SYST'AM system Assistance Medical SAS of Villeneuve-Sur-Lot at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

SYST'AM system Assistance Medical SAS

Zae Route de Casseneuil, Le Ledat, 47300 Villeneuve-Sur-Lot
Telephone +33 5 53405030
Fax +33 5 53405838

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MEDICA 2017 hall map (Hall 14): stand E16

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MEDICA 2017 fairground map: Hall 14

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.05  Decubitus prevention products

Our products

Product category: Decubitus prevention products


A moulded waffle mattress made of high resilency foam with high density

  • Mattress moulded in one section : guarantee for a perfect holding in the cover and compatible with standard and multi-sections bed bases
  • Independence & mobility of the blocks : have been carefully researched to offer a significant reduction in the shear forces
  • Aeration channels between blocks : help to reduce the effects of maceration through improved mattress ventilation
  • Large surface of plots : allowing to maximise the contact surface between the patient and the support thus to decrease the Max. pressures on area at risk
  • The Syst'am® high resiliency foam is moulded and of high density (40 kg/m3, medical grade) offering great comfort and very large flexibility
  • Its physical features (elasticity, weight bearing capacity) ensure great resistance against sagging and avoiding therewith the bottoming effects
  • Height of 14 cm with rounded corners for easier installation of supports in bed frame.

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Product category: Decubitus prevention products


Cushion made of 2 viscoelastic gel moulded with an anatomic polyurethane hr-foam

  • High-reticulated viscoelastic polyurethane gel: avoids gel migration thus preventing all punching of the support. The viscoelastic fluid gel (white pad) ensures reduction of the Max. pressures on sensitive areas
  • The addition of a high-resilience foam base enables the cushion to adapt better to bony protuberances, thus providing a larger contact surface, therefore more effective distribution of pressure
  • Because the two layers of the material are moulded together (≠ stuck), they are completely bonded, thus eliminating all risk of separating over time
  • Increases contact surface with the support, thus producing reduction in transcutaneous pressures. Moreover, it improves patient comfort and stability
  • Completely adapted to incontinent patients

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Product category: Decubitus prevention products


Postural aid and bedsore prevention

  • Viscoelastic foam with memory effect :defined body moulding and increased body surface area in contact with the foam
  • More effective distribution of pressures : reduction of transcutaneous pressure on high risk zones, facilitated blood flow
  • Increased comfort and more effective maintenance of patient position
  • Universel support:This is the perfect supporting aid: it helps support the patient, relieves the pressure on the heels, protects the internal lateral knee areas, ankles...
  • This cushion can also be used as postural help in rest chair, wheelchair and shell seat
  • Facilitates positioning for care staff
  • Used by itself or with other devices

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About us

Company details

SYST'AM® was created in 1988.
SYST'AM® initially focused all its efforts on respiratory care devices such as nebulisers. Until today SYST'AM® contributes strongly to the better supply of the patients. 1995 SYST'AM® acquired a manufacturer of aids against decubitus and brought all activities in Villeneuve sur Lot, France under one roof.

SYST'AM invested heavily: bringing R&D in-house, expanding product lines and improving upon existing memory polymers and chemical formulae to deliver superior sore prevention products. Together with respiratory care, these two product lines form the basis of SYST'AM as it exists today.

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