 to 0.75 mm, width ranges from 50 to 760 mm and for some film types 1350 mm.

The specially developed RENOLIT SOLMED Transfufol film processing technique combines the advantages of calendering and extrusion, resulting in a superior batch-to-batch consistency. The strict clean room conditions, web cleaning technology and in-line slitting guarantee a low particulate level.

The RENOLIT SOLMED Transfufol, Infufol and ES films, Medituub and Medigranuul are used for the manufacturing of critical blood contact devices such as:

  • blood bag systems
  • flexible leucocyte filters
  • aphaeresis systems
  • transfusion systems
  • platelet pool bags
  • venous reservoir bags
  • and many more.

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Product category: Infusion technology equipment


The use of flexible bags for IV applications offers significant advantages over the traditional glass bottles and blown plastic containers. One of the most important aspects is the collapsibility of a flexible bag, making air vents redundant. Other benefits include weight and volume reduction and high transparency. Today the decisive factors in IV applications are quality, reliability and cost. RENOLIT SOLMED sets the standard in all aspects.

RENOLIT SOLMED MF518, Medipak, Mediflex and Infuflex are the standard for the packaging of sterile IV and pharmacological solutions. These polyolefin (PP) and PVC based tubular and double wound flat films have proven to be the most reliable and cost effective material for IV bags.

High frequency welding of the PVC based RENOLIT SOLMED Medipak offers a reduced risk of pinholes during the production of bags. PVC Medipak is available in DEHP, TEHTM, DINCH or other plasticized formulations.

RENOLIT MEDICAL offers a complete system for the manufacture of reliable and high quality IV bags, both in PVC and in polyolefin materials:

  • RENOLIT SOLMED Medipak (PVC) and Mediflex (PP) tubular film; Infuflex (PP) double wound flat film
  • RENOLIT SOLMED Medituub (PVC) and Tubeflex (PP)
  • RENOLIT SOLMED Medigranuul (PVC) and Granuflex (PP) injection molding compounds for port manufacturing
  • Ports and caps for IV bags and bottle closures
  • Rubber stoppers
The storage of drugs, active ingredients or other pharmacological solutions is supported by a wide range of film and tubing compositions.

The polyolefin based RENOLIT SOLMED MF518, Mediflex and Infuflex films can be used on the highly efficient fully automated heat seal machines that are available today. For polyolefin IV systems the unique RENOLIT SOLMED Tubeflex types can be combined with PP based RENOLIT SOLMED Granuflex injection molded ports, with polycarbonate ports and even with PVC ports.

For IV administration sets, RENOLIT SOLMED Medituub is the material of choice. Main features are the superior non-kinking properties, excellent transparency and suitable for steam, ETO and gamma sterilization. For critical applications, the coextruded RENOLIT SOLMED Tubeflex 3-layer PVC/PE tubing avoids drug ab-/adsorption to the tubing wall.

To support our customers during the registration period we offer empty bags manufactured with MF518 film.

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Product category: Infusion technology equipment


The requirements for the packaging of sterile parenteral nutrition solutions depend largely on the type of solution, sterilization method and specific barrier properties required.

Parenteral nutrition solutions containing amino acids and vitamins require high barriers for oxygen and UV light. Several multilayer RENOLIT SOLMED films offer these barrier functions and excellent cold temperature resistance. The coextruded RENOLIT SOLMED Medipak UVO tubular film contains an EVA fluid contact layer, is high frequency weldable and the film is suitable for ETO and gamma sterilization.

Many parenteral nutrition solutions are steam sterilized at 121˚C and contain components, such as glucose, lipids and amino acids, which must be stored seperately. These applications require steam sterilizable multicompartment bags with peelable seal, which can be manufactured from the RENOLIT SOLMED Infuflex polyolefin films. In combination with RENOLIT SOLMED Tubeflex tubing and Granuflex based ports, a complete polyolefin system can be realized.

RENOLIT SOLMED EVA is used for the storage of lypophilic solutions, an application area where the use of PVC is limited.

RENOLIT SOLMED Medipak EVA tubular film is available in a clear and a ribbed version. A special surface embossing on the outside of the tubular film reduces the sticking and blocking effect, and facilitates its use on automated welding machines.
Special RENOLIT SOLMED Medituub EVA and coextruded PVC/EVA Medituub are available to ensure a proper connection with the bag ports.

Enteral nutrition applications require reliable and cost effective packaging materials. Various RENOLIT SOLMED materials are available for the large diversity in enteral feeding products:

  • RENOLIT SOLMED extruded PVC films
    - RENOLIT SOLCARE calendered PVC, cost effective and available in clear and white
  • RENOLIT SOLMED EVA flat film and Medipak EVA tubular film, often used for longer shelf-life storage of fatty solutions

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Product category: Infusion technology equipment


The biotechnology sector is one of the application areas where continuous and frequent developments result in increasing material requirements.

In this field, RENOLIT MEDICAL is one of the leading suppliers of materials for the most critical applications such as media bags, final product and sample bags, flexible cell culture bioreactors and cell therapy.

The RENOLIT SOLMED Infuflex, Tubeflex and Granuflex PE based products offer the biotechnology industry a new platform for disposable products. An extensive extractables study has been completed confirming the ultra-low leachables level of these products.
High oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor barrier properties are incorporated in the RENOLIT SOLMED Infuflex and BF multilayer films. In a width up to 1.4 meters, these films are suitable for 2D and 3D bag design. In addition, the RENOLIT SOLMED Infuflex barrier films exhibit unprecedented high clarity.

RENOLIT MEDICAL supplies special barrier materials for the storage of cell culture media. The Medipak UVO offers excellent oxygen, carbon dioxide and UV barrier properties. Available in widths of 125 to 400 mm, this 5 layer coextruded tubular film is suitable for media bags up to 20 liter capacity.

Special EVA and polyolefin films are available for stem cell storage and cell therapy applications. These specially developed materials combine very high oxygen and carbon dioxide transmission rates with excellent cryogenic storage properties down to -196˚C.

For fluid transportation, the RENOLIT SOLMED Tubeflex 4502 offers an excellent flexibility and sealability. The tubing is suitable for pump use and has a proven ultra-low extractables profile.

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Product category: Infusion technology equipment

Collection and drainage


RENOLIT MEDICAL manufactures a variety of films and compounds under the RENOLIT SOLMED and SOLCARE brand names  for use in medical devices designed for fluid collection and urological drainage and collection; also suitable for various drapes and gowns.

Film products are provided primarily by calendering but some specialized articles are extruded utilizing RENOLIT MEDICAL's innovative lay flat tubing process or flat die extrusion techniques. RENOLIT SOLMED and SOLCARE PVC films are available in a range of PVC formulations offering different levels and types of plasticizers including DEHP and DINCH.  The variety of film manufacturing processes and formulations allows design of the best possible configuration of collection and drainage bag systems, ensuring ease of fabrication and optimum performance of the device.

The RENOLIT SOLCARE and RENOLIT SOLMED films for drainage and fluid collection are typically used in the following applications:

  • Peritoneal dialysis drainage bags
  • Urological collection systems
  • Wound drainage devices
  • drapes and gowns
  • and many more.
RENOLIT SOLMED and RENOLIT SOLCARE collection and drainage device films are formulated for easy fabrication by radio frequency welding.   -Products are available for steam, gamma and ETO sterilization.

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The RENOLIT SOLMED product line consists of a complete range of medical grade plastics including PVC, PP, PE and EVA based flexible films, tubings and compounds. RENOLIT SOLMED products are widely used for critical pharmaceutical applications and medical devices, including blood bag systems, IV and nutrition solution bags, dialysis systems, cell culture and bioprocess applications.

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