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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

Mesh for Incontinence (Vaginal Slings)

SUPRO®SUI Vaginal tape tension-free features:
√ 100% polypropylene monofilament
√ Non-absorbable polypropylene
√ Macropore knitting
√ Resistance to tensile strenght
√ Atraumatic edges
√ A low elasticity coefficient
√ Easy to install
√ Long term efficiency
√ Immediate initial fixation
√ A low elasticity coeffecient and special treatment that make this tape convenient for surgical treatment of female stress urinary incontinence.

Supro SUI presents the modern solutions for stress urinary incontinence that afflicts a high percentage of women.

There are application instruments for different surgical techniques.

The most common causes of Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) symptoms;
- Pregnancy and childbirth
- Pelvic surgery and radiotherapy
- Other causes
- Obesity
- Constipation
- Smoking and lung disease
- The menopause

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

Polypropylene Mesh for Hernia (Surgical Mesh)

SUPRO®MESH is indicated in the treatment of hernias, eventrations and rectal and genital urinary prolapses. It can be used of inguinal, crural and incisional hernias. It can be used by coelioscopic or laparotomic techniques.

Mesh is transparent and flexible, making it easy to use in celioscopy or laparotomy and enabling it to fit perfectly against the cavity wall.

Mesh has excellent multidirectional mechanical properties and exeptional resistance to tearing.

Fibrosis measurements with electron microscopic observed after a month.

√ Thinner than all available meshes. Providing extra ease and comfort for the patient.
√ Ideal flexibility providing easier placement.
√ Ideal tensile strenght. Excellent resistance and elasticity. Ideal porosity. Optimum rigidity and minimal rate. Minimum infection risk.
√ No shrinkage. High capacity for colonization and integra on effects wound healing positively.

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

Antimicrobial Incise Drape

Antimicrobial Drape is used for prevent spreading of bacterium in surgical operations. Post operative infection is a major problem for surgeons in all fields surgery. HI-TEC drape contains developed iodophor. Iodophor provides high and fast disinfection with application. In case of implants it assumes greater significance. Implants act as hideouts for these bacteria and increases the risk.

HI-TEC Antimicrobial drape provides a chemical and physical barrier against bacteria contamination. 
√ Transparent
√ Let skin to breath
√ Impermeable to bacteria and water
√ Hypoallergenic
√ Proper viscidity
√ High elasticity

Cardiovascular procedures, Valve replacements, Orthopedic surgery knee and hip replacements, Neurosurgery shunt implantations are more prone to post-op infections due to skin bacteria.

Aims of Use:
» Abdominal Operations
» Chest and Heart Surgical Operations
» Surgical Plastic Operations
» Ophtalmology
» Pediatric Operations

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

Surgical Incise Drape

HI-TEC® Surgical drape covers the operation site with its adhesive area and does not permit to effect operation wound by bacterias, forms a barrier against bacterias and does not permit the transfer of bacteria.

Transparent and let skin to breath impermeable to bacteria and water hypoallergenic and proper viscidity, high elasticity.

Bone, abdomen operation, chest and heart surgical operation, plastic operation, ophthalmology and pediatries operations.

It is a high quality transparent ultrathin film with high elasticity.

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

Neurosurgical Sponge (Neurosurgical Patties)

Specialized Surgical sponges for neuro, orthopedic, spinal vascular and microscopic surgeries. Made of high absorbent material, easily replace and remove.

√ Its elasticity provides ease of use.
√ Sponges and strips are X-Ray detectable.
√ Smooth-surface conforms to tissue contours when moist.
√ HI-TEC® Neurosurgical sponge has absorbent property for its both surface.
√ HI-TEC® Neurosurgical sponges are made of non-woven cotton providing a soft, strong, thin and high absorbent character in use.
√ HI-TEC® Neurosurgical sponges is made from a pliable natural hemostatic material with hypoallergenic and biocompatible properties.
√ Due to the high quality of material HI-TEC® Neurosurgical sponges provides effective bleeding control.
√ HI-TEC® Neurosurgical sponges provide absorbtion and keep the liquid.

Soft texture reduces possibility of tissue trauma. Disposable material, non-absorbable.
10 pads/ strips in 1 sterile package, 20 sterile packages in 1 box.

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

Degradable Anti-adhesion Gel

SUPRO®GEL is an anti-adhesive gel by Klas Medical that used for preventing adhesions after operations.

√ Ready for inject form.
√ It has appropriate apparatus for laparoscopic use.
√ It can be used in open and laparoscopic surgery.
√ It is ready to use and can be observed in application area easily.
√ Application is easy and it reaches all the surfaces.
√ It does not need extra device to apply. It saves gel form on the tissue.
√ It provides a safety adhesion barrier.
√ If surgeon does not use SUPRO®GEL, the result will be peridural fibrosis and the second operation will be unavoidable.

→ Abdominal Adhesions;  The digestive system is a part of the intestines. Abdominal adhesions can cause intestinal obstruction as a result of harm to your digestive system.  The most intense way to abdominal adhesions caused by abdominal surgery. Adhesion formation is seen in the large section after abdominal surgery for most of patients.

→ Pelvic Adhesions; All abdominal and pelvic organs which is exception of ovarian is covered by peritoneum (peritonel). Even if being very careful surgical intervention to the abdominal membrane, adhesion will cause inflammation. Although inflammation is a normal process of healing, it accelarates the adhesion with scar tissue.

→Tendon Surgery; Suprogel prevents the formation of scar tissue after perineural peripheral nerve surgery. Suprogel adhesion barrier prevents the adhesion of tendon injuries and accelarates the healing process.After hand surgery, unstoppable peri-tendon adhesions will bring challenging clinical results.

Areas of Use:
» General Surgery,
» Liver and Gall Surgery,
» Tumor Surgery,
» Urological Department,
» Spine Surgery,
» Orthopedy (knee-hip),
» Hand Surgery,
» Gynecology,
» Obstetrics Department, etc.

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Product category: Disposable articles for surgeries

Mesh for Hernia Plug (Surgical Mesh Plug 2D and 3D)

SUPRO®MESH Plug is is indicated in the treatment of hernias.

Highlights of the treament;
Technically simple
Minimally invasive
Quick recovery
Low complication rate
Minimal cost
Low recurrence rate

SUPRO®MESH Plug 3D is a non-absorbable, lightweight, pre-formed, three-dimensional plug constructed of knitted of monofilament polypropylene thread.
A  3D pre-shaped mesh plug that looks like a small badminton shuttle-cock is inserted into the hernia defect in open surgery. In addition, the other piece of flat mesh is placed on top of the hernia defect.
It is placed without sutures on the anterior surfaces of the posterior wall of the inguinal canal. The tails of the onlay patch will help reinforce the integral ring. If desired, the tails can be brought together with sutures.

SUPRO®MESH Plug  is a non absorbable, lightweight, preformed, three-dimensional plug constructed of knitted of monofilament polypropylene thread.
A 2D pre-shaped mesh plug that looks like a small badminton shuttle-cock is inserted into the hernia defect in open surgery. In addition, the other piece of flat mesh is placed on top of the hernia defect.
The innovative shape simply conforms to the defect, stays in place, suture easily and will not collapse or pop-out during the procedure.
The soft, flexible mesh minimizes irritation and integrates seamlessly into the healing tissue.

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