Kartell S.p.A. of Noviglio (Mi) at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA Trade Fair

Kartell S.p.A.

Via delle Industrie, 1, 20082 Noviglio (Mi)
Telephone +39 02 900121
Fax +39 02 90096789

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MEDICA 2017 hall map (Hall 3): stand D52

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MEDICA 2017 fairground map: Hall 3

Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Laboratory items


    Excellent chemical and temperature resistance. With serrations to hold hoses tightly and prevent slipping. Autoclavable.

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Product category: Laboratory items


Dim. Ext. mm: 12x12x45

Cuvettes for spectrophotometry application in the visible spectrum. Clear and sharp optical path with indication of the optical path direction. They are made of optical PS and UV grade PMMA and are equipped with optically machined walls (optical faces) to ensure optimal transparency along the spectral field from 340 to 800 nm (optical PS) and from 280 to 800 nm (UV grade PMMA). Available in the macro version (4.5 ml), low-form semi-micro (1.5 ml), high-form semi- micro (2.5 ml), with 2 or 4 optical faces. The two optical face version has grooves on the two walls not optically machined to provide a better grip and to prevent positioning errors. They are compatible with most of the spectrophotometers and photometers on the market. The production technology and quality control determine reproducibility of the cuvettes. The absorption changes are kept within the ± 1% interval, an extremely important condition especially for analyses in series. The cuvette code 1961, with 4 optical faces and usable in the UV field, can be used for spectrofluorimetry techniques. It is recommended for most of the common biological and biotechnological applications. They are packaged in a practical dust-proof support-container made of PS foam containing 100 cuvettes.

• From Art. 1937 to Art. 1961: 10 boxes of 100 cuvettes each (tot. 1000 cuvettes) with Kartell brand.
• From Art. 81937 to Art. 81961: 60 boxes of 100 cuvettes each (tot. 6000 cuvettes) without Kartell brand.

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Product category: Laboratory items


Series that can be used with every water solution type (except those containing hydrofluoric acid), marked by a high degree of convenience and reliability. It is equipped with a 3.3 borosilicate glass cylinder and PTFE piston

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Product category: Laboratory items


DESCRIPTIONDosipet is a series of adjustable volume repetitive dosing devices. They are made of high quality materials ensuring considerable mechanical and chemical resistance. They are available in three different versions, depending on the reagents to be dispensed. Possibility to choose between:

  • For universal use; ideal for use with reagent of average aggressiveness.
  • Useful for dosing concentrated acids, polar and no-polar solvents.
  • Especially developed for hydrofluoric acid dosing. They are supplied complete with tubes for filling/discharging, as well as with a set of adaptors: for Dosipet 2.5/5 and 10 ml adaptors A25, A28, A45, S40; for Dosipet 25/50 and 100 ml adaptors A28, A32/45, A40.
Technical specifications common to the three series:
• precise and quick volume adjustment using the analogue slider
• precise graduated scale to ensure reproducibility of the dispensed volumes
• no loss of reagent when eliminating air or filling
• dispensing without bubbles forming
• the piston completely transfers the liquid with every movement
• total recovery of the liquid in the discharge tube by turning the delivery tip 180°
• autoclavable at +121°C for 20 minutes
• EC conformity

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About us

Company details

Kartell, founded in 1949, was one of the first companies in Europe to begin transforming plastic materials and using them to create and produce designer furniture, furnishing objects and household accessories.
In the last 60 years Kartell’s main objective has been to take the technological and industrial aspects of plastic - a consideration necessary in today’s economic and social environment - and combine them with a cultural and aesthetic approach. In this sense, Kartell has emerged as a true innovator amongst Italian and international companies. At the end of the 1950’s this technological development led naturally to the birth of the Labware Division, a section of Kartell that supplies products specifically for the laboratory market.
The division uses raw materials, such as Polypropylene, Polystyrene and Polyethylene, to their best possible advantage, creating many products that are lightweight, highly resistant, inexpensive and the natural alternatives to glass.
The choice of the plastic to be used obviously depends on the individual application.
For this reason it is necessary to consider important factors such as chemical concentration, contact time, ageing effects, thermal stress, aggressiveness of detergents, UV radiation exposure, sterilisation and other environmental effects.

It is this commitment to quality that led to Kartell being granted ISO 9001 certification in 1996, and will continue to be its driving force into the future.

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