MS Westfalia GmbH of Troisdorf at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf -- MEDICA Trade Fair

MS Westfalia GmbH

Junkersring 54, 53844 Troisdorf

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MEDICA 2017 hall map (Hall 11): stand C26

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MEDICA 2017 fairground map: Hall 11

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.04  Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
  • 01.04.02  Respiration equipment

Our products

Product category: Respiration equipment

Jenny - modular critical care hybrid

A modular critical care all-in-one solution
Most intensive care functions as plug-in modules based on the patient’s needs.

One configurable intensive care station for all pre-clinical and clinical applications.

Flat, space saving wall mounting or mobile backpack and on-stretcher-frame.

Central control system for most emergency functions
One-level user interface for all critical care functions.

Uninterrupted patient data transmission to the CIS
Video conferencing from the emergency scene with hospital physicians.

Centralized data analysis and decision support for diagnosis and therapy.

Continuous patient attendance. All critical care phases
Continuous attendance to patients throughout all pre-clinical and clinical phases.

No time loss and no danger when switching over from one device to another.

No unnecessary disconnecting of patient from the device.

No unwanted therapy inconsistency when switching between devices.

High-end functionality and mobility in one unit.

One universal unit substituting a whole range of medical devices

All patient groups: neonates, children, adults
One universal unit for all patient groups, from neonates weighting 300 g to overweight adults.

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Product category: Respiration equipment

Maja - anaesthesia machines family

Pneumatically driven, electronic control
One universal pneumatic circuit for all age groups of the patients.

High quality at an affordable price
„Maja“ anaesthesia machines offer modern styling combined with quality and safety at an affordable price with the added benefit of low cost maintenance.

Neonatal option
Neonatal option is included in standard configuration of all models of “Maja” anesthesia machines family. Both types of ventilation - mechanical and manual are available.

Built-in multi-gas analyzer and SpO2 measurement
Built-in multi-gas analyzer by Mainstream method: CO2, N2O, Hal, Iso, Enf, Sev and Des), saturation level detection by Nellcor Oxi Max sensor.

Central castor’s brake system
Comfortable castor’s brake system – only one pedal is used to block all 4 castors of the trolley.

Contactless absorber detection system
The presence / absence of the absorber is determined by an infrared sensor, disconnecting the tank will automatically switch on the bypass system to prevent leakage.

User-friendly interface and touch-screen display
User-friendly interface provides easy and comfortable operation. All models of Maja anesthesia machines are equipped with touch-screen displays (from 8” in Maja X40 till 19 “ in Maja X55).

Easy-removable, detachable patient circuit with heating
Patient circuit can be easy removed from main unit for cleaning and disinfection. It has the built-in heating system to prevent water condensation inside.

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Product category: Respiration equipment

MythoVent - ICU station

Revolutionary respiration and vital signs monitoring
The first ventilator in the world with built-in function of vital signs monitoring. It records ECG in 3-/5-lead, heart rate, 2xTemp, pulsoxymetrie, SpO2, NIBP, 2xIBP, respiratory rate displaying all parameters on the screen.

Automatic Tube Compensation / Cuff Pressure Control
Only MythoVent warn automatically of complications associated with injury of trachea mucous membrane after prolonged intubation. This device controls pressure of endotracheal tube cuff in relation to respiratory phase providing air tightness and reducing risk of trachea epithelium injury.

Medication nebulizer
In MythoVent the medicine is given to the patient only during the first 75% of the inspiratory phase. Experts confirm that this way of delivery is the most effective.

Laser absorption spectroscopy O2 measurement
Тhe revolutionary solid-state sensor technology allows to measure the oxygen concentration parameter immediately (< 0,2 s), accurately (0,1% resolution) and with minimal cross-sensitivity to other types of gas molecules. MythoVent laser oxygen sensor does not need calibration of exchanging and can be used during the whole lifetime of the device itself.

Exchangeable plug-in aluminium autoclavable cassette
A new step to ideal ventilation – allows for a full time operation by exchanging of the cassette. Only in MythoVent a long-life cassette can be cleaned, sterilized, disinfected and used again and again. It is suitable for coaxial or dual hose system.

Assisted Spontaneous Breathing
All modern modes of mechanical ventilation, including CPAP/PSV, BILEVEL, MMV, SIMV, PRVC, A/C (VC/PC), NIV. All attempts of spontaneous breathing are instantly registered and controlled automatically.

Ideal mobility
In-hospital patient transportation becomes safer and more comfortable with MythoVent. Ventilator has a built-in battery with 30 min operation time, 5L portable oxygen cylinder, the trolley mount are also available (including 2 external battery pack, 2 full size oxygen cylinders an air bottles, mount for patient`s bed and for the infusion stand).

Smart user-friendly interface
10,4” LCD color display with auto-light sensor (auto, dark, medium, bright). In one screen there are 6 traces for up to 8 curves and 2 loops. 12 numerical fields for 24 values with option of individual configuration (up to 10 presets).

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Product category: Respiration equipment

Inspirer - portable ventilator

Built-in compressed air source and the battery for 12 hours
Inspirer is a ventilator for children and adults. It is designed to work in a hospital environment and for transporting patients in ambulances. Built-in air supply and high capacity battery provides autonomous operation of the device for up to 12 hours.

All modern ventilation modes
Already in the basic configuration the user gets access to all modern modes of mechanical ventilation: VCV, PCV, VC-SIMV, PC-SIMV, PSV, CPAP, BiLevel, APRV, PRVC.

Medication nebulizer
Built-in pneumatic nebulizer with synchronization of mechanical and spontaneous breaths provides effective and economical medicament spraying during ventilation.

A wide choice of accessories
The user has a choice of accessories to adapt the device for use in the hospital and during transportation of patients.

Additional display
It is possible to equip the ventilator with an additional display with large diagonal to facilitate visualization of the settings and parameters of lung mechanics.

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Product category: Respiration equipment

Defi-Monitor DM 700 - Defibrillator monitor

Multi-functional, rich basic configuration
Defibrillator Monitor for adults, children and infants. The maximum discharge power - 200 Joules. Biphasic. Cardio version. The possibility of using disposable and reusable electrodes for defibrillation. Universal reusable electrodes (for adults, children and infants). Embedded AED mode. Cardiac pacemaker (Pacemaker).

Intuitive and easy operation of defibrillation modes
Manual defibrillation control mode and AED (automatic external defibrillation) control with the help of buttons on the body, or directly on the reusable electrodes. Defense mechanism to switch between modes.

A wide range of used and displayed ECG leads
4 (I, II, III, aVF, aVL and aVR), 5 (I, II, III, aVF, aVL, aVR and V) or 10-core (I, II, III, aVF, aVL, aVR and V1 - V6) cable for ECG, ECG choice on the internal LCD with one button. Displays heart rate (HR).

Many options
Various options available such as pulse oximeter (SpO2, technology Masimo), memory card, embedded thermal printer, electroluminescent display EL to work in conditions of high light, as well as special software «Visor ECG» for the transmission of graphic and digital data to a personal computer.

Compact and autonomous
Defibrillator has the small size and weight in its class (310х249х195 mm), weight 5.2 kg. Built-in rechargeable battery (at least 130 bits with a maximum capacity of 200 Joules, or 150 minutes of continuous ECG monitoring).

Use in stationary and transport conditions
The device is certified for use during transporting patients by any means of transport (including aviation). It is possible to equip the defibrillator with a convenient transport bag.

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About us

Company details

Own R&D and production
Our medical equipment answers all the market challenges and may be a good alternative to the leading brands

Execution of multi-modality turn-key projects
Our customers benefit from the fact that we do not limit our service to a simple delivery of our own products but may execute complete turn-key projects according to customer demands

Unique marketing approach with full support in promotion
We provide our customers with full support at all stages of product promotion, including organization and joined participation in promotional activities of our products together with our distributors, e.g. trainings, workshops, approbation, congresses, symposiums and exhibitions

Marketing & sales trainings for distributors
Marketing & sales trainings give a market overview, basic knowledge on modality, problems /challenges of existing products and technological solutions from MSW, overview of the new sales and marketing techniques and promotion tools

Application trainings for distributors and end users
These trainings are conducted by our Product Specialists (all experienced doctors) and may be organized either at the customers’ site, or at MS Westfalia.

Full technical service including technical trainings
Beside technical support during installation, warranty and post-warranty repairs, MSW offers technical trainings for distributors' engineers and service personnel at hospitals. These trainings may be organized either at the customers’ site, or at MS Westfalia

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